Iran, EU discuss ways to strengthen INSTEX financial mechanism

by Jim W. Dean, VT editor, …with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: I wish I could count the times we have published on the JCPOA. What a roller coaster it has been for all of us. And I say that especially for Mr. Zarif, Iran’s energizer bunny foreign minister that never gives up.

The EU now joins the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale

Of course neither do the EU JCPOA cohorts with their on going mantra of “It’s coming, it’s coming, just one more tweak and its coming”.

But I don’t see how they are ever going to arrange the payment process or they would have already if they had a work around.

Who would have ever believed that we would see the EU held completely hostage by a US threat of blocking its entities from the banking system with sanction threats?

But we now have a new fly in the ointment, the threat of a recession that might be kicked off by the new virus scourge triggering a domino effect of business closures and bankruptcies, large numbers of bank collapses, laid off workers, and cascading defaults on car loans, credit cards, and mortgages.

It would make for an ugly primary and anyone’s guess as to who an unhappy public going through another economic crunch will be blamed for the misery that may be roaring down the train tracks toward the washed out bridge.

Add to that our finally getting to see Trump’s tax files disclosed to reveal what was has been behind the curtain all this time on his “empire”. It’s going to be quite a ride… Jim W. Dean ]

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Yours truly and E. Michael Jones

– First aired … February 27, 2020

Iran and the EU discuss ways to strengthen and expand the INSTEX financial mechanism introduced to circumvent US sanctions.

Following a Joint Commission meeting in Vienna, Iran’s deputy foreign minister says Iran appreciates that Europe is trying its best to save the nuclear deal but the lack of ability is obvious. Homa Lezgee reports.

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  1. “Central Banking” is the ‘TOOL-Vehicle’, that is used, by the Zio-Rothschild International Financial Crime Syndicate to ENSLAVE Mankind! SANCTIONS anyone?? That ‘CREATURE’ must be killed, to end the ENSLAVEMENT of the HUMAN Race!!

  2. I try to formulate some deeper thoughts about the real intentions of Obama’s policy makers with regards to Iran.

    Iran was planned to be a hub for the deep state and al it’s global affiliates, state owned or corporate in structure. It would have a pivotal role, because it has an absolutely perfect location at the centre between Asia and the western land mass as well as the middle east and Africa as well. Iran has traditionally best connections to the power brokers in Switzerland, which is the bankers hub and a long time hub for the rouge fraction of the CIA and more clandestines.

    The real change, initiated by Trump and his power backers, is the break up of these long term plans.

    In China, as in all western countries, there exist at least two, not one monolitic fractions. This goes high up into the ranks of the communist party, the intelligence, the commerce and the science, though it is well hidden for the casual observer. China was ment as the main new hub for finance (centres: Shanghai/Honkong), IT itechnologies of all kinds (mainly Wuhan!) and basic manifacturing of all normal goods (all over the big cities).

    China works closely together with Israel and “gets lots of interesting stuff” from there. The inner communist fight isn’t fought out yet, but the Corona virus (therefore the name) is part of this.

    Who wins, nobody can say to this day. It seems, the old (and I mean very long time planning fraction) are steadily loosing ground on many fronts simultaniously.

    • The last part is left for Germany. It’s now the operation hub for Soros and his multiple minions. Germany is the last European bastion of a hardcore fraction of power and money brokers and Merkel is their puppet to stage the show. She constantly looses friends, money and influence, because influential people already turned their back on her and went on.

      Arch angel Michael with his sword is the symbol of the coming big military exercise all over Europe, centered – as usual – in Germany. It seem to have much more than simply symbolic relevance.

      The beginning – highly iconic – fight against the virus is beginning to take up steem. I’m not shure yet, in which direction the already heating engines will drive. There seems to be a deeper double play at work. The first US diplomat in Germany just threw an arrow right into the glas house of “The Spiegel” in Hamburg – so we will see.

      George Soros might feel sorrow in the near future, to have placed his current headquarter in Berlin, who knows.

    • Look at all the off shore gas and new oil reserves Iran has brought online and added to its reserves. Then we have the mineral mining, etc. Adding this in to what the other Persian Gulf nations have. US Deep State could have that all under control its control, and uncooperative kings and princes removed via the usual coup if they did not play ball. It would have had more control over oil pricing as needed. People have almost forgotten that we were an oil importer from the Saudis and balance that trade out with weapons and basic development back when the Saudis just dumped garbage in the street as handling it had always been slave work. One of the first commercial companies to come were the commercial trash haulers, with cheap imported labor for good US contractor profit margins.

    • Think what Iran’s economy would look like now selling a million barrels of oil to the EU, and for it and the US on the bit airliner orders that Iran has put in. The big and growing trade would have helped diffuse tensions, but the Repubs were not interested, nor was Israel and the Gulf State interested in watching Iran become a big economic powerhouse.

  3. Come to Hamburg Mosques to enjoy 24/7 the most fundamental and also radicalized Shiite fraction, closely tied to their specific branch of the Muslim Brothers and actively supported by our lovely government.

    Too bad for them, 300 Mill Euros in the Commercial Bank of Iran in Hamburg are blocked and cannot be payed out to Iran. My guess was and is, that there is a much greater play at work,known as JCPOA. Who is really involved in this big money sceme (cash flights to Iran during Obama’s reign and much morebehind the scene). Who benefits on both sides? The nuclear issue cannot be the whole story, that’s for shure.

    I think, there are some bigger interests at play on both sides. I didn’t trust Kerry and I don’t trust Zarif either, both are too much tied together (must I go into Zarifs long history in the US?), even personally. We have never been told, what the real terms of this pact really were. I do know that Israel would have lost a great part of its big Monopoly of medical isotopes, the cover story of the bomb always was a hoax. They are good at shekel counting, that’s their main business everywhere.

    Why are we never told about the Iranian smuggle routes and the pivotal role, Iran has in this business. Even Soleimany was involved in it in his earlies years in Afghanistan (together with the US forces).

    When are we told the whole truth?

  4. These other countries must really be mentally impaired to permit the outlaws in the U.S. to commit financial terrorism against them whenever they feel the urge. What a bunch of fools to risk their own security in such a foolish way. The U.S. is technically bankrupt morally and fiscally right now today. The end could come at any instant when all Americans wake up to a 1930’s nightmare in 2020 where their bank accounts have been emptied over night or even during the day to pay the massive debt the Israeli whores in Congress have run up. Also everyone should immediately remove all valuables from so called “safe deposit boxes” which are likely in fact not safe at all from prying banker’s eyes and hands since they have the keys to the locks. Remember all bankers are under the thumbs of corrupt government thieves. Close all these boxes today while you still can.

  5. We tried the deal now we must learn from this
    The EU is evil, they deliver zero but think they can trigger dispute mechanism against Iran who abided and abides 100%

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