Deeply Censored: US Murders 10 Year Old Child in Syria, Americans, Vehicles Captured, Saved by Russian MPs (updating)


VT’s Position: We don’t want American troops used to blatantly aid this kind of piracy and looting.  This is a shameful misuse of our military.  Senior Editor, Gordon Duff

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Today, American troops murdered a 10-year-old boy and one adult, who had been part of a group protesting American oil thefts in Iraq that were ordered by Trump on behalf of Exxon and Aramco.

Reports that two American vehicles were seized by Syrian civilians and American troops were disarmed and captured but saved by Russian military police who arrived on the scene.

The photos that don’t exist, you don’t see these, none of this happened, don’t tell anyone.

The killing was near the town of Kherbet Ammo in the eastern part of Qamishli province. 

From Sputnik News:

“Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Myles Caggins previously stated that US-led coalition troops opened fire on civilians, claiming they had to do it in self-defense.  Video of US forces retreating after killing, being buzzed by local traffic:

One minor and an adult died when a coalition patrol opened fire on a crowd in Qamshli, according to a military source.

“At 10 a.m. the US patrol including six armored Humvee vehicles deliberately entered the area controlled by the Syrian authorities”, the Syrian military source said. “The US troops opened fire, as a result, 10-year-old Juma Suleiman Barre was killed”.

The source added that during the clashes one US soldier was injured and four armored vehicles were damaged.”

The victim was a Kurd.  This is a totally Kurdish region, through which ISIS had smuggled oil for years until Russian Aerospace Forces intervened, destroying thousands of trucks imported from the US.

Today the oil smuggling continues, under US protection.

Russian peacekeepers were summoned to de-escalate the situation.  The “SAA” or Syrian Arab Army were civilians.  Kevork Almassian is a journalist who works for the government of Qatar, where the US has a massive airbase.

Other sources said that the incident happened when a group of Kurdish civilians tried to block a convoy of the US military in a move of protest to the ongoing US military occupation of northeastern Syria.

On February 12, angry locals engaged U.S. forces in a firefight in Khirbat Amu in northern al-Hasakah after U.S. troops had allegedly killed a 14-year old teenager in the town. The videos released by the Syrian media allows seeing the intense usage of light weapons.

In an official statement, the U.S.-led coalition confirmed that its forces engaged in clashes with “unknown individuals” in Khribat Amu. The coalition said that no injuries were sustained. However, it didn’t comment on the alleged killing of a local teenager.

“The situation was de-escalated and is under investigation, the coalition’s patrol returned to base,” Col. Myles B. Caggins III, a spokesman for the coalition, said in the statement.

The incident took place near a checkpoint of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Locals reportedly attempted to block U.S. forces which responded with live fire, allegedly killing the teenager. The army stood with the locals. However, it didn’t take part in the clashes.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that U.S. forces had withdrawn from Khirbat Amu under the cover of US warplanes, which conducted three airstrikes. However, local sources said that there were no airstrikes, saying that U.S. forces used flash and smoke grenades to cover their retreat.

A unit of the Russian Military Police was quickly dispatched to the incident area to de-escalate the situation. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were also connected by the Russian side to assist in the issue.

Several incidents between the locals and U.S. forces took place in the last few months. However, Khirbat Amu incident has been the most serious escalation so far. If U.S. forces were indeed responsible for the death of the local, the situation could escalate even further.

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Pro-US sources already describe the locals as the ‘Syrian Army’:


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  1. This video brought back for me memories, from October 1956, in Budapest, Hungary, I was 14 years old and we have done the same, against the attacking, occupying Soviet Horde! I am very sad, that Soldiers from the ‘Land of the Free’, are conducting the same type of offensive against the People of Syria as the Soviets have done in my Native Country! I wore the Uniform of the United States of America for some 21 years, two tours in NAM, volunteered for the second tour since, I was thinking that with my service there I would save the People of S. Vietnam from the same fate as my Native Country had to endure! In retrospect, I was NAIVE! Kissinger gave up the People of S. Vietnam, in return, for Soviet Jews were allowed to migrate to Palestine. Tens of thousand of S. Vietnamese perished trying to escape, millions had to endure Re-Education Camps! We lost 58,282 fellow American Soldiers/Citizens, over 2100 POW/MIAs! Who cares! These ‘Sacrificial Lambs’ are not members of the, ‘Chosen Few’!

  2. During old Tsars times, the noble people and officers in Russia had gun and sword duels. In the 21th century the “nobility” degraded. What i want to say- it became hard to fight dirty policy bastards… Mostly… The western bastards, with insane brain tricks. Why they are so ugly during the last 500 years? Why they rob and kill the nations? Why are they so greedy and exceptional? Is it a gene of violence: Spain, Britain, etc….?

    • When these people started to sail west and found America, which was all financed by the nobility, it was already a war financed apparatus in the hands of the wealthy. But something happened that made them feel exceptional. The survival in the big land with the complete lawlessness played a big role in forming the mentality that you see today. And that’s on a continent that hasn’t been challenged by the other big powers, yet.
      So to recap; We have a bunch of unchecked, unchallenged, criminals who initially killed an entire continent and called it their own civilized world, and ultimately installed a system of money making by going around the other continents and killing for profit.

      If Nicholas II had gone through the same transformation he would definitely be one of these exceptional barbarians.

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