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Finally, 16 hours after the publication of the first Gospa News article, an Italian national news agency also shares the news of the alleged death of the CIA commander for operations in the Middle East.

After the Adnkronos agency, RAINEWS also takes up the news previewed in Europe by Gospa News and world preview by the American military intelligence site Gospa News.

The post on the italian national TV RAI NEWS

In the late morning, the British media Daily Mail had spread the news with a very in-depth article on the figure of Michael D’Andrea before giving space, in the following hours, to an anonymous US military source that would obviously have denied the presence of CIA agents on the flight, of which the Pentagon first it denied even the very fact of the crashed plane and then the downed by the Taliban, without however providing credible versions on the reason for the disaster in the usual strategy of information manipulation.

Americans’ Carnage on CIA JET in Afghanistan. “10 victims”, Mujahideens’ former commander wrote

Instead, the high counter-intelligence official who would have died in the crash appears little known by Adnkronos as he briefly summarizes the immense profile despite the fact that hundreds of articles on the web are available on the intelligence and anti-terrorism expert who was even the role of “The wolf” in a drama / thriller film about the history of the hunt for the worst terrorists in the world, as explained in our article on the profile of “Dark Prince”…

Afghanistan: Pentagon Confirmed Dead Airmen’s Identity. Pilot worked for Intelligence CIA

The Russian agency in the last hours has also spread the news that it could have been a missile of the Iranian Padaran of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to shoot down the plane with a missile. But the IRGC itself has not confirmed and many sources do not consider the indiscretion true.

The hypothesis is that the paramilitaries of Tehran wanted to hit the plane precisely because they believed that the CIA mobile command and the commander Michael D’Andrea were on board who would have planned the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani of the Pasudar Quds Forces.

This would have been accomplished by sending a special unit armed with Manpada missiles for shoulder launch in that area of ​​eastern Afghanistan which is 600 km from the border with Iran. Even if the hypothesis is not currently highly accepted, this would explain why the Taliban, Islamic fundamentalist rebels, would have first claimed and then denied the shooting down of the plane.


The news is so big that we have to write it running the risk of denial, even if at the moment it is confirmed by two intelligence sources not better identified. And a little curious riddle in his Wikipedia history…

Ayatollah Mike” or “Dark Prince” the mysterious and very dangerous Michael D’Andrea, commander of the Central Intelligence Agency of Langley (Virginia) in operations in the Middle East would have been killed in the crash of the US Air Force military plane crashed yesterday in central Afghanistan on which CIA and NSA officers were travelling (National Security Agency).

«CoronaVirus, Bio-Weapon Massacre» (update). Us Expert blames China but forgets Pentagon’s Secret Labs for “Ethnic Attacks”

The death of the crew was reported by the Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujah, who in a statement released a few hours after the accident (and reported by Il Giornale in Italy) described the incident as follows:

«A special American plane was flying for an intelligence mission in the Sadukhil area, Dehk district, Ghazni province. The entire aircraft crew and several senior CIA officers from the United States were killed. The wreckage and bodies of the deceased are still in the area».

The news of the alleged death of D’Andrea has been previously posted by on VT inside the investigations on the disaster of the Bombardier/Northrop Grumman E-11A. And then on my website Gospa News.

Later, in the last hours, the Iranian website Tasnim relaunched the topic. Then the other Iranian outlet Mizan, the mouthpiece for Tehran’s Judiciary, did, according to the British media Mirror that writes an item about, in which recalled the VT scoop. Lastly, also Jerusalem Post reported the news.

There were conflicting claims over the number of dead and people on board, with the Taliban claiming it recovered six bodies, an Afghan police chief saying four were dead and two were missing, and a US official stating the jet was carrying fewer than five people. The US has not yet commented on reports that Michael D’Andrea was on board the jet and among those killed reports Mirror.

Michael D’Andrea, CIA operations chief for the Middle East

The downed plane was the mobile CIA command for Michael D’ Andrea, head of operations against Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, America’s most advanced spy platform and mobile command center with all equipment and documents now in enemy hands reads on VT.

VT Damascus: (Russian intelligence sources confirm) It has been reported that (Mike de Andrea) responsible for the assassination file of the martyr Major General Qassem Soleimani was killed in the accident of the American plane that was shot down in Afghanistan. He is the most prominent figure of the CIA intelligence in the region. The CIA top official was killed in the US bomber crash in Afghanistan.

At the moment there is no confirmation from the Pentagon even on the nature of the accident and on the victims, therefore, the presence of Michael d’Andrea, also nicknamed Dark Prince because coordinator of the activities of the National Clandestine Service, the dark arm of the CIA licensed to kill, remains shrouded in mystery.

A U.S. Bombardier E-11A crashed today in Ghazni province, Afghanistan. While the cause of the crash is under investigation, there are no indications the crash was caused by enemy fire. We will provide additional information as it becomes available. It is the only concise official press release issued on Twitter by the spokesman for the US Force Army Col Sonny Leggett.

If the commander of all the CIA operations in the Middle East has really died on the crashed spy plane, this would represent sensational news that could create even greater instability in relations between the US and Afghanistan after the tensions with Iran for the killing of General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC or Pasdaran), who died in the attack carried out by a Ud Air Force drone near the airport of Baghdad last 3 January together with Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Hashid paramilitary troops of the People’s Mobilization Forces.

Leading Iranian News Agency’s Website Blocked by Us “illegal move”. Cyber-war going on…

The Iranian news website Tasnim has posted the news of the killing of D’Andrea in an article with many details in which it mentions VT and also Gospa News, as the first sources of this sensational indiscretion.

The page of January 28 with machine translating by Farsi (Persian) in English

The position of the Taliban about the crash is ambiguous. Previously, in a press release in Pashtu language, they claimed the shooting down of the “American occupation” plane, as reported by the Tasnim news agency, but subsequently released a press statement that referred instead the shootings of an unknown number of helicopters and aircraft by the Mujaheddin without explicit reference to the Bombardier / Northrop Grumman E-11A.

Maybe that they realized only later the importance of the downed plane’s travelers within the leaders of American intelligence onboard. A harsh action that could trigger heavy bombing retaliation by the US Air Force.

Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant

Since 2017, D’ Andrea has run the CIA’s false flag and assassination programs in the Middle East, allegedly responsible not only for the murder of General Soleimani but the killing of 300 Iraqi demonstrators as well» VT writes again referring to the recent statements by the Iraqi prime minister and the Armed Forces command spokesman, reported in the previous Gospa News reportage, regarding killer infiltrations among the rioters to further inflame the protests as happened in 2014 in Piazza Madian in Kiev, during the coup in Ukraine supported by American President Barack Obama.

Enigmatic Kidnappings in Baghdad for Christian Ngo’s French Operators and Islamic Reporter. ISIS spectre…

But Ayatollah Mike’s resume is truly impressive. Therefore we report in full the Wikipedia entry which cites as many as 10 different authoritative sources to support the information. In which happened a big mystery…

When we write the first version of this post we highlighted that the biography starting with “Michael d’Adrea was an officer” as a confirmation of his death. Now, an hour after the posting of the item the sentence has been modified. But no problem! We have the screenshot that demonstrates the first version. A simple mistake of writing??? Maybe but this coincidence, about a secret agent history, seems more an attempt of coverage…

The earlier version of Micheal D’Andrea’s biography in Wikipedia starts with “was”

Michael D’Andrea is/was (?) an officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, that in 2017 was appointed to head the Agency’s Iran Mission Center. He was a major figure in the search for Osama bin Laden, as well as the American drone strike targeted killing campaign starts biography on Wikipedia.

D’Andrea was raised in Northern Virginia. He met his wife while working overseas with the Central Intelligence Agency, and converted to Islam in order to marry her (for this reason his nickname became Ayatollah Mike). His wife, Faridah Currimjee D’Andrea is a daughter of a wealthy Muslim family from Mauritius with Gujarati origins.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

D’Andrea joined the CIA in 1979, and he was considered an underperformer atCamp Peary. D’Andrea reportedly began his overseas career in Africa, and he is listed as a foreign service officer at the Embassy of the United States in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. D’Andrea previously served as chief of station in Cairo, Egypt and later in Baghdad, Iraq. D’Andrea was reportedly one of the CIA officials who failed to track Nawaf al-Hazmi, who would later participate in the September 11 attacks.


D’Andrea became head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center in 2006, replacing Robert Grenier. This is the exact year in which George Bush jr began to finance the Syrian rebels and terrorists to prepare for the civil war planned by the CIA since 1983 as shown by the Gospa News reports.

Turkish papers: 21 Erdogan’s jihadist militias supported by Cia, Pentagon and armed with TOW missiles

During his nine-year tenure, D’Andrea presided over hundreds of American drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, advocating for the program to the United States Congress. In 2015, the leadership of the drone program was passed to Chris Wood, following bureaucratic reshuffling by Director John O. Brennan. During his time at the Counterterrorism Center, many reporters referred to him only by the codename “Roger”, which was considered unusual for an official not posted overseas.

6,000 ISIS jihadists freed: killings in Syria and Iraq, but Turkey arrests Christian priest for terrorism!

During the hunt for Osama bin Laden, D’Andrea directed analysis of competing hypotheses as to who, besides Osama bin Laden, could be in the targeted compound in Abbottabad.

D’Andrea’s operatives also oversaw the interrogations of Abu Zubaydah, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, which a United States Senate report described as torture.

Al Baghdadi mistery (update). Pentagon’s farce: changes idea and releases an useless video. Disappeared a child body

He was reportedly involved in the assassination of Hezbollah member Imad Mughniyah in Damascus, Syria. He received much blame for the Camp Chapman attack in Khost, Afghanistan, when seven CIA operatives were killed by a suicide bomber, who was allegedly backed Pakistan’s ISI.

Michael d’Andrea, CIA operations chief for the Middle East interpreted by actor Fredric Lehne as “the Wolf” in the movie Zero Dark Thirty – click on the pics for watching the trailer

D’Andrea was the inspiration for the character of “The Wolf” in Kathryn Bigelow’sZero Dark Thirty which tells the story of the elite team of intelligence agents and military operatives who hunted the leader of Aal Qaeda Osama Bin Laden, about the death of which there would be many words to write as it happened in mystery as for that of his successor in Sunni Islamic terrorism, Caliph Al Baghdadi…

We just have to wait for the moment when there will be any official confirmation of the death of Ayatollah Mike or the possible denial by the CIA that after hours of late arriving … For now there have only been anonymous denials by US officers in front of others who speak of at least 5 people on the plane of which nothing is known.

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