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NEO – US is Actively Trying to Undermine Iran despite World...

Washington seeks to stimulate Tehran “to solve social problems and replenish the nation’s budget by increasing oil supplies to the world market.

US-Iran nuclear deal being held hostage by proxy deal killers

Despite having a roughly 27-page agreement virtually ready to go, diplomats are still hung up over one final sticking point between the U.S. and Iran.

The Cost of not Renewing the Iran Nuclear Deal

Despite assertions by all parties that the negotiators are “very close” to sealing the deal, the nuclear talks have hit yet another stumbling block. The main point of contention is Iran’s demand that the IRGC be taken off the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Already fragile JCPOA talks ‘paused’ over Russian demands

Moscow is playing hardball, but the question remains: do they mean to make the others sweat or scuttle the deal completely?

US and Israel Oppose Rapprochement of UAE and Iran

Jim W. Dean - Dubai has skillfully executed a shift to ease Gulf tensions even while the Yemen war rages on.

Trump Fucked America Bigtime by Licking Nuttyahoo’s Ass on Iran

Press TV: US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has strongly criticized the previous administration of president Donald Trump over its “disastrous” withdrawal from the...

Will world powers put the Iran Deal in a coma?

Unlike years past in which the collapse of the Iran deal almost automatically would bring the US and Iran back to a path toward war, a third option may exist today. The JCPOA would all but die, but the parties would pretend that it is still alive to avoid the crisis that its official death would spur. Let’s call it the coma option.

Israel Is Iran’s – and America’s – Worst Enemy

Obviously Israel hates and torments Iran. But do they also hate and torment the USA?

NEO – Iran’s Politics in the Turbulent Middle East

“Iran has come to understand that the enemy of the enemy is not your friend, and the Taliban is a more complex problem than the Americans,” said Mohammad Hossein Emadi, a former Ambassador of Iran who worked extensively in Afghanistan.

REVEALED: How Biden rejected a reasonable way forward on the Iran...

Jim W. Dean - The Iranians don't trust Biden for an inch now, and don't want to look foolish engaging in meaningless talks.

NEO – The Iran Nuclear Saga: US-Israel Hammer Out a “Plan...

Even though the presidential candidate Joe Biden had vowed to “move quickly” to re-join the Iran nuclear deal, this has not happened.

NEO – Iran: Is there still Hope for the Future of...

Jim W. Dean - The idea that Iran can make a few nuclear warheads to put on missiles as a deterrent is a fantasy.

NEO – It is Make or Break time on the Vienna...

Jim W. Dean - The Israelis will be squeezing both US sides politically, desperate to do anything to kill the JCPOA.

Iran’s enriched uranium an economic—not military—threat?

Is there a hidden reason for the animosity toward Iran's nuclear power program?

Iran to produce enriched uranium metal – IAEA already informed

Iran's representative to the international organizations in Vienna says Iran would soon produce enriched uranium metal, which would be used as fuel for a research reactor in the capital, Tehran.

Russia finally plays its JCPOA card – “All in, or all...

Jim W. Dean - Why has Iran not pushed in the negotiations that it could be more flexible if Israel's nuclear program was put under UN control as part of denuclearizing the region?

It is Showdown Time for the Vienna JCPOA talks

Jim W. Dean - Imagine the political crisis in Israel if the world told it to surrender its nukes to community control or it would go under full sanctions.

Iran threatens pull back on IAEA access if no sanctions removal

Jim W. Dean - Dear Joe, rein in the rogue nuclear country in the Mideast and sanction them if necessay. The CIA files are full of enough travesties to give you cover.

NEO – Why reviving the JCPOA is difficult for the US

Jim W. Dean - The US has already broken the deal, and it recently admitted that even if it signed a new one it could not guarantee that a new president would not bail out of it.

US refusing to fully remove Iran sanctions after 6 rounds of...

The sources said the United States keeps insisting on its excessive demands and the imposition of new nuclear commitments on Iran.

US moves to sanction Iranian media during JCPOA talks – But...

Jim W. Dean - The Republicans certainly want to deny Biden any victory lap on a new JCPOA deal.

Biden should admit Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against Iran was complete...

US President Joe Biden should admit that former President Donald Trump's “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran was a complete fiasco...

NEO – Iranian-American talks in Vienna: What to expect from them?

The US and Israel have F-35 deliverable nuclear weapons, and insist no one should be able to have a defense against them, as that would be a 'threat'.

NEO – What to expect from Iranian-American talks in Vienna

Everyone in Vienna is walking a tightrope on negotiating a deal while Iran is changing administrations.

EU and US confirm removal of sanctions on Iran is an...

"The [Iran] discussions have been going on for weeks [and] have dealt with very complex and delicate technical questions, but what is needed is the political will of the parties."

NEO – Iran, US and the Future of the Vienna Talks 

Jim W. Dean - The Zionists are lurking in the background, wanting to keep Iran's nuclear program hacked, while Israel continues to do whatever it wants with its own.

Iran – “No sanctions removal, then no more IAEA inspections”

“We're serious & determined, ready to do it even tomorrow: once sanctions are verifiably lifted, we'll return to full implementation of JCPOA,”

Israeli minister threatens Biden over reentering JCPOA

An Israeli minister has warned that the regime’s warplanes can reach Iran.

NEO – The Iranian nuclear program and the current international agenda

Jim W. Dean - It the Western JCPOA members don't want to pay Iran back their commitments under the 2015 deals and sanctions removal, why would Iran give them a shot at breaking the deal again?

American diplomacy compromised via systemic Israeli espionage operations

No major progress in Vienna as Biden hamstrung by Trump ‘terrorism sanctions’: Fmr. Obama’s advisor ...from PressTV, Tehran First published ... April 26, 2021 A former senior...

Iran will not nibble on US temporary sanctions relief bait

A temporary agreement on how to revive Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers has never been on the agenda of the ongoing talks.

Powerful explosion rocks ‘sensitive’ Israeli missile factory

Jim W. Dean - When I Google 'Israeli rocket test blows up', all that comes up is the screen grab from the one video found.

Vienna JCPOA talks shift from general to specific steps drafting

Jim W. Dean - What the Zionists fear most is that Iran can engage in trade again, knowing that its economy will take off like a rocket and leave Israel's in the rear view mirror.

Iran borrows Ronald Reagan’s theme “Trust but Verify” on nuke agreement...

US says that it’s an important country but when it comes to international agreements, it acts like a banana republic.

Iran doubles down on those attacking it, just like VT does

Iran will install 1,000 new centrifuges at the facility in addition to the 5,060 centrifuges already there, some of which may have been damaged.

Bibi’s gangsters escalate war on Iran — more retaliation coming

The Zionists are terrified by Iran’s success as an independent regional power dedicated to helping the Palestinians liberate the holy land.

Is Israel exposing its nuclear program for attacks like on Iran’s?

The New York Times proclaims that Trump's maximum pressure strategy on Iran was a failure.

Iran to accept nothing but ‘verifiable’ removal of US bans

Jim W. Dean - If no deal is made tomorrow, then Iran will move on to the next step of cranking up its nuclear operations to the next stage.

Iran rules out step-by-step lifting of sanctions

Jim W. Dean - The world is watching while America devours itself on the one hand and then is posing that it should be the world leader of a new 'coalition'.

Clock ticking on window for Biden to make a JCPOA deal

It is now the P5+1’s turn to fulfill their duty under the current circumstances,” Rouhani said,