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Idlib ceasefire is holding, for now

Jim W. Dean - If the tens of thousands of Chinese remain there it will show Erodgan wants to continue to use them as a destabilizing cannon fodder force.

NATO says no to supporting Turkish proxy terrorism in Syria

Jim W. Dean - With tomorrow Erdogan's the big pow wow day with Putin in Moscow to see if he can hustle a ceasefire, the Syrians are regaining territory.

Russian Defense Ministry: EAQ (Erdogan Al Qaeda) merged with Turkish ‘Observation...

Any Turkish formation or observation post within 3000 meters of a terrorist group is a target.  Any Turkish formation that fires on Syria or launches planes that attack Syria or launch missiles into Syria, their bases and supply lines, are legitimate targets under the Astana agreements.

US will not provide air support to Turkey in Syria’s Idlib...

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said there was "no clear, unambiguous intelligence on who was flying which planes" in the deadly attack on Turkish troops in Idlib last week.

See-Saw battle continues for Syria’s Idlib province

Jim W. Dean - As Southfront notes below, Erdogan's plan seems to be to try control as much of Idlib as possible before the the meeting with Erdogan next week.

Current battle positions in Idlib as Turks retake M5 – Immense...

[ Editor's Note: The map above is from a Turkish source, as it shows it took all the recently liberated South Idlib territory, which the...

SAA clearing S. Idlib to shorten front line with Turkey

Erdogan is walking a tightrope trying to run a Turkey with its economy in the toilet while involving the country in multiple foreign wars.

Turkish armor supports Jihadi attack on Syrian forces at Nayrab –...

Jim W. Dean - I just saw a video with some "light" air ordinance dropped on a four gun rapid firing Turkish howitzer battery in a perfect pattern, to suggest they stop firing, and they did, immediately.

Ankara: 5 Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan's long game had been to put the Sunni refugees all along the northern Syrian border so he had a political base inside Syria's future post war parliament.