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VT Says: Any Turkish formation or observation post within 3000 meters of a terrorist group is a target.  Any Turkish formation that fires on Syria or launches planes that attack Syria or launch missiles into Syria, their bases and supply lines, are legitimate targets under the Astana agreements.

RT/Moscow: Turkey has allowed its observation posts, established under a 2018 deal with Moscow, to virtually merge with terrorist bases in Idlib, Russia’s Defense Ministry said, amid a Turkish assault against advancing Syrian forces.

Turkey’s observation posts are staging centers, ammunition depots and safe haven for terrorist attacks on Russian forces inside Syria.

“The fortified areas of the terrorists have merged with the Turkish observation posts deployed under the 2018 Sochi agreement,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said early on Wednesday.

Attacks and mass artillery fire on neighboring civilian settlements and the Russian airbase at Khmeimim turned from sporadic to daily.

ALSO ON RT.COM Turkish soldiers were with ‘terrorist groups’ when they were hit by Syrian military – Russian MoD

Europe and the United States have consistently ignored Turkey’s failure to abide by the 2018 deal, the spokesman continued, stating that neither is “interested in the actual humanitarian situation inside and around Idlib.”

All of Russia’s official requests to the UN and Western countries – who delivered humanitarian aid across the Turkish border and all of it went not to refugees, but to terrorists – remained unanswered. All we heard were the lamentations about the need to ‘preserve the Sochi agreements at all costs.’

Despite repeated attacks on civilians and clear links to known terrorist groups, Western media have transformed Idlib’s armed factions into so-called ‘moderates,’ the spokesman said.

“Where among these supposedly ‘opposition’ fighters in the Turkish-controlled zone was [Abu Mohammad] al-Julani – the leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, a terrorist group officially recognized by the UN – together with his nearly 20,000 cutthroats?” he asked.

At a click of the finger, all of Idlib’s terrorists became supposedly the ‘representatives of the moderate opposition’ in the Western media. However, it is not clear how the ISIS chief al-Baghdadi was recently ‘pinpointed’ and killed, according to the US, amid all these ‘moderates.’

Ankara’s ongoing attacks on the Syrian Army as it advances on the terrorist groups amounts to a “violation of international law,” and yet has gone utterly “unnoticed by anyone in the West,” Konashenkov said, despite the latter’s professed commitment to a ‘rules-based order.’


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  1. All in all, President Putin made a mistake in trusting Erdoo and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, his record attests his accomplishments.

  2. @ Kunst am besten,
    mit Verlaub, lesen Sie VT Quer ?? Sie scheinen mir der richtige Zeitgenosse zu sein. Mit Sicherheit
    sind sie in der falschen Spur betr.: VT.

    @ Jim W. Dean, Greetings,
    Sie geben dem Herrn die richtige Antwort.Wir haben hier bei uns eine BILD- Zeitung, die würde dem Herrn bestimmt besser gefallen. Grüsse das Forum.


      @ Art best
      with respect, read VT Quer ?? You seem to me to be the right contemporary. Certainly
      are you on the wrong track: VT.
      @ Jim W. Dean, Greetings,
      You give the right answer to the gentleman. We have a BILD newspaper here with us, which would surely please the gentleman better. Greetings to the forum.

  3. Dear Art, VT is not an ideological website. We have published multiple views on conflicts for a long time, and editor’s have written what they have wanted. The rest we leave up to the readers so sort out. We have always gotten comments like yours, accusing us of being everything you can imagine, the KKK, black lovers, anti-American, Deep State slaves, the list is endless. BTW, this is a Russia Today piece, not a VT one. It is basically a Russian command situation report. Gosh, a lot of people might consider that to be news. We don’t make the news Art. And you cannot unmake it with a silly comment. This is a comment board for more sophisticated people.

  4. “Putin’s betrayal of Syria”? If Russia hadn’t of joined into the conflict in Syria there would be peace there today and the Muslim Brotherhood would have their own country. The conditions there would make ISISrael’s occupation of Palestine look like a Sunday picnic but hey, Putin couldn’t betray Syria then…

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