by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Erdogan is sinking deeper and deeper into the Syrian quagmire. As more video evidence emerges on his direct support of the jihadis in Syria, his pretense of having troops there to “stabilize” the situation will become an obvious joke.

Even his main threat is nonsense, that if Syria does not withdraw from Idlib territory by the end of February, he could declare war. By the end of February, he will be in a ten times worse situation than he is now.

The Syrian coalition will have taken a large part of Idlib and have secured roads for logistics to shift forces around. As the Turkish supported jihadi area is compressed, the Syrian army will have shorter battle lines to deal with, and air power can be concentrated more.

Erdogan’s long game had been to put the Sunni refugees all along the northern Syrian border so he had a political base inside the future Syrian post war parliament. The pool of people would be a steady source of young men jihadis wanting out of the prison of living in the middle of nowhere, when they can be somebody…a gunman.

For young Muslim men with no future or a job, they can never marry…hence the endless pool of cannon fodder recruits for foreign interventionists, who are now moving their fighters around like pawns on a chessboard, which of course they are Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. Stupid Erdogan Who can Never Ever be A Part of EU BUT Will Always Remain a NATO Tool no matter how much he licks EU and that is Erdogan’s incentive in this ALL , to be a Member of European Union , BUT that Will Never Happen ……. Erdogan with reference to Syria is in a deep Hole AND as I watch newer Reports than By Aggression Erdogan is Digging Deeper and Deeper in that Sh1thole that he put himself into AND as Every hour goes by he’s uttering newer nonsense to hit still Deeper Sh1t ……. Russia Will Devastate , at least the Stupid Turkish Presence in Syria ……. Erdogan’s talking very big and Threatening greater and more Aggression in Syria Where Basically He has no business ……. This is going very very bad and very very Fast …….. Speaking Militarily , Among Small Armied NATO Maybe Turkey is bigger but on the Global Scale, to me, Turkey is Nowhere so When faced with Russian responses to ALL this Idiot Talk the Turks will Fold and Run very Fast , if they want to Survive …..

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