FFWN: Gangster Scumbags Dershowitz, Trump & Bibi Keep Their Underwear On


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The Atlantic reports “Obama’s private assessment of Donald Trump: ‘He’s a fascist.'”

Actually it’s much worse than that. Trump, like his partner in crime Netanyahu, is a gangster.

Some fascists have been narcissistic blowhards. But at least they mostly cared about the countries they aspired to lead. Some even stood up against the bankster cartel and issued public currency. Say what you want about fascist strongmen, at least they’ve generally had a vision of something bigger than themselves.

Trump is just a gangster, a two-bit hoodlum, out for number one, no scruples, no ideas, just sheer greed and the conviction he isn’t bound by the rules that apply to everybody else. If he had enough vision to be a fascist it would be an improvement.

Trump sees the Kosher Nostra is the biggest mob in town so he kisses up to Bibi and puts a hit on the Palestinians, using Jared “my mobbed-up dad did time in federal prison” Kushner to seal the deal. Since there’s no more international law, if there ever was, he may get away with it for awhile.

Will Trump wind up in the pen? Will he get whacked? Stay tuned to The White House Sopranos for updates…


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  1. He’s racist. His family is racist. And he supports Israel. So he’s also guilty of war crimes.
    And since there is no difference between Feinstein and Trump let’s have Feinstein.

    Plus Obama was the only president to have skipped a veto of resolution 2334.
    Trump would never find such cojones.

  2. Obombie & Reptillary used CIA Operation Zero Footprint to overthrow Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Operation Timber Sycamore to transfer Libyan weapons to Syria. Combined total one million dead, several million refugees. NATO dropped 60,000 bombs on Libya, killing 250,000 and destroying schools, hospitals, power plants and the world’s largest irrigation system. We have a bipartisan cabal of inhuman pirates running the planet. End feudalism now.

    LibyaWartheTruth(.)com > James & Joanne Moriarty

  3. Donald Adolph has successfully kept his business operations a carefully guarded secret along with his tax returns. The lying lawyers in the so called “Justice Dept” have delayed prosecuting him and therefore aided him in crime. We will likely never hear a peep about all the hanky panky he is charged with. This illustrates that a President is above the law in the corrupt US of A. Who paid his high priced lawyer fees to help him hide all the hanky panky of his past? He is blatantly violating the Constitution with his pandering to the outlaws in Israel who did 9/11/01. He is a gutless coward because he has had plenty of time to read all the secret government reports about the fake Sandy Hook Shooting to abridge Amendment 2 and the 9/11/01 false flag to promote the phony war on terror and gang rape all our basic rights under the Constitution. Yet he remains silent. He is the lying cheating scoundrel everyone thought and more and has successfully got away with crime in the WH as he has all this corrupt life in NY as documented by the late Wayne Barrett top investigative journalist in the Village Voice there for over 30 years. Donald Adolf Israel Lover is a traitor to Israel. Americans love liars and traitors to Israel. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. American fools love secrecy and using the armed military force of government to keep all vital information of corrupt government under secret lock and key just like any common dictatorship on the planet.

    • The ballot box is also a total corrupt joke in America. Most of the time a majority of the registered voters does not even show up at the polls let alone elect anyone. Minority plurality corrupt rule has hi jacked government because they love this insidious farce to make it easier to screw ordinary citizens out of their money and their rights. Eventually all this corruption will likely lead to the tinder box as the only final way to resolve our corrupt government corruption and this illustrates why the government is so desperate to abolish Amendment 2 but they will never fully outlaw guns because criminals will always have they anyway. America is gone a total corrupt farce confirming the dictum: “The jails are full of petty thieves but the grand thieves are running the country”. The late Howard Zinn, Ph.D., professor of history.

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