Current battle positions in Idlib as Turks retake M5 – Immense casualties underreported

Turkish forces have been laying low, waiting to attack when Syria's best assault troops were fully engaged in South Idlib


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

[ Editor’s Note: The map above is from a Turkish source, as it shows it took all the recently liberated South Idlib territory, which the jihadis did not. But cutting the M5 road seems solid as the retreating Syrian would have retired into Sqareb to defend it.

While Syria did well in South Idlib, it appears now that the Turks had prepared a major offensive on the M-5 that was sustained with a night attack to cut the M5 north of Squareb.

Twitter is where Southfront gets a lot of its material so we made this compilation from there also as twitter material is a few hours fresher.

The fist combat sitrep map shows you how broad the attack was, when the earlier ones were on mainly one line of attack, much easier to interdict with air cover and or artillery. On a broad attacking front it is less effective.

The second video shows the counter battery fire at night of the SAA and Russians trying to break up attacking formations prior to their continuing their attack in the morning. The Smersh Russian rockets take out a square kilometer via total destruction.

One would assume that night drone put this down accurately  We will know tomorrow when there should be drone footage if it worked. No one lived who was under this.

Getting caught, when you are a foreign fighter is never good. At least the officer stepped in to break up the torment. It is always bad for discipline to allow this. Syria troops should not be goofing off entertaining themselves as they have a lot of work to do with a huge about of Turkish equipment. If the Turks organize broad front attacks it can wear the SAA down via attrition.

Nothing is worse than scum bags sending kids into war as disposable bullet magnets.

While the civilians are suffering these jihadis look well taken care of, living privileged lives.

The Syrian assault forces will be able to retake what was lost today, but the downside is that will wear them down with casualties, which is what Turkey is using the jihadis for.

The is the best current video that we have even, especially of this manuvering Russian SU-34 using lot of flares to doge a manpad. They only have a mile distance on them and that can be burned up sooner expending more to manuever itself.


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  1. Even though they’re playing it off Al Quida and Turkey are still being fed US and Israeli weapons and intel by special forces. Russians only show up when their people are attacked.

  2. 1) Any general would never have allowed those Turkish posts left behind with drones observing every movement the SAA makes
    2) No general would allow the enemy to get a free pass resupplying the enemy with 1000s of troops and supplies on endless kilometres of convoy undisturbed like they are going for a tailgate party.
    3) No general would stand by and watch his troops being annihilated by artillery and just laugh it off as if they are going to change all that…Over 500 SAA have been killed or maimed so far from that direct involvement of those Turkish artillery
    4) And this is the crazy part:TURKS have formally requested the RUSSIANS to let their ARMED DRONES PATROL THE SKIES OF IDLIB! And my guess is Lavrov will smile and shake hands with his Turkish counterpart over it.
    5) Now i understand how the Russians lost the cold war and are getting pummeled by the US/NATO all over with sanctions. They are VERY TRUSTING and act like they can make friends with their enemy. WHY DOESN’T THE US JUST SELL IT’S WEAPONS TO ANYBODY IT DOESN’T TRUST…That technology can be easily transferred to the enemy…RUSSIA’S S-400 TECH IS GONE!
    6) Why are the Russians patrolling together with the Turks in the North when they are practically at war with them in Idlib….Anytime now expect a Russian plane to be shot down by the Turks and you will see them celebrating on National TV like the last time and Erdogan will brag about it for days and still get invited to Moscow for a handshake

  3. They were engaged with 25th (Tiger Forces) further to the west overrunning #HTS & Turks in Kafr Aweed, Sufuhon, Fleifel, Kafr Mous and Kawkabeh and giving them clear and uninterrupted line of fire over the al-Ghab Plain.
    Russian & Syrian Air Forces together with Tiger Forces (25th) need to haul their Axxes back to Saraqib and quickly in order to prevent the retaking of that junction between M-4 and M-5 plus City of Saraqib.
    Spetsnaz Forces need to get together with 25th and IRGC in order to drive the Turks and HTS back to Idlib and beyond to the Turk Border.

  4. #SAA 25th plus Russian #Spetsnaz need to haul axx very quickly to Saraqib to shore up the lines and recover that part of the M-5 lost on Wednesday to #HTS plus #Turks which has given them an additional point of attack on Saraqib from the north-east. Provided that the 25th Tiger Forces plus Russian Special Forces together with Syrian & Russian Air Forces can manage to flood Saraqib over the early morning but preparation for that to happen need toe be organized now during hours of darkness.

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