Exclusive: Capitol cop with rioters’ battering ram could get felony murder death sentence

It could not happen to a more deserving person


The helmeted Capital policeman was at the wrong place at the wrong time, wins idiot of the day honorable mention. How many more will there be?

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

“We know that the president of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion, against our country,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said. “He must go—he is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love.”

This vote came as no surprise. Trump literally jumped off a cliff to make this happen. He can cry all he wants to about what a political lynching it is but his problems have just begun. The Democrats have the House majority so the vote for impeachment was assured, but both sides took their opportunity to speak out on the historic event.

Senate Speaker McConnell had already stated that he was open to convicting Trump in the Senate to remove him from doing further damage to the Republican part. Liz Cheney joined the impeachment train.

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy stated that while he was opposed to impeachment, that did not mean Trump was free from blame but tried to walk a weasely middle of the road line this statement:

“That doesn’t mean the president is free from fault. The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts required immediate action by President Trump to accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure President-elect Biden is able to successfully begin his term.”

McCarthy would prefer censure to impeachment. The latter would prevent Trump from ever running for Federal public office which McConnell opposes, not wanting to deal with the Trump wrecking ball in the future.

Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash, was the 6th Repub to vote for impeachment saying, “A vote against this impeachment is a vote to validate the unacceptable violence in our nation’s capital.” “It is also a vote to condone President Trump’s inaction.”

The Senate trial would of course not begin until Charles Schumer has taken over as Senate majority leader. But Lisa Murkowski from Alaska my cross over to the Democrats to add a key Democratic vote for when another Senator is absent.

We expect the Republicans to continue screaming in the impeachment trial that it is all a political lynching, but that will be more theater than real. Trump’s evidence of incitement already seems to be a done deal, with Rudy possibly lined up for some major problems himself.

It is not the Biden administration that has formed not only a special task for of national security prosecutors, but a separate one for public corruption prosecutors, showing that it also have evidence of widespread involvement of public official in the attempted Trump coup.

VT’s earlier article this morning superimposed the audio of Trump’s rabble rousing incitement speech superimposed over video of the Trump mob attacking the Capitol. I suspect the future grand jury might watch the same presentation.

As I watched it I spotted for the first time an fully riot equipment Capitol police officer in the front of the building on the ground floor closely watching rioters with a battering ram, struggling to break a difficult armored window.

The cop had been in profile so I first I assumed he might be a motorcycle guy, but when he turned his back to the camera the Capitol police was there to see. You can rest assured he has already be charged based on the video evidence.

We can expect the prosecutors to have charged many more rioters by Senate trial time, and also some ‘incitement’ cases. And as the lead DC prosecuted stated yesterday he will be working with his own teams, coordinating with states where the perpetrators reside to bring the more serious felony charges.

The big hammer to fall is going to be the felony murder one. Why? It is because for those that incited a mob that murdered victims, they share the same penalty, which is the death sentence.

That has not sunk in yet to those under arrest, or those who are going to be pulled into the crime dragnet that aided and abetted. This is going to be a trial that will rivet world attention and be an example to anyone in the future thinking of following in Trump’s shoes.

And then behind this, we have all of the other potential prosecutions for Trump’s other crimes, which could include his children. It is not going to be a fun time for the Trumps, but at least they will have their memories.


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  1. Not sure how protestors breaking into a building to occupy it—as happened at dozens of campuses all over America during the Vietnam era, and has happened hundreds of times in other contexts since—equals murder one. Whatever that cop was smoking, the author of this article was smoking a lot more of it.

    • Kevin, maybe you ought to read up on felony murder. It’s a legal term that applies when someone commits a felony, like breaking and entering, and someone else dies in the course of it. It doesn’t matter whether the death was intentional or accidental—the defendant is liable for it. The indictments will come raining down on these idiots while Trump skates off to Israel to evade prosecution. Just like with 9/11, the real perps will get away with it.

    • The answer to that Kevin is obvious. People were murdered. During a bank robbery where a teller gets shot in the head, the driver in the car outside gets the same charge as the triggerman. When a worthless mother living with a piece of shit boyfriend who is molesting her daughter, she gets the same 1st degree felony charge as the boyfriend. Your fellow editors at VT know this, and you could have just asked us, but did not bother. Another example was on Glenn Kirschner’s Youtube, not the same event, but similar. A gang guy is chasing somebody that he wants to shoot, who runs into traffic and is run over and killed. His public attorney claims his gang client is not responsible because he did not kill him. But his lawyer knows that he is, but throws that out to the court to have something to do, like you did with your comment.

    • OK, we will wait and see whose legal theory prevails. I predict that even though NYT and others are calling the 1st Amendment obsolete, the courts will disagree, and there will be no murder prosecutions at all, much less murder one, against any of the demonstrators who were not directly involved in a murder. Nor will there be any such charges against Trump. Much less any convictions.

      If I am proven wrong, I will write an article apologizing and eating proverbial crow…while bemoaning the complete destruction of the Bill of Rights and US legal tradition involving demonstrations and the 1st Amendment. But guess what: IT WON’T HAPPEN. And when it doesn’t, Jim, will you write an article retracting your ridiculous “murder one” prediction and admitting I was right?

  2. Joseph Goebbels’ claimed that, “He who knows everything fears nothing.”
    Well, although we may live on planet earth we increasingly inhabit the abstract world of digital globalization, a ball of electronic capital made by Big Tech using Global Information Systems controlled by psychopathic power junkies. A system of virtual connections, comfortable and easily accessible, these points of virtual creation form a psychological landscape which enables the Human Terrain Teams of the alphabet agencies to map the previously unmapped spaces which physically resisted imperial vision.
    We stand inside a virtual Pantheon where, whilst bathed in natural light, we occupy the Imperial space of London/Washington/Rome, a place in which although the architecture of impersonal state power is designed to be seen, the associative cults (like that of Mithras) remain subterranean and hidden.

  3. Trumpsters, your fearless leader is not going to take the fall with you on this one. He told you at the rally on 1/6 that he would be with you as you stormed the Capitol. Now he’s saying that “no true supporter” of his would engage in violence. Don’t you see how you are being played? As the indictments start rolling down for you, he’ll skate off to Israel to avoid prison leaving you to take the blame.

    Maybe it will be years before we know exactly how this was planned, just like with 9/11. Then, the Arabs were blamed and hundreds of thousands died. The real perps of that awful attack got away with it. Something tells me that the real perps of 1/6 will, too.

  4. When you go to war, be prepared to die!
    And the rebels were going to fight against the United States, so let them reap the benefits.
    Your article is good.

  5. Love your documentation on the “Q” nonsense and the “insurrection” that these rioters have been told to do and mind from a sitting president of all things. Why its also curious that your State is Michigan and they stormed your state Capitol as is it not curious that Amway is headquartered there?

    The internet? VT possibly could be the last man standing to run America’s media and the internet if this is done right.

    I suggest an accurate expose on Amway and the trail of money from that fine racket.

    Believe they need “attention” from our Federal family.

    Perhaps funded the tRumpies to gas up their “rigs” to a trip to pigsville. LOL

    I see DeVoss had the decency to resign.

    Glad the flag is half mast as we sure need it…..

  6. Jim, you have to ask, what was this cop thinking would be the result of his aiding and abetting the rioters? Was he hopped up on the same amphetamines and crack as they were? Did he think that somehow he could avoid being indicted for felony murder like the rest of them when it was all out there in a video for the whole world to see?

    Just like with 9/11, you first have to ask, who benefits? That horrible event led to all the wars of this century and certainly didn’t benefit the Arabs who were blamed for it. Will we have to wait for years to know who the real perps of 1/6 are, like we did with 9/11?

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