Diplomat’s Wife Charged with Vehicular Homicide in UK a CIA officer

American woman at center of tragic death of Harry Dunn exposed as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer.


CIA officer Anne Sacoolas has inadvertently shone a spotlight on US disdain for the UK

The American woman at the center of the tragic death of Northamptonshire teenager, Harry Dunn, has been exposed as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer.

alleged CIA prison at RAF Croughton

The revelation was made by Sky News earlier today, essentially confirming that Anne Sacoolas has a “background” in the CIA.

Sacoolas killed Harry, 19 after her car crashed head-on with his motorcycle. Sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road when the accident happened on August 27 last year.

Despite facing an investigation by local police, Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and promptly fled the UK, reportedly helped by Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Previous driving offense 

Last October it was revealed that Sacoolas has a previous driving-related conviction in the US.

Previously Sacoolas had been identified as a wife of an American intelligence officer stationed at RAF Croughton (which houses a US spy base) where the fatal accident occurred.

Intelligence officer husband

The confirmation that Sacoolas herself is a member of the CIA is likely to aggravate the situation and intensify calls for her return to Britain to face justice.

The offense which Sacoolas is accused of – causing death by dangerous driving – can attract a custodial sentence of up to 14 years. From the UK Guardian:

“Adam Wagner, one of the lawyers acting for the Dunn family, said the FCO needed “to answer whether it knew Sacoolas was CIA at the time of Harry’s death and whether the US used her status as a family member to take advantage of the ‘anomaly’ whereby family members are said to have more immunity than diplomats at the base”. The Dunn lawyers dispute the existence of this claimed anomaly.

Wagner added: “The Foreign Office has refused so far to disclose any information or documents about the discussions with the USA and the police after Harry died. The family is pushing hard for disclosures and has made an application for information and documents.”

The FCO said it was examining freedom of information request by the family lawyers. The family believes the documents may reveal the government did not insist Sacoolas remained in the country, partly because of her past status as a CIA officer.

“How could they keep this from us?” Charles said. “We are determined to make sure that this never happens to another family again. I do not know what the government thinks they are doing or why they are treating us the way they are. We will not rest until Anne Sacoolas is back and we have secured the safety of the nation in so far as so-called diplomats committing crimes here in the UK is concerned.”

Asked about the reports of Sacoolas’s CIA work, the housing minister, Robert Jenrick, told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday show: “I don’t know the reasons why the US have turned down our requests so far to extradite her. She needs to return to the UK.

“She should face justice, and I think it’s a terrible situation – I think we all agree on that – for the family. Not only have they lost their child but they’re not seeing somebody brought to justice for that.”

Speaking earlier on the same show, Jeremy Hunt castigated the US for its refusal to send Sacoolas to the UK and said a CIA link could be relevant.

The former foreign secretary said: “It may have a bearing on it, and I don’t know the truth of these things because I’m not foreign secretary anymore, but I still think it is totally and utterly unacceptable that she is not facing justice in the UK.

“And if anyone is questioning that, I think we just need to ask what would have happened if the boot had been on the other foot if a British diplomat had been involved in a road accident in the United States where someone had died and had fled on a private plane back to the UK and was evading justice – I don’t think President Trump would stand for that for one second, and I don’t think Britain would have behaved in that way.”

Harry’s grieving family  

The long-suffering family of young Harry – whose concerted efforts to seek justice for their son has been consistently thwarted by the British government – have demanded to know whether the British government was aware of Sacoolas’s background in the CIA.

Harry’s mother, Charlotte Charles, told the Guardian the family is “furious” after learning the truth about Sacoolas.

“How could [the British government] do this to us? We have thrown ourselves into building relationships with the government despite the terrible way they were treating us … We believe in giving people a second chance … But I am livid today and my family is full of anger”, Harry’s mother said.

The ‘special relationship’ myth

More than anything, the tragic story of young Harry has exposed the power imbalance in the UK-US relationship which is often wishfully described as a “special relationship” by British political, diplomatic, military and security leaders.

The UK government initially dragged its heel on the issue, trying to hide the fact the FCO had aided in Sacoolas’s evasion of British justice.

At any rate, the US government has resolutely underlined the power imbalance by flat out refusing to extradite Sacoolas to the UK.

From the outset, Press TV has reported extensively on this issue with a view to reporting the truth, but also to support Harry’s family’s quest for justice in the face of cynical inaction and indifference by the British government.


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  1. She will not be repatriated to face trial and prison in the UK. America will never ship their countrymen to face justice anywhere.
    UK must show the world that it practices the Rule of Law and by that, UK should release Julian Assange since he did no crime in the UK

    • Correct AND Exact that ” the America will never ship their countrymen to face justice anywhere.”

      WHY AM I Convinced ? ……. Well Simply Because ALL the INTERNATIONAL TREATIES and LAWS , especially concerning ” War ” ….. ALL the Treaties and Laws Every other Country Signed to THE USA has Adamntly reiterated Constantly ” We are NOT Going to Join these Treaties ” ……. Some Decent War Laws are such a Decent Standard that Most Countries are Signatories BUT Never The USA …… USA Will constantly Reiterate it’s Strong Position that X or Y or Z Law We Will NOT Accept or Sign Even IF Everybody Else Does ” ……….. there’s plenty of treaties that USA is Nevr a Signatory to …… WHY ? ……… I guess any Law or Treaty demanding Decent Behavior or Accountability the USA Cannot Sign to BECAUSE Most American Presidents And Officials understand that USA the Faithful Zionist Slave Will Allways be a Tool of the ” Jewish ” and be needing to get away with Everything including Massacres , etc …..
      USA doesn’t want Decency or Accountability in it’s Services to the ” Jewish ” Conquests ……..

    • Just like Everyone Respects the ICC or the ” International Criminal Court ” BUT John Bolton made it Clear That USA doesn’t want ICC inquiries ……. Everybody Answers to ICC but USA Stands Defiant to ALL things Decent …..

  2. Not the first time. Some years ago a U.S. flyer (maybe Navy) accidentally killed a Brit – same furor, same result. What I draw from these events is that they are clearly accidents, they have terrible consequences for the victim’s families and all they want is some reassurance during that difficult period, that their loved one matters. What is so daunting about facing the music. You show up, show contrition, which I hope is real, and express your profoundest sympathy and regrets. It makes the victim’s families so much better – it heals. A small thing really, and these U.S. government lightweights can’t even do that. Just showing up and saying I’m sorry is so easy and yet they can’t do it. And we pay these people to protect us????

  3. I can verify the vast number of crappy drivers in the DC collective. Self absorbed, always in a hurry, expect every courtesy while offering none, texting, A-holes. The stripes don’t change when the tiger goes offshore.

  4. Why are activities of the CIA a carefully guarded secret protected by the full military armed force of the corrupt US government? Because if they were revealed to the light of day and light of truth Americans would demand total abolition of this corrupt cesspool anti American agency acting against every good principle on which this country was founded. This corrupt secret agency is a disgrace to everything we once stood for. Every American must demand it be abolished today. America is a totally corrupt Mafia Gangster disgrace. Israel did 9/11/01 with the aid of criminals in our own government to fool fools in America into surrendering their basic Constitutional Rights under the lies of fear promoted by the lies of 9/11/01. DHS gang rapes the Constitution thousands of times a day at airports all over the country with impunity and silence from 535 coward whores in Congress who have all sold out to the outlaw nation Israel. America is a total disgrace to every American and every Founder of this country. It is only a matter of time now. America is also quite broke, bankrupt morally and fiscally. Watch the video of former Marine Ken O’keefe at LAX in 2016.

    • This disgusting piece of female garbage does not represent American values. Any real American would have remained there and faced the charges. It is not surprising she is employed by a totally corrupt secret organization the CIA which operates outside of all laws and Constitutional constraints as a Mafia Criminal Gangster cowardly hiding behind the facade of secrecy provided by the full military armed force of this totally corrupt government today. Every member of the corrupt Congress should resign over their corrupt approval of the corrupt secret outlaw CIA which has no, zero , place in our government at all. Gutless secret cowards now run this cesspool of a country.

    • You know it is only the american arm of CIA. Their HQ is in Switzerland under the Lake Geneva amd guess who owns those thugs ? Yes, Swissi and the Reptile Parasites

  5. Well Basically the Answer to Your Question Asking WHY Was a CIA operative in the UK ? Well Basically the CIA is EVERYWHERE Because Everybody is ” Suspicious ” and None Deemed Trustworthy ….. it’s the Criminal Psychopaths Who Know Which Crimes that They Have Already Committed and Hence Those Criminals are Running Scared since the Last Crime and Scared of being held Accountable for Anything ….. it’s a Crazy Paranoia ……

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