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Trump Aims to Beat His Own Record with THIRD Impeachment: “It...

"Only two other presidents in history have been impeached even once," Trump gloated. "I did it twice. Now get ready for number three!"

Exclusive: Capitol cop with rioters’ battering ram could get felony murder...

Jim W. Dean - For those that incited a mob that murdered victims, they share the same penalty, which is the death sentence.

Founding Fathers on Impeachment: Holding office NO protection from arrest whatsoever…and...

Blocking testimony and evidence from a trial negate a trial.  It would require a constitutional amendment, not a majority vote, to eliminate evidence and testimony from a trial.

FFWN: Gangster Scumbags Dershowitz, Trump & Bibi Keep Their Underwear On

If Trump had enough vision to be a fascist it would be an improvement.

REVEALED: CIA Analyst Set Out to Take Down President

Robert Steele builds on a superb article by Paul Sperry that discloses the genesis of the impeachment witchhunt, and predicts a federal trial that will not end well for the perpetrators.

Alan Dershowitz to Senators: “Keep Your Underwear on and Acquit Trump—OR...

Dershowitz added that senators who vote to acquit Trump will receive a complementary 5,000 frequent flier miles on the Lolita Express Airline...

Pelosi: ‘Trump cannot be acquitted if senators don’t have a trial…call...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that President Donald Trump can't be exonerated if senators don't call witnesses in his impeachment trial.

Satan v. Satan: Trump Slams Bolton over Book Claims…’If I’d Listened...

Could someone remind Trump that Iran just blew up an American airbase and we were too embarrassed to say anything about it other than...

Intel Drop: Some straight talk on impeachment

The feeling of shame in America is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Are you an American or a Democrat?

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Democrats have been trying ways to subvert the Constitution by invoking laws to negate the Second Amendment, to ignore the Electoral College, and to increase the powers of the federal government in violation of the Tenth Amendment.

NEO – Impeachment, “Engineered Chaos” and the New World Order

Trump was not impeached over Russia or over an election. He was impeached because he wanted to be impeached. The evidence is overwhelming, not just that he blackmailed a foreign leader to interfere in an American election, but that he did it just to see if he could get away with it.

FFWN: “Oswald Acted Alone, Epstein Killed Himself, and the Earth Is...

If you prefer to always believe what the rich and powerful tell you, don't watch this show!

FFWN: Mideast Peace Breaking Out?! The Horror!!

Mideast peace, Trump chaos, gender madness, quantum-Katechon-singularity cosmic catastrophes...must be the end of the world.

Lindsey Graham: Trump’s Sexually-Blackmailed Israeli Handler?

After Trump was elected, Israel seems to have ordered never-Trumper Graham to reverse himself and befriend Trump....

Trump battles with Democrats as impeachment pressure grows

Is Trump the most transparent president ever? Or the most transparently dishonest?