…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Fifteen thousand Americans died in Iraq, the war cost the US $7 trillion in debt and 250,000 totally disabled vets, millions of shatter lives.  In the end, things are, as usual, worse than ever and the lies that sent America to war, and everyone in Washington knew they were lies, are out again, this time over Iran and their imaginary plans to attack the US, now proven to have been fabricated again.

We have confirmed from (highest) Russian sources that the murder of General Soleimani, killed after a flight from Damascus to Baghdad…his car was leaving the airport where he passed through customs as the Iranian Military Attache to Iraq (covered under the 1961 Vienna Convention), was based on a faked intercept by Israel.

Russian sources say Israel originated fake radio traffic describing terrorist plans against America, from a drone flying over Damascus.

The fake traffic, as had been done so many times before, Israel fabricates evidence, passes it on and America goes to war, was passed to Donald Trump through his daughter Ivanka.

There is reasonable evidence that Ivanka made Israel an “offer of service” sometime before 2007 and used the Trump organization on behalf of Israeli intelligence.  When she met Christopher Steele, the man who reported on “Pissgate,” her offer to work with Steele, then Deputy Chief of MI 6, was as an Israeli agent, not a “real estate agent” offering MI 6 a cheap office rental.

Christopher Steele’s office was here, in the SIS Building in London when he entered negotiations with Ivanka Trump

Trump jumped on this, knowing however that he had been burned before.  You see, Putin told Trump, in great detail, about the White Helmets and the fake Syrian gas attacks.

Trump, however, needed a “wag the dog” as did Netanyahu who faces prison for fraud.

As a side note, we have had a solid confirmation of the Steele Dossier with details he left out.  Location, not Moscow, but Trump Tower, the urination was on Trump, the subject wore Ivanka’s fur coat and Trump’s male lover looked on…”Justin,” who we are told is the worst kept secret in New York…all media people know it but none will mention Trump and Justin as they never mentioned Trump and Epstein or Trump and Roy Cohn.

Our confirmations of Trump’s bizarre sexual appetites were fed to us, and not very accidentally, by staffers of Vice President Pence.  How many questions does that bring up?

The other source for fabricated intelligence had been SITE Intelligence and Rita Katz, daughter of a Mossad agent executed by Saddam (a hero by our admission).

The fake admissions by Osama bin Laden of complicity in 9/11 were fabricated as a coverup for Israeli complicity in the 9/11 attacks as outlined by FBI leaks still censored from the MSM (link at the bottom of the page).  This is one of Rita’s fake bin Ladens, and there were many until the joke became so bad that she switched to audio-only…on cassettes.

In 2013, an Israeli sub was sunk off the Syrian coast.  It was picking up commandos who had been planting radio transmitters to fake traffic of gas attacks.  These transmitters were disguised to look like rocks.

SyriaNews managed to confirm the news we received a couple of days ago that a Syrian Navy boat destroyed an Israeli submarine off the Syrian coast at 150 meters depth on 02 May 2013 around 2 – 2:30 am. We were not told the type or size of the submarine but we were confirmed it was destroyed.

In the details we managed to get: the enemy object was detected and orders were given to one of the nearby boats to destroy it which they did with a torpedo (not told which type), then it was monitored sinking until landing on the seabed off the coast. A heavy movement of Syrian Army helicopters was observed over the site where the submarine was destroyed.

It’s not the first time the Syrian Navy engages with the enemy and hostile objects. At the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian Navy spotted a German navy ship on a reconnaissance mission and harassed it away, a German minister then complained of the Syrian Navy acts claiming the ship was not spying, just listening and collecting information!

Syrian Arab Army

A high number of Israeli spying balloons are seen over the Syrian coast and the Zionists started booby-trapping the balloons so they’ll explode when reaching the ground if they’re shot down by the Syrian Army.

Worth noting that Israel with US blessing carried out a raid against a chicken hen and a weapons depot near Damascus on 5th of May 2013, 3 days after this submarine was destroyed. The raid was in coordination with ground terrorists from the Nusra Front attack.

What is the real war?  Is it Iran against America or Israel against America?  With Israel’s body count, including 9/11, at 20,000 dead Americans and counting, you decide.

Review: Debunking The Fake 28 Page Secret 9/11 Disclosure and Never Materials

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  1. Probably a coincidence, but the next morning…

    Trump got an offer on his DC Hotel.
    “You would never get $500 million for a ground lease.”
    Brian Friedman
    Founder of Friedman Capital
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
    2001 – 2005
    In 2003, the IRS issued summonses to KPMG for information about certain tax shelters and their investors.[43] In February 2004, the US Justice Department commenced a criminal inquiry.[43]

    Mr. Friedman is a member of the Board of Washington Hebrew Congregation …

    • Both JFK and Bobby Kennedy were, ‘DEAD SET’, Against Zionist Israel Becoming a Nuclear Power! They got their wish fulfilled! The American Public is being taken to the Cleaners! We are Enslaved by the, influence (MONEY), of AIPAC, ADL, and dozens of other Zio-Jewish Organizations, who have turned our political system our Congress into a BROTHEL! Our Prostituted politicians, (Money Talks, Money makes the World go around), are not serving the interest of the Electorate, but that of a Foreign Alien Demonic Entity, the Zionist Apartheid Theocratic-Talmudic-Supremacist, Terror State of Israel! Pray for America!

  2. Gordon I’ve always liked Carter. What he did with Iran was a de Gaulle move meaning not mass murdering people like the US generals had ordered the Iranian generals to do, but instead he pulled out of Iran which saved the entire region. Otherwise a big civil war in Iran would still be going on as Iranians will not turn on each other as you saw how the Iranian military sided with people in 79, but they sure will fight the invaders like Brits and US. Even the mullahs after a few years of the conman Reagan understood that Carter did the right thing. All that “marg bar Carter, marg ba Shah” (death to Carter death to the Shah) eroded after Reagan came to power using his October surprise starting his war. Nowadays it’s only the Iranian royalist losers and the US military crazies who speak of Carter as weak on Iran. If he can piss off the Israelis it means that he’s doing something right.

    And Harry, Carter enacted an austerity program by executive order. The Volcker Shock had also an unemployment component in it that was caused by the several increases of oil prices that Mohammad Reza Shah had done with OPEC. That was the start of the decline of Europe. That’s why Nixon with the Saudis created the petrodollar and ultimately took out the Shah.

  3. Trump will never be fooled again. He has only been fooled one time… the problem is that one time will never end.

  4. Jimmy pissed them off by making them sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians. Right here in Maryland at the Aspen Institute. I was working on the grounds for U of Md with a soybean researcher and got a tour of the Aspen Institute while looking for a bathroom. Met the hired help and was treated to lunch. The zio’s never kept a treaty, except Balfour, and punished Jimmy with high interest rates and inflation, (which is not supposed to happen concurrent). Some Corning Glass exec’s leased the property to U of Md and would come down to hunt geese. Surprized by the amount of corn and beans near their blinds (baiting is illegal), the workers would shoot them until their freezers were full. James Earl Carter was the first and last winner that I voted for. I liked him.

  5. the jury is still out on Roosevelt (carter too) as much of the smears against both are zio origin…but mostly zio smears are after JFK who they hated

    and bobby who they hated

    both of whom they murdered

  6. PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, released Sept 2000, stated the US needed to overthrow seven mid east nations, but needed a New Pearl Harbor as a trigger. PRESTO….the staged 9/11 false flag. VT covered the vaporization of the WTC in an eighty article series on Nuclear Education. In Aug 2019, this was combined with Independent research by Heinz Pommer at 911history(.)de

    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VT has three 90 minute videos and 40 power point slides. This is the definitive analysis of the WTC event, and the most under reported story of 2019. Please share this Truth.

  7. So, an Israeli drone flying over Damascus broadcasting fake radio chatter. Did the Russians at least have the courtesy to notify the SAA, so they could shoot it down? Russians appear to be sketchy allies when it comes to Zionists.

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