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Double Trouble: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey

John Fetterman, Oz’s Democratic opponent, has failed to slam Oz on the above points, particularly his rival’s apparent indifference to Ankara’s support of terrorism.

NEO – US and NATO Increasing Pressure on Turkey

“I like to joke that I’m known as Joe Bidenopoulos in the Greek-American community in Delaware,” the US President said.

NATO is on the attack once again, pretending to defend us

Jim W. Dean - It's a great irony that what no enemy was able to inflict upon us, our own political class, banksters and war grifters have.

FBI Arrests Suspected Turkish Spies Posing as DHS Agents for Bribing...

The Associated Press reports that the FBI has arrested two men who posed as Department of Homeland Security investigators who claimed they were part of a January 6 task force and offered to give gifts to Secret Service agents, including some assigned to the protection detail for members of the First Family.

Turkey Playing on All Sides in Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In hosting Russia-Ukraine talks, Turkey has positioned itself to secure an important place in any new table to be formed post-Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ukraine War: Turkey Enters the Scene

No significant progress was made during the first rounds. The only point agreed by the two sides was the security of humanitarian passes from the war-torn cities, but in fact no joint measures have been implemented to secure civilians so far. No agreement on other topics of negotiations was reported.

Zelensky Agrees to begin Negotiations on Ukraine neutrality and non-nuclear status

Jim W. Dean- One of the hurdles here is what to do about the Nationalist Nazi battalions while talks go on. Is it fair to their victims to treat them as immunized forces?

Putin and Erdogan agreed to meet Russian and Ukrainian delegations in...

New round of Russian-Ukrainian talks to be held in Istanbul.

Markov explained why Erdogan needs Russian S-400s

As Sergei Markov recalls, Ankara currently has an American anti-missile system and a Russian S-400 complex. But Turkey understands that in case of any emergency, the American system can be blocked.

March 16: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Interview with RBC TV channel,...

Lavrov: This is a crucial moment, a landmark in contemporary history because, in the broad sense of the word, it reflects the battle for a future international order. The West stopped using the term “international law,” embodied in the UN Charter, many years ago, and it invented the term “rules-based order.” These rules were written by members of an inner circle.

Ukraine Bear Trap: Neo-Nazis, Syrian Jihadists and Hybrid Warfare

Besides providing lethal drones to Ukraine and closing Bosphorus straits to warships, Erdogan reportedly introduced Syria’s battle hardened militants to the Ukraine conflict.

NEO – Turkey’s Expansion into Central Asia Intensifies

'Erdo the Madnificent' views his huge turkic world stretching from the Arctic Ocean to Bulgaria, including Central Asia and a third of Russia, with almost twenty regions of the Russian Federation.

Is Erdogon’s hollowed out economy closer to crashing, and taking him...

Jim W. Dean - Currency reserves have gone from $30 billion positive to $30 billion negative, kind of a hint that some serious looting has been going on.

Biden to warn Turkey’s Erdogan against ‘precipitous’ actions

U.S. President Joe Biden will warn Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan during a meeting on Sunday that any precipitous actions would not benefit U.S.-Turkish relations and that crises should be avoided, a U.S. official said on Saturday.

Erdogan scrambles to maintain illusion of Turkish regional power

As Turkey’s economy continues to tumble, it no longer has the capabilities to operate on multiple fronts at the same time.

NEO – Erdogan Pursues a Broad Coalition in Asia

Jim W. Dean - For anyone wanting to do business with Erdogan, I would wish them luck and advise them to stash some emergency money.

NEO – Why Turkey can’t lobby its way to normalisation with...

Jim W. Dean - The game of 'liars poker' between the US and Turkey continues to roll on with no change in course despite all the hype.

NEO – Turkey enhancing ties with Israel

Jim W. Dean - VT has known for a long time that Idlib has a lot of oil, part of a formation that comes ashore from the Mediterranean, which would give Syria the rights to it.

NEO – The realities and prospects involved in Turkey’s expansion in...

Jim W. Dean - I will predict that anyone teaming up with crooked Erdogan will end up similar to those who might have thought hooking up with deeply flawed Trump was the key to a guaranteed seat at the unipolar sharing of the loot.

NEO – The Confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean is not subsiding

Jim W. Dean - Turkey's Erdogan is playing the EU for a fool now, as it knows it is under Covid stress and the Brexit battle showdown is coming to an end, where it might get stiffed by Boris Johnson.

NEO – Erdogan continues to pursue an old, failed course

Erdogan's latest actions and statements concerning the crisis around Nagorno-Karabakh clearly demonstrate that he continues to handle his blunders and Turkey’s problems from a position of strength and foolhardiness.

NEO – NATO in danger of falling apart with an identity...

NATO is now only an alliance on paper, as members are on the verge of war with each other, with little NATO 'brotherhood'. The newest bad boy on the block is neo-Ottoman strong man, Erdogan. NEO's Kulikov gives us an analysis. Does Washington intend to benefit from conflict among NATO members?

Azerbaijan attacks Armenia again, with Turkey spoiling for more conflict

Jim W. Dean - Both sides seem to be picking off forward units, where artillery already have the approach ranges.

EU threatens sanctions on Turkey over live fire drills in Med

The European Union has threatened to slap sanctions on Turkey if it continues with what Brussels has called "illegal drilling". Greece launched naval drills this week in the area where Turkey is prospecting for oil and gas, and France, Cyprus, and Italy said they would join Athens.

Turkey: The political economy of Hagia Sophia

After the drubbing Erdogan took in the last elections in losing a number of key metropolitan areas, an enhanced replay of that scenario could be his last. If he saw he was going to lose, he would create an incident to save himself.

NEO: Turkey’s Mediterranean confrontational policy

The Turkish leader needs an economic windfall or a war, or he’s going to be ousted.

Erdogan’s Decision to make Hagia Sophia a Mosque is Sinful and...

Turkish Islam deserves trillions of dollars in reparations from the Rothschilds, the sponsors of Attaturk's cultural genocide. But it does not need or deserve reparations from the Eastern Orthodox Christians!

Erdogan’s cronies leech off Libya’s oil and bood

Alaeddin Saleh - Experts believe that mysterious death of the Libyan spy-master Al-Tuhami might be a byproduct of the power struggle among the militias competing for the grip over oil.

Syrian Army shells militant positions and deploys reinforcements

Jim W. Dean - Notice how Erdogan's attempt to flood the EU with refugees and citizens deserting their own countries to get on the dole in Europe.

NEO – Erdogan attacks EU with refugees as COVID-19 hits Turkey

Jim W. Dean - With the Covid-19 train barreling down the tracks, the last thing the EU wants is a big surge in refugees.

Idlib Jihadi civilians run off Turkish armored patrol

Jim W. Dean - So once again we have Erdogan possibly snookering the Russians into another agreement that he has no intentions of honoring, using the jihadis as patsies.

US tries to shake Turkey down on Patriot missile deal

Jim W. Dean - Turkey cannot financially support the level of aggression it is on now without finding someone to pay the tab.

NATO says no to supporting Turkish proxy terrorism in Syria

Jim W. Dean - With tomorrow Erdogan's the big pow wow day with Putin in Moscow to see if he can hustle a ceasefire, the Syrians are regaining territory.

US will not provide air support to Turkey in Syria’s Idlib...

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said there was "no clear, unambiguous intelligence on who was flying which planes" in the deadly attack on Turkish troops in Idlib last week.

See-Saw battle continues for Syria’s Idlib province

Jim W. Dean - As Southfront notes below, Erdogan's plan seems to be to try control as much of Idlib as possible before the the meeting with Erdogan next week.

SAA clearing S. Idlib to shorten front line with Turkey

Erdogan is walking a tightrope trying to run a Turkey with its economy in the toilet while involving the country in multiple foreign wars.

Turks and Jihadis counterattack Nayrab

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan continues to move more conventional military equipment and forces into North Idlib hoping that will increase his bargaining power at the early March conference with Russia and Iran, but not Syria unfortunately.

NATO has no plans to provide military support to Turkey in...

When is the last time Turkey did anything for NATO that did not serve its own interests, like wanting NATO to fight the Russians and SAA?

Turkish armor supports Jihadi attack on Syrian forces at Nayrab –...

Jim W. Dean - I just saw a video with some "light" air ordinance dropped on a four gun rapid firing Turkish howitzer battery in a perfect pattern, to suggest they stop firing, and they did, immediately.

Ankara: 5 Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan's long game had been to put the Sunni refugees all along the northern Syrian border so he had a political base inside Syria's future post war parliament.