FFWN: “Top Secret 9/11-like Coronavirus Response” with Ian Greenhalgh


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Ian Greenhalgh of VT consumes history books—including some they don’t assign in the schools—in wholesale quantities. Today he applies his unusually well-read historical perspective to issues including:

*The enduring effects of the 9/11 false flag

*The “9/11-like” coronavirus crisis national security event

*The likelihood that Israel had a hand in developing and spreading the coronavirus bioweapon

*The possibility that China is right and the US did it

*The catastrophic comedy show known as the Trump presidency

*and the question of whether a Biden presidency would be any better. (Ian, controversial as always, opines that yes, it would!!)

We finish the show by considering that most important of eternal cosmic questions: Why the heck are hordes of people standing in line for hours to buy industrial quantities of toilet paper? Are they thinking that pieces of toilet paper will be used as money once the sh*t hits the fan? Wait a minute…we’re ALREADY using toilet paper as money: small rectangular scraps of green toilet paper with dead presidents on it! But that “dirty money” will soon by outlawed, and you’ll be injected with a Mark of the Beast (TM) microchip they’ll sneak into your mandatory coronavirus vaccination, along with a delayed-action toxin that will kill you in a couple of years, and/or a sterilizing agent, and/or a slow-release stupidity drug that will dumb you down so much that you’ll start believing the government/MSM version of things.

When that happens, outlets like FFWN and VT will have to close up shop. But in the meantime, we’ll keep on calling it the way we see it.


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  1. What goes around..comes around. Something the US of Isreall should take note..Dont play with fire it will bite you in the bum. China has almost got it under control. USA/West = headless chickens. Yes its a bio weapon.

  2. My instincts tell me this was a contrived, premeditated pandemic to benefit the 1% from the huge market swings. Its effect on China & Iran, the depopulation motif, these were secondary objectives. Profit was the prime motive. The whole cabal (Trump, Mnuchin, Netanyahu, the ‘bankers’ et al) would have had to be in sync on this. We are witnessing Kabuki Theater. They are very bad actors in more than one sense. They all seem a little too relaxed and content. Only way to confirm this theory is by polygraphing all of them and Thin Threading communications. We, the people, should demand periodic credibility checks on our employees

  3. Who are the people that go nuts when 9/11 truth is mentioned?

    Sorry to say, in my experience they have all been Jewish, which makes me think they know Israel is involved, so they revert to their Hasbara training of using ad hominem attacks on the speaker/writer rather than offering counter-arguments (since they know the latter is a losing cause).

  4. Playbill for the NWO Corona School Play

    (setting: bioweapon with high “L” and low “S” mortality strains, release in strategic locations, institute medical martial law)

    Mandatory nasal swab, CLANDESTINE DNA MAPPING, then….
    Mandatory miracle, age specific vaccine treatment,
    “B” for quick kill of seasoned, burdensome Boomers….
    “M” for debilitating, slow kill of still useful Millennials….
    “Z” for sterilization and zombification of the slothful,
    arrogant Gen Z….

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