Intel Drop: Backchannel Ultimatum to Erdogan and Trump

    An attack on Syrian refugees by Turkish backed militants did this

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    VT has received confirmation from the highest Russian sources that its intelligence analysis of the covert US-Turkish moves in Syria and Iraq, moves in aid of ISIS and al Qaeda, was 100% correct.

    “As long as the Turks recognize Syria as the Russian sphere of influence, they’ll be ok with it. But if the Turks challenge that and start supporting ISIS again, the Russians will make a move, because they don’t want the Turks to import ISIS’s Islamism in the Russian Caucuses.

    The Turks create such scenarios to give themselves more negotiation power. They did the same with the immigration crisis in 2015, 2016.

    The Russians have launched their fatal bombardment campaign against the militants in west Aleppo and elsewhere after hitting the base with a drone attack today.  Russia had had enough and anyone who chooses to interfere will face consequences.

    Even the most notorious fool and madman does not want to fight with Russia. Nobody wants to fight with Russia! It is like death! No options!

    Moreover, Idlib is not a Turkish territory! To fight for someone else’s territory and for strangers – the spirit and endurance are not enough!

    The USA dreams that anyone would start a military conflict with Russia, just to stay away and help indirectly, through third parties …… This is their blue dream! But they cannot leave their NATO ally face-to-face with Russia either. Therefore, it will be easier to help the one who wins the fight: if Russia hits hard, it means Erdogan will get a good lesson and a good flogging as a naughty student if Russia will suffer any serious damage: it means she deserves it like a presumptuous beast!

    It is also necessary to teach Russia properly (as the United States believes)!”

    This is a pretty good translation of a message to both Turkey and the United States from Russia.

    The language is plain.

    Additionally, it doesn’t take a genius to see where international law stands on this, with Russia and Syria, and, by our estimation, the huge error Trump is making by trusting Erdogan and the huge error Erdogan is making by trusting Trump.

    We believe, after many months, Russia is absolutely aware that it is dealing with a pair of minor shills for international gangsters and little more.

    That it has taken Russia that long…


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    1. Russian presence in Syria is a joke!
      Despite its mighty Russian military, Russia is unable to disarm nor destroy the White Helmets and other militants.
      If Americans can wipe off Gen. Soleimani on a pre-text, why won’t Russia/Syria declare White Helmet as persona-non grata and eradicate them once and for all ??
      Because it is powerless ???

      • If so, where are these white helmets? Long time I saw something of them. Looks like they are not there anymore, and lost lots of their servide men.

    2. I don’t know them personally but read David Ike’s ‘Trigger’.
      Then read a range of non mainstream media news, think and make up your own
      mind. Actually, it is more than obvious looking at recent events. Gangsters, complete gangsters,
      did you vote one into power?

    3. New to VT? The international gangsters are made up from many difderent people, groups and or companies. They are called many things. They are called the deep state, Khazarian mafia (KSA), Zionists, the banking cartel, USA Govt, Israel govt., Saudi Arabia and lots more shady characters. VT is riddled with articles about them. Go through the archives and read some it will blow your mind. Maybe other commentators will also give you some information too. Cheers.

    4. Erdo-gun has sick ambitions. But he will never be like Ataturk. Several centuries we have wars against ottomans. I’m sure the payback will be soon for the death of our 4 FSB officers – two sniper pairs. Syrians from that regiment have ran away and left our guys alone. Russians do not run from the battlefield. Another Syrian army tradition – to run and panic… Deep sorrow about these true FSB soldiers, they were of my age and younger. I want pro-turkish bandits to be punished. And Erdogan must suffer, too. We saved his ass and face, but sitting on 2 chairs is his mistake. Hope – the fatal mistake.

    5. To play the long game one has to show teeth every now and then. Otherwise unchecked the war can take way too long.

      2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown.
      Assassination of Andrei Karlov.

      The list is too long ….

    6. President Putin plays the long game as is obvious from the way he handles that Snake Erdo. Just look at what he has achieved since the Turkish shoot down of the Russian Jet. Thank you for this article Mr Duff.

    7. Russia should hit Turkey hard, if it continues to play the two-sided game – the only way Turks will understand. Now the payback time for the blood of martyrs is at hand.

    8. Erdogen is amazing. He quibbles with Netanyahu over who is the biggest tyrant. Whores himself to both the Usa Russia and Europe while championing the islamists. It a wonder he doesn’t just pop, sinking to the bottom of the cesspool he thinks hes so big in

    9. My firm belief is that Russia knew all along who they were dealing with. Erdogan, a two-faced Muslim crime boss and his Muslim Brotherhood scum are ruled by the Anglo-Americans, who created the Muslim Brotherhood, a Massonic organization as are The Young Turks, created by Giuseppe Mazzini, at one time in the 19th century “capo di tutti i capi”. Could this renewed antagonism towards Russia be also related to the the Turks recently discovering that their newly arrived S400 batteries’ radar doesn’t cover the claimed 500km discovery radius? Apparently, the discovery radius changes according to the altitude of the incoming hostile aircraft. The lower the incoming plane or drone flies, the lesser the discovery radius. Nonetheless, the Russians wisely have been buying themselves some time in order to secure the defeat of the jihadists in Syria. Now, with Erdogan wanting to get his hands dirty in Libya too opposing Russia’s interests there with Haftar, well, the rest is elementary my dear Watson. As a consequence, we will now see Syrian forces directly taking on Turkish forces in Idlib and elsewhere Syria. In fact, just today, several news outlets are reporting that the SAA has killed 4 Turkish soldiers and injured another 9 in a bombing campaign. Ankara, on their behalf, is sending more troops and armoured colunms into Syria. Things are getting hot!

    10. I hope Russia will boot Erdogan, U.S. and Israel and any other invaders out of Syria pronto. They they should set up border defense all around Syrian borders for an indefinite time until Syria can rebuild and return to a normal state of affairs. This may take 20 years. Hasn’t this country suffered enough today? Russia is almost the only friend Syrians have in the region except for Iran. Thanks to Russia for aiding Syria. America, Israel and Turkey are Hoodlums of the planet today. Boot these international criminals as far away from Syria as possible and keep them out. Syria already owes Russia a big big debt. Israel did 9/11/01 and must be brought to justice for this crime on America and the world. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”
      The Russians should set up a Russian Brothel just outside the US Compound and let nature do the rest. Make sure they have VD too. The US trespassers deserve it.

      • They could put up a big screen TV showing porn 24/7 to the US troops. This is all they think about anyway. Keep kids out of the area. Use commercials to remind the criminal invaders of the U.S. that trespassing and theft are international crimes as well as crimes back home.

      • Millions of US citizens do not agree with the criminal activities of trespassing and other crimes by the US in Syria but there is little we can do. The tables have turned. The US is a dictatorial cesspool today while Russia are the good guys. The U.S. is committing horrible crimes against humanity mostly in secret, all over the planet. It is a shameful disgrace to the world. The corrupt US government even did 9/11/01 along with criminals in Israel and some generals to fool the population into submitting to the phony war on terror and give up their Constitutional Rights. The U.S. Congress are nothing but 535 whores who have sold out to Israel. The President is a draft dodger loser coward from NY. America is a shameful disgrace on the way down now and has zero legal authority to be in Syria. I hope Russia boots them out pronto.

      • The corrupt U.S. Government, under that thug Obama, also committed the crime of the fake Sandy Hook Shooting false flag attack to fool people into surrendering their guns legally held under the 2nd Amendment. No kids were killed at all. This was a massive con on all Americans by international criminals in our government and most of the government of Connecticut. How low can a country go which would do such a dastardly act and lies to its own citizens for almost 8 years now and counting. Many good researchers like professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. and Wolfgang Halbig have exposed these government crimes but even a corrupt judge in Wisconsin is aiding in the massive lies of this hoax. America is a shameful disgrace today. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., physics, citizen for almost 81 years. Pasadena High School, 1956, A.A. Pasadena City College, 1958, A.B., Physics, U.C. Berkeley, 1961, M.S., Physics Cal. State University at LA, 1962 under professor Earl D. Jacobs, Ph.D., Ph.D., Physics, UC Riverside, 1966 under professor Peter E. Kaus, Ph.D. Awards for superior or outstanding achievement in mathematics physics and chemistry. Born Cleveland, Ohio, 1939. First prize in contest for best explanation of how the Dunking Bird works, Pasadena Star News 1959.

    11. “Russia Deploys Avangard Hypersonic Boost Glide Missile” at DefenceUpdate > unstoppable Mach 27, nuclear capable. Insane sabre rattling gamesmanship in a hair trigger reality. Armageddon is the cabal final, Final Solution.

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