Erdogan’s Decision to make Hagia Sophia a Mosque is Sinful and Un-Islamic


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

From a secular perspective, there is nothing particularly wrong with Turkey’s decision to return Hagia Sophia to its status as a mosque. After all, it WAS a mosque from 1453 to 1934, when the crypto-Jewish Donmeh Sabbatean tyrant Attaturk unilaterally secularized it as part of his genocide against Turkish Islam. (Attaturk’s atrocities were by far the worst cultural genocide in all of world history—he even went so far as abolishing the Turkish written script, which would be the equivalent of an American tyrant ordering the destruction of all English written in Roman script in favor of a new “American English” written in Arabic or Chinese characters!)

Attaturk burned some mosques, and turned others into stables full of horse dung. He tortured and killed a high proportion of Turkey’s leading Muslims, including most of the key Sufis.

Turkish Islam deserves trillions of dollars in reparations from the Rothschilds, the sponsors of Attaturk’s cultural genocide. But it does not need or deserve reparations from the Eastern Orthodox Christians! On the contrary, Turkish Islam needs to befriend and ally with Orthodox Christianity and take down the House of Rothschild.

From an Islamic religious perspective, Hagia Sophia should be a church, not a mosque. Muslims are enjoined by the Covenants of the Prophet to protect Christians and their houses of worship “until the end of time.” So the 1453 transformation of Hagia Sophia from a church to a mosque was un-Islamic and sinful. (Yes, I know the Christians often destroyed mosques or turned them into churches, and yes, the Grand Mosque of Cordoba should be turned back into a mosque—but two wrongs don’t make a right.)

The Islamic thing to do would be to return Hagia Sophia to the Christians. That would not only be morally right, but also send the right message: The Islamic Ummah is strong and confident enough to be generous.

Unlike some folks here at VT, I think Erdogan sometimes gets unfairly bashed. His neo-Ottomanism is not entirely a bad thing. Any way you slice it, it sure beats Attaturk/Rothschild genocide!

But when he makes a mistake, as when he joined the Zionist destruction of Syria, he needs to be called on it. Making Hagia Sophia a mosque is a huge mistake, as Sheikh Imran Hosein, the world’s leading Islamic eschatologist, points out in the video above.


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  1. To be fair, Sultan Mehmed purchased the Hagia Sophia with his own funds. It wasn’t stolen like the Umayyad Mosque of Cordoba.

    • I have not investigated the various accounts of the capture/purchase of Hagia Sofia, but I would be very surprised if the “purchase” were not carried out under duress.

      I agree that the the Grand Mosque of Cordoba and other Andalusian mosques were stolen and must be given back to the global Ummah. I hope to live long enough to see them returned, and to pray in them.

      Purpose-built mosques and churches, especially magificent spiritual landmarks (like the Grand Mosque of Cordoba and Hagia Sophia) should generally retain their original status.

  2. I agree. If Erdogan believes in Islam then he must not only not use it as mosque but he must return it to the Orthodox Church. Remember the two Islamic prayer times are silent because the Jewish people living in Madina held their prayers in silence at the same time as the Muslims. BUT and this is big BUT, the precedent for the Ottomans were set by the Christian in Iberian Peninsular when as as they reduced the majority Muslim into minority they took over Mosques and turned them into Churches. This has happened in many parts of South European countries too by the Orthodox and in Sicily by Catholics. The Jews in Palestine have destroyed mosques and Islamic Cemeteries already. Some of the cemeteries which had great value for Muslims as there were great Islamic Scholars and the Companion The last Messenger of God Almighty. So there is no president for the Zionist Regime to lay its had on Al Aqsa. Apart from that we have never heard from any Christians regarding the Hagia Sophia being a Museum but they are throwing their arms up when it is being used as Mosque. Are they really being Christians when doing that or are they just working at the orders of their Zionist masters is something to think seriously.

  3. Davor is right, Kevin, the Church is not a building, it’s a bunch of people who follow the Lord Jesus. It’s good to hear that Islam respects that notion, unlike even many so-called Christians. The worst are the Christian Zionists, like Pompeo and Pence, who are hoping that their warrior messiah will come riding in on an ICBM any day now to smite the unbelievers, everyone but them apparently, in a transformative apocalyptic war that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of their dominionist wet-dream.

    That Trump has surrounded himself with these nutters is proof to me that he will do anything to be reelected, even start a war with Iran. That he hasn’t done so already is an f-ing miracle, but the more desperate he gets in the coming weeks and months before November… May Heaven help us all.

  4. Any Abrahamic religion is supposed to be about men not about buildings. One can turn a small hospital conference room into an altar in less than half an hour, if there are people around worthy of a religious ritual. In essence, there is no difference in turning an anti-tourist destination into a place of expressing worship and turning a super tourist resort into a one, it is about people who take care of it. If Turkey want to go Vegas style like the Zionists in Jerusalem, that just reflects their notion on belief, probably looking to score more pilgrims and tourists from the Islamic world.

    • This Abrahamic religion term applies only to Islam. Abraham did not believe in a god that set like Sun or died like a living creature. Abraham was not a Jew he was a Believer. Christianity has trinity and one of the three got killed by Jews. Islam is Faith of Abraham which believes God that is neither born from anyone or given birth to anyone. He is the creator of all what we see and what we do not. He loves all men as equals and gives no ascendancy to anyone over anyone as stated by His last Messenger.

    • Yes, it is primarily about people not buildings. But buildings and other monuments and artifacts do count for something. We should respect the people who put up buildings consecrated to worship by protecting those houses of worship. Qur’an 40:22, Umar’s protection of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and of course the Covenants of the Prophet all dictate that Muslims are required to protect churches.

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