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Open Letter from Richard C. Cook to Rev. N.T. Wright.

Rev. N.T. Wright is a former Anglican bishop and the author of numerous books on the Christian religion. He is presently a Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, U.K.

Dear Rev. Wright:

My name is Richard C. Cook. I am a retired U.S. government analyst. Among other writings, I am the author of Challenger Revealed: An Insider’s Account of How the Reagan Administration Caused the Greatest Tragedy of the Space Age.

I am in the process of reading your many books and am deeply impressed by the depth and breadth of your knowledge. I have particularly appreciated your Paul: A Biography, your book When God Became King, and Evil and the Justice of God.

I would like to make a few comments on the latter book, Evil and the Judgment of God.

In your book, you make a very big deal of 9/11 and the “evil” it manifested, when, as you say, terrorists supposedly flew airplanes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Before commenting further, I think we can agree that such events have a historical context. Thus if we study the history of the modern world, particularly from the mid-19th century onwards, including WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the destruction of Yugoslavia by NATO, and the many Middle Eastern regime-change wars since the 1980s, 9/11 may be seen to fit right in.

Many of us believe that 9/11 was, in fact, a false flag attack carried out by the intelligence services of the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia to provide a pretext for the endless “War on Terror” and the ongoing control of the imperialist West by what is called the “Deep State” or, now, “the Blob.” 9/11 was not done by “Al-Qaeda” or “Osama bin Laden.” These quasi-mythical entities were largely the creation of Western intelligence and the mass media to conceal the real masterminds.

The best reliable source for authentic information on the 9/11 attacks, though not the only one, is the website for VT. I suggest you study this material in detail, particularly if you continue to lead with 9/11 as your exemplar of evil on the world stage. Otherwise, you risk undermining the credibility of the rest of your important message.

Looking at the broader themes, modern research is showing that the world wars of the 20th century, as well as the Bolshevik Revolution, were without doubt events initiated by Great Britain to take down Germany and Russia as competing powers to the British Empire. It has been documented that Great Britain and the U.S. both manipulated their desired foes through constant provocations, causing the “enemy” to fire the first shots so that the imperial bullies could look like they were taking the moral high ground.

This strategy continues at present, with the U.S., egged on by Israel, imposing “sanctions” against Iran, with the clear intent of inducing that nation to retaliate. Iran will then be destroyed. This, along with the other regime change wars, will continue to forward the agenda of making Israel the dominant power in the Middle East.

Actions by Great Britain, the world’s leading imperial power, to start a century of war were directed and implemented largely by members of British secret societies, including Freemasonic lodges headed by the British royal family, and their U.S. counterparts, including American banking and industrial oligarchs, such as Rockefeller, Schiff, and Morgan.

See particularly two books by British researchers Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor:

Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War and Prolonging the Agony: How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years

Also see How Britain Initiated Both World Wars by Nick Kollerstrom and Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich by Guido Giacomo Preparata; and Freedom Betrayed by former U.S. President Herbert Hoover.

On the machinations of the British lodges see The Karma of Untruthfulness by Rudolf Steiner.

Another useful book is Unnecessary War by Patrick Buchanan.

On the nature of British Freemasonry, see Darkness Visible: A Christian Appraisal of Freemasonry by Walton Hannah, which includes comments on how the Anglican Church compromised itself in regard to sanctioning this extraordinarily influential neopagan cult.

In his book Freedom Betrayedpublished posthumously in 2011, Herbert Hoover described in detail how President Franklin Roosevelt armed Britain and France against Germany, then goaded Japan into attacking at Pearl Harbor, in order to engage in a world war mainly to increase U.S. business profits and employment.

It was World War II, Hoover writes, not the New Deal, that brought the U.S. out of the Great Depression. To accomplish this, Roosevelt ruthlessly stamped out dissent, mocking opponents to his war as “isolationists” and lying about their intentions. Hoover’s analysis, suppressed for 50 years, is being characterized as “revisionist” history so that it doesn’t have to be taken seriously and reckoned with by the warmongering media.

We can agree, I believe, that since World War II, the dominant role of the British Empire in the world has been taken over by the U.S. as the “Great Hegemon.” What is seldom recognized is that behind these horrible events that constitute the greater modern “holocaust” has been an ongoing worldwide economic debacle deriving largely from the “Jewish” financial system, as it has been frequently called, controlling the finances of all modern nations.

This system was perfected in its present form by the Rothschilds during the 1800s. Foremost among these was the British branch of the Rothschilds, as I am sure you well know. This system, based on casting the whole of society into perpetual debt, has diverted the tremendous productive potential of the Industrial Revolution into the hands of the bankers, particularly the hedge funds and investment banks of the City of London, Wall Street, and the big banks of other world financial centers.

The system is based on usury, which the Catholic Church had tried to outlaw during the Middle Ages. But usury became the norm over time. Martin Luther has been excoriated for publishing The Jews and Their Lies in 1543, but what people don’t realize is that his criticism was largely based on the impoverishment of communities throughout Europe through the practice of usury by Jewish lenders. The rulers of the European nations became so corrupt and dependent on the Jewish usurers that they allowed the system to gradually take over everything.

In your book, you decry the indebtedness of poor nations to the international financial system and how that system plunges millions of people even deeper into poverty. But you do not seem to appreciate enough how the system works to engender poverty and promote wars even in the developed part of the world.

All modern wars have been financed through the private banking system and its extension of credit to governments at war which then pay their debts to the financial magnates through strangling the populace with taxes and destroying individual savings through inflation. The mechanisms for all this are well-understood by the financial perpetrators and apologists, including their media minions.

In Great Britain, it was Jewish leaders who sponsored William of Orange in his invasion of England in the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688. Soon afterward the privately-owned Bank of England was set up and became the model for entrenched state-sanctioned usury from then on. Eventually, it was replicated in America through the Federal Reserve System, created and operated by Jewish financiers and their American industrialist cronies from 1913 until today.

The point I very much wish to get across to you, Rev. Wright, is that apart from the disastrous monetary system based on usury which the largely Jewish bankers foisted on Europe over a period of centuries, followed by America, is not the only way that a nation can create, or manage, money. There are other methods that have been tried at various times and places but have been choked out by the power of the money masters.

Among these methods are publicly owned and operated banking systems controlled by central governments. You can learn more about these things through organizations like the Public Banking Institute in the U.S. You can also read my own book on the subject entitled We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary ReformThe inspiration for this admittedly small contribution to economic literature deriving from my own experience with the U.S. Treasury Department was the Biblical account of Jesus expelling the usurers from the Temple.

One reform of the monetary system that would transform the world and reach into the darkest corners of poverty and oppression would be the implementation of a Basic Income Guarantee. In my book, I explain how this might work and what the results could be. Of course, the financial plutocrats are united in their opposition to such measures.

Near the top of the list of imperatives for the financial plutocrats, after control of the world and national financial institutions and share ownership of all large industries through investment banks like Goldman Sachs, is to own and control newspapers, magazines, broadcast networks, and now even the internet. Control of the media allows the financial plutocrats to manage the entire spectrum of political opinion and to stage elections where candidates may clash over trivia while failing to challenge the underlying illegitimacy of a system the plutocrats manipulate at will.

Increasingly today, a bloc of Eurasian nations, including Russia, China, and Iran are taking steps to opt-out of this financial system, leading to the likelihood, if not an inevitability, of WWIII. If WWII killed 20 million, what do we expect from WWIII? Or does anyone care? Certainly, the mass media do not, perfect as they have been as instruments of state propaganda through generations of practice. The mass media want war—as much of it as they can get, as much of the time.

I think you should expand your purview of “evil” to include all these elements. Of course, you will risk your lofty position in society, and possibly more, if you do so publicly, so I don’t expect it. But at least you would be telling the truth.

My own view is that the geographical focal point of this evil on a global scale is the nation of Israel, created through British-sponsored Zionism as a link between East and West in their quest for world imperialist domination. Beyond that, I also believe that this is the historical legacy of the rejection by the Talmudic Jews of the Jewish-born Messiah, Jesus Christ. Zionism has been enabled by the apostate churches of the West, chiefly in Britain and America, particularly the so-called “evangelicals,” whose leaders have been bought off.

You have made a most powerful case in your books that the Messiahship of Christ was the fulfillment of the Old Testament scriptures and hence of the destiny of historic Israel. In your book The Way of the Lord: Christian Pilgrimage Today you discuss, in a limited way, the historical consequences of Christ’s rejection by the vast majority of Jews who did not become Christian.

After the Roman-Jewish wars and the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 C.E., these Jews ended up following the Talmudic rabbis in creating their own non-scriptural Jewish religion that has lasted until today. This is something the mainstream churches, including the Roman Catholics, are never willing to discuss.

It seems to me that the implications of your analysis are profound. It would mean that any claims by the Talmudic Jews to be heirs to the mantle of being a “Chosen People,” as expressed by the Old Testament, are false. If Jesus was the true Messiah, that mantle passed to the Christian religion that his apostles carried forward. Talmudic Judaism may yet exist, and perhaps legitimately so, as a separate and definable religion dating from the first and second centuries C.E. But it would have no “divine right” under this interpretation either to ownership of Palestine or to a preferred position among nations.

This would not mean, of course, that modern Jews should not have wished to migrate to Palestine and make their homes there. But they should have done so under the same constraints of respect for law and local custom as any other immigrant grouping worldwide, not as terrorist interlopers as has been the case. It was under these constraints that so many European Jews migrated to the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries to become law-abiding citizens.

These migrants to the U.S. did not make war on U.S. citizens or seize their land under a pretext of racial/religious superiority as the Zionist Jews have done to the Palestinians. There was no legitimate right of conquest for the Zionist Jews who established the state of Israel, and there is none today, no matter what the pretext. The right of conquest no longer exists on earth as a legal principle.

Jewish suffering in World War II did not give them that right and did not suspend all international law in their favor. I would have as much a right to demand land and reparations from Queen Elizabeth II owing to the fact that her predecessor William the Conqueror displaced my Anglo-Saxon forbears in 1066 C.E.

In the pages of Evil and the Judgment of Godyou also write about the current philosophy of “postmodernism” as failing to answer or even address fundamental questions of metaphysics and morality. I agree with you as far as you go, but I believe you should investigate how postmodernism opens the door to today’s pervasive pornography and other vices. The relativistic nature of postmodernism leaves the individual defenseless against these vices, also including drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling, and other addictions, by ignoring the real needs of the human soul or even the soul’s very existence.

But isn’t it also true that the Jews own and operate much of the industries devoted to vice, including human trafficking, which is a pervasive phenomenon in Israel itself? Hasn’t the Jewish Mafia been a powerful force in the U.S. for decades, including likely involvement in the J.F.K. assassination? Doesn’t today’s Russian-Jewish Mafia, based partly in Israel, spread its tentacles throughout the U.S. and elsewhere?

Along similar lines, does it seem odd to you that the leading financial donor to the election campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 was a Jewish gambling magnate from Las Vegas? And don’t we need to address the question of whether the evils of vice may stem at least in part from declarations of Talmudic Judaism, and many of today’s rabbis, asserting the right of their followers to lord it over and take advantage of the goyim as their lawful prey?

In the political sphere, the Jewish lobby has a strong controlling interest in the entire U.S. government, including the White House and Congress. I daresay the case may be similar in the U.K. Now and then the political puppets stage an event like the Trump impeachment to keep the populace distracted by creating the illusion that something real is going on. It is truly tragi-comical to watch the politicians play-act on such phony stages as CNN, Fox News, Politico, the BBC, etc., while Israel and the Jewish lobby always come first in consideration and political favors. This includes waging the regime-change wars stemming from 9/11.

Should we not also consider whether the effect or even aim of this stew is the destruction of Christianity? Or at least its confinement to well-demarcated bastions, such as academia? Within these sacred halls, the professors can carp at each other ad infinitum over murky theological issues while the public has no idea such discussion even exists.

I don’t think we are all that far from having to call such places as Oxford’s Wycliffe Hall, where you are now employed, “Christian ghettoes.” As in ghettoes from other times and places, the denizens wander outside of such places of confinement at their extreme peril. Let a ghetto resident voice the belief, for instance, that Israel is indeed driving the world to Armageddon, in service of “the satan”, as you call it, and we’ll see how long that person has a livelihood, an internet presence, or publishers for his books.

On the other hand, I do appreciate the fact that you have repudiated the message of the evangelicals, especially the American Dispensationalists, along with their imagined “rapture,” and I hope sincerely that at least some of the lunatics of the American-Zionist “religious right,” including the Robertsons and Falwells, hear you. But I am not hopeful about that. I would also like to ask whether the ongoing assaults on hundreds of millions of Christians in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, assaults you decry in your books, is fueled by resentment toward Christianity because so many of the Western churches have adopted vocal stances in favor of Israel, the pariah apartheid state?

At the same time, I must ask whether sooner rather than later the downfall of the Serpent as prophesied by Daniel, Revelation, and Jesus himself, is close at hand? I believe that Israel and its Western supporters would welcome a major war in the Middle East or even worldwide, as such a war would prove so enriching to the financiers and may allow Israel to pick up more territory and influence. But just as the two world wars of the 20th century instigated by Great Britain cost that nation its empire, another conflagration in our own time may bring more than a few surprises to the guilty parties.

I do thank you, however, for your contribution to helping true Christians prepare. I am indeed grateful to you and wish you the very best.

Thank you for your attention, if in fact, you see this letter. I couldn’t find your email address on-line anywhere, so this attempt at open communication will have to do.

One other thing. In the article “Why Do They Hate….” you give this apt quotation:

“…How was Cyrus Scofield, a lawyer without theological training, capable of publishing such a work with the prestigious Oxford University Press? The mystery has been solved: Scofield was only a front man for a project whose real sponsor was Samuel Untermeyer, a Wall Street lawyer, Federal Reserve co-founder, devoted Zionist, and close associate of Woodrow Wilson. As noted in chapter 7, Untermeyer called for “holy war” against Germany in 1933.[1]” – Laurent Guyénot

Why Holy War against Germany? We find the answer in your February 1 article: Suppressed History: A Banned Classic with New Introduction.” The book summary you cite takes us back to the days of the Teutonic Knights who first appeared in Germany,  in the Rhineland, including Switzerland, by the early 13th century.

This influx led directly to the era of the Rhineland Mystics, which can be traced in a continuous line from the days of Meister Eckhart to today. One of the great literary products was the Theologia Germanica, a manual of mystical practice ascribed to an anonymous Teutonic Knight from Frankfurt and dating to the mid-1300s. The groundwork for this movement had been laid in the same region by the authors of the Grail Legends, with affinities to the Templars and the Gothic builders.

All this was in contrast to the scholasticism of the High Church run out of Rome.

The movement of the Rhineland Mystics continued through Luther, Arndt, and Boehme, et. al., though much of the literary output has still not been translated. It appeared in German Pietism, some of which were transferred to America in the 18th century. It appeared strongly in Goethe, was renewed through Goethe’s Italian Journey,  and continued through 19th century German Romanticism.

The Zionists, through their takeover of the British Empire, decided, around the time of the creation of the German Empire, to destroy Christianity once and for all. Hence their attack on Germany, accomplished only through the takeover of the U.S., through WWI and WWII. This was why for Untermeyer and his ilk, WWII was a “holy war.”

However, by this time, the center of German mysticism had been transferred to Switzerland, where it was rescued from the Zionist-engendered assault. There it remains today. From there it is being restored in Germany, with its center in the Frankfurt region. From there it will regenerate the world after the Zionist-led attack on authentic Western civilization has played itself out.

Richard C. Cook may be contacted at


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  1. The deep state is the largest drug trafficker in the world. Anything is fair game against the goym. “House of Satan”

  2. Those Teutonic Knights were esoteric and affiliated with the Knights Templars who were responsible for the City of London. (isn’t the Swiss flag the same symbol as used by the KT?)

    With mystical foresight they perceived the necessity to allow the dark forces to attain a degree of ascendency which is facilitated by the nature of these times, that are the end of the Kali Yuga. (borrowing from Lord of the Rings – “this is the time of the orcs”!)

    We live in interesting times, and the times don’t get any more interesting than the transition from the Iron Age into the Golden Age.

  3. On the fraudulent financial system, people tend to presume it to be more complicated than it is. From the Introduction to my “Normalization of Fraud and Forgery”:

    “For over 2000 years, since at least pre-ancient-Roman times, the balance of humanity has been unable to protect itself from the multi-faceted fraud in the following form of terms from a banker or other nominal creditor:

    Condition 1: I will loan you $100,000 at 10% per annum, provided that you agree to give me a security claiming that I have loaned you $200,000 at 5%.

    More generally, “I will loan you a certain amount at a certain rate of interest, provided that you agree to falsify the security to claim that I have loaned you a greater amount, and at a lower rate, than in fact.”

    First, while most anyone else can see its obvious and profoundly criminal substance, bankers, lawyers, and judges have near-pathologically failed to do so. In the western world especially, most judges are former-bank-lawyers who are themselves directly appointed by former-bank-directors and / or former-bank-solicitors, most of whom (on both sides) had spent their legal careers falsifying financial securities and making personal fortunes via fees and percentage kick-backs for so doing.”

    The bottom line is that there isn’t a “financial security” in the world that tells the truth about the transaction that is purports to represent and secure. If you don’t fix that problem, then nothing else matters.

  4. Wow, great read & enjoyed it. So much truth lately in VT nice to see it making it’s way out. Neo-Roman Imperium Pax Americana. What was the Keystone that tipped it all for America’s 4th Reich ? Answer: Operation Paperclip allowed the knowledge & Technology transfer from the Weimar Republic to America’s Technocracy MIBC. Magnetobiology & Electrosmog EMF ionizing /non-ionizing Radio Frequency Bands & 5G will change our cellular DNA compositional structure. It already has been shown & proven to have profound effects on human health. It will be blamed on environmental causes w/o admission since everything is classified.

    “The whole essence of the truth cannot be transmitted from mouth to ear. Nor can any pen describe it…unless man finds the answer in the sanctuary of his own heart, in the innermost depth of his divine intentions.” Purpose Beyond Reason… Cheers

  5. Drugs should be legalized and regulated. This would limit many tragic problems. They are not legalized because government itself makes too much easy money selling them themselves.

    • Virtually all so called “sports” games, from college up, are fixed by gambling interests. Fools love to be fooled in America.

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