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[ Editor’s note: The Iran nuclear deal has been held up a long time, since Trump put a bullet in its head to show his Republican supporters that they picked the right man in 2016 to defend the country from ‘Iranian threats’.

Four year later we saw that it was not the Iranians attempting to overthrow America, but Donald Trump, and recent disclosure from the January 6 committee and major MSM investigative reporting shows that some of the top Republicans in Congress were co-conspirators with him.

It’s hard to judge if the reason given below is the full story on what is really holding the deal up. Professional analysts always follow a dual track, looking closely at what you can see, but also paying even closer attention for what you should see that has been airbrushed out of the picture.

By that I mean how quiet Israel has been, and there are a number of reasons for that. It is on record for wanting to pre-emptively attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Additionally the US wanting to keep Iran’s Republican Guard on the hooks with the terrorist organization designation, despite the US’ long use of proxy terrorists in the region, without asking NATO or anyone else for permission, and this includes Iraq and Syria over a long period of time.

Also, the US assassination of General Soleimani and his staff with the missile strike at the Baghdad airport gave Iran the right under international law to retaliate. It did that somewhat with its missile strike on the two US bases, but those were military targets, and Soleimani was assassinated while on a diplomatic mission regarding a Mideast peace proposal.

So here we are, with the forces of peace and compromise losing out to the forces of endless conflict and war, as the latter is historically way more profitable. Democratic governments have shown themselves too weak or too cowardly to break this dynamic.

In a way, Western citizens are being held hostage over the threat of imminent war, as in WW3 with Russia, when that dynamic is similar to the Mariupol citizens in their basements with a war raging over their heads, while the real instigator is trying to stick the blame onto a party who has already been victim to US aggression, with US backed Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons on Iran.

A no nuclear deal with Iran will leave it open to continue unsupervised development of its nuclear program, just like Israel has done.

If that happens, I would make a bet that a lobby quickly appears for first strike action on Iran’s program by you know who. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published May 1, 2022

VIENNA — Negotiations to restore the Iran nuclear deal have reached a complete standstill. Despite having a roughly 27-page agreement virtually ready to go, diplomats are still hung up over one final sticking point between the U.S. and Iran: The status of a powerful branch of the Iranian military, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The U.S. placed the group on its “Foreign Terrorist Organization” list in 2019, part of President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign after pulling out of the nuclear deal, which limited Iran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief.

…“If prospects to restore the JCPOA collapse, the nuclear crisis will escalate and the risk of conflict dramatically increases,” said Kelsey Davenport, director of nonproliferation policy at the Washington-based Arms Control Association. “Restoring the nuclear deal is the only good option for staving off a nuclear crisis.”

…“I can tell you that people who invested themselves heavily in this negotiation are frustrated because a very good agreement that benefits all the parties, as well as the non-proliferation architecture, is being taken hostage to bilateral questions that have nothing to do with the JCPOA or nuclear issues,” one senior Western official


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  1. You mean one as stupid as the other lol. When Saddam was bombing Iran, before he was schooled by Khomeini as to how Reagan was feeding both ends of the game to prolong it, he was sending his scuds to only one side of the Zayanderude river which crosses Isfahan. The people of Isfahan were chanting “stupid Saddam don’t forget the other side” … in Farsi it rhymes.

  2. JCPOA in its initial format was an Israeli package of deals to force Iran to submit to the dynamics that exist between the so called two party system of the US Congress with Likud oversight.
    Trump never even read it and Iran knew right after signing that it was faulty.

    Now that it is in a form of a presentable fair offer on the negotiating table, and US cannot play the bullshit game of the US Congress dynamics dictated by Likud, every Likudnik whore has a problem with it.

  3. The bunch, who would settle for nothing less than what we see in Ukraine, are also the bunch who will settle for nothing less than war with Iran.
    And eventually, we all know they will settle for nothing less than the “unthinkable.”
    Can anything be done about it?
    Apparently only God knows, because there seems to be no resistance to the evil, on the human level.

  4. Iran would have been the only country on the earth that with or without NPT and other treaties would have never build nukes, because of its ideologies, this is too heartbreaking to see how these American liar politicians and Zionists show everything upside down, as if Iran wants nukes, as if we are the one who is committing crimes against humanity and as if we have attacked America! It becomes more heartbreaking when you know that if some internal traitors didn’t exist no JCPOA would have ever existed….. and it’s more painful when you everyday see those traitors walking free in Iran and no one touches their hair!!!!!!!! The JCPOA should be thrown into the trashcan if the traitors let, why should we sign that while that’s like a suicide for us, since 2002 (a year after 911) these Zionists have been planning for bringing up something like the JCPOA, huh, like their 911 that have planning for since 20 years before the Twin Towers were even built!!!


    • I’m agree with you, Iran should have tested a nuke 10 years ago at least, as did North Korea and tell zionists and US…. Ok guys, me too have nukes also and now so what ???

    • I’m agree with you about JCPOA should be thrown into the trashcan… from the start

    • JCPOA should be thrown into the trash can and replace it with show them your middle finger… 🙂

    • Adrian Iran can take out the region with conventional weapons that’s what he’s saying.
      You on the other hand you should stop spamming and instead be praying day and night for your Trump to not snort too much cocaine between now and when you think he’s going to be president in order to have a semi decent look when he’s presented again by Likud as a candidate.

    • Newt , I’m not spamming and yes, modern conventional weapons has improved a lot and today they have bigger destructive power but… they never will be the same as a good and big and nice nuke.. 🙂 always is better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    • Adrian you know damn well that Likud knows that Putin will not use nukes so just like in Syria Israel will flatten that shithole Ukraine with conventional weapons even if it takes another five years because of that simple assurance.
      Basically you pretend that you don’t know that everyone including Russia knows that it is a long game and not a short ending. And this “negotiating from a position of strength” was a con by your Trump to appeal to his base as you saw what happened after Iran bombed Ayn al-Asad.

      Now with all due respect stop spamming and go read how Mark Milley stopped your hero Trump from shorting the game after that bombing.

  5. Hi Jim

    “US backed Ghaddafi using chemical weapons on Iran”


    You meant to write Saddam Hussein I am sure!

    • Ah yes…that was a brain fart. I mix them up as they were two birds of a feather in terms of their ruthlessness.

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