Al-Jazeera:  Trump’s ability to wage war against Iran, rebuking the president after a strike against an Iranian military commander and Tehran’s retaliation last month raised fears of broader regional conflict.

The measure, authored by Senator Tim Kaine, says Trump must win approval from Congress before engaging in further military action against Iran. Eight Republicans joined with Democrats to pass the resolution by a 55-45 vote.

Kaine and other supporters said the resolution was not about Trump or even the presidency but instead was an important reassertion of congressional power to declare war.

While Trump and other presidents “must always have the ability to defend the United States from imminent attack, the executive power to initiate war stops there”, Kaine said. “An offensive war requires a congressional debate and vote.”

The Democratic-controlled House passed a separate, nonbinding war powers resolution last month. The House could take up the Senate resolution later this month, said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Trump expected

Two-thirds votes in the House and Republican-run Senate would be needed to override an expected Trump veto.

Answering a claim by some of Trump’s supporters and Trump himself that the measure would send a signal of weakness to Iran and other potential adversaries, Kaine said the opposite was true.

“When we stand up for the rule of law – in a world that hungers for more rule of law – and say ‘this decision is fundamental, and we have rules that we are going to follow so we can make a good decision,’ that’s a message of strength,” Kaine said.

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  1. There is a question about him starting a war but there is no question he has the authority as Commander and Chief to end them. Why he hasn’t isn’t just him but the fact that his administration and congress are full of Israel First traitors who should be in front of a firing squad instead of a camera.

  2. The 1972 war “powers” act was redundant, as the Constitution is very clear on Congressional control of this easy to abuse power.

  3. According to Ron Paul and Rand Paul as they discussed the Resolution before the US Senate on Ron Paul’s YouTube Channel today, Part I of the 1972 War Powers Act dictates that a co-Resolution of both Houses of Congress, in other words that both House and Senate approve the same Resolution is incapable of Veto by the President and IS the law of the land.
    I’d be very interested to learn what both Jim and Gordon think of this?
    If this is correct, and from my own brief examination of the legal position, it appears that Ron Paul is correct and this co-Resolution of both Houses of Congress completely stymies any wielding of War Powers towards iran by the #sTrumpet Administration.
    Writing this to you both from Ireland!

    • Actually Congress is partly to blame as they could have impeached every President since Washington for usurping the power of Congress to declare war. Gorgeous George AKA Town Destroyer started a war with the Iroquois without congressional authority. Monroe’s loose cannon Genocidal General Jackson started a war with the Seminoles by invading Florida to chase down runaway slaves and renegade Creek that was supported by his Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. Again no protest from Congress then there was that drunken idiot Sam Huston. Yeah remember the Alamo! Again a shooting war with Mexico started long before Congress caught wind of it.

      Let’s not forget Jefferson sending the in the Marines to the Barbary Coast again without Congressional approval . I think out of the hundreds of wars of aggression the US has fought only three were fought under full Congressional authority with an actual Declaration of War. The one as you remember was December 8th 1941 when the Japanese were provoked into attacking Pearl Harbor. So why would any President wait for Congress if there is no censure or sanction for starting a war?

    • Oh by the way the President only becomes Commander and Chief only AFTER war has been declared but who bothers reading it any more?

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