Intel Drop: St. Patrick’s Day, CV 19 Terror Coverup


    The Senior Editor

    If you don’t think the lesson here will be applied to a symptomless  Ebola….

    Trucks line America’s highways, bumper to bumper, loaded with toilet paper.  Please dear lord save me from the foolishness.

    Rest areas are closed, portajohns only…which will spread the disease much faster.  All paper money now virtually worthless, only plastic accepted as cash is thought to be germ ridden.  Toll roads require Easy Pass or stick to back roads only.

    It is time we looked at CV19 as terrorism.  Did the US really take CV19 to Wuhan with the military games?  The US took 369 fake athletes to China, housed them at ground zero for the outbreak, and we mean a 2 minute walk, and did this exactly timed for “patient zero” which China has yet to find.

    China has massive resources and still can’t find “Patient Zero.”  This is statistically impossible.

    Italy locked down 1/4th of the country and still can’t find Patient Zero.  This is statistically impossible.

    Akums Razor says it is terrorism.

    Israel’s new vaccine was developed by their military at Nes Tziona, where they make diseases.  This is not an accusation but a possibility.

    We also look at Israel when we see an epicenter in Milan.  Our Italian sources cite Milan as a hotbed of post-Gladio terrorism branching into all of Europe but tied to Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and the Kosher Nostra’s massive presence in that area, under the protection of Turkey.

    We have highest level “on the ground” resources there.

    As stated over and over, as recently reported in Israel, this seems to be a fake pandemic, 99% fear, fake deaths of those already dying (PROVE ME WRONG) and poor Tom Hanks and his wife (VT LOVES TOM), held prisoner in an Aussie hospital though they DID NOT REQUIRE ONE SECOND OF HOSPITALIZATION.

    No need of oxygen, no need to be in a hospital, end of story.

    Behind this, the oil and market manipulation games, the trillions in debt all tied to Kosher Nostra “banks” makes this organized crime and terrorism.

    The normal investigations that should be done, and the WHO should have a huge team in Iran, that should track down this disease and find its real origins and identify how it spread is in total “stand down.”

    This is a coverup.

    Moreover, every security agency in the world should be out there banging on doors.  With 200,000 Israeli trained fake investigators at DHS that costs the American people tens of billions a year to subsidize (wasted cash every single cent), none are working on the biggest threat in history, not a health threat but rather one of capability and intent.

    If you don’t think the lesson here will be applied to a symptomless  Ebola….

    This is a test run with a variety of purposes:

    • Demonstrating a total breakdown of the US government
    • Total control of the press, censorship and fake news both
    • Testing the mechanisms of martial law hidden behind disease prevention
    • Pushing world debt limits by 50 percent, bankrupting the entire planet in one act
    • Destroying 20% of the jobs in the industrialized west while killing almost no one

    Then we have testing issues with half of the positives tested thus far, according to a recent study, fake:

    Potential false-positive rate among the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ in close contacts of COVID-19 patients].

    [Article in Chinese; Abstract available in Chinese from the publisher]
    Zhuang GH1, Shen MW, Zeng LX, Mi BB, Chen FY, Liu WJ, Pei LL, Qi X, Li C.
    in English, Chinese

    Objective: As the prevention and control of COVID-19continues to advance, the active nucleic acid test screening in the close contacts of the patients has been carrying out in many parts of China. However, the false-positive rate of positive results in the screening has not been reported up to now.

    But to clearify the falsepositive rate during screening is important in COVID-19 control and prevention.

    Methods: Point values and reasonable ranges of the indicators which impact the false-positive rate of positive results were estimated based on the information available to us at present. The false-positive rate of positive results in the active screening was deduced, and univariate and multivariate-probabilistic sensitivity analyses were performed to understand the robustness of the findings.

    Results: When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%, in contrast, the false-positive rate of positive results was 80.33%.

    The multivariate-probabilistic sensitivity analysis results supported the base-case findings, with a 75% probability for the false-positive rate of positive results over 47%.

    Conclusions: In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, nearly half or even more of the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ reported in the active nucleic acid test screening might be false positives.


    COVID-19; Close contacts; False-positive; Nucleic acid test; Screening



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    1. Hey Gordon,
      I hope you were kidding about loving Tom Hanky….or I like to call him…total thrall and toady…he is modeling a “good do-bee” and showing us Americans how to behave…just like he played hall monitor at the Oscars…The gates he checks are “closed tight like a wink”..heh.

    2. Getting the basic facts right or wrong is irrelevant to you? Surely you understand why VT Staff care about whether facts about such a serious and significant event as this virus episode are correct.

    3. Where are you getting this nonsense from? The virus isn’t killing kids, quite the opposite, it presents as very mild symptoms in children. SARS also was much less dangerous to the young, it only killed 1 in 10 infectees and more than half the fatalities were over 65. The Spanish flu wasn’t influenza or a coronavirus, it was an unidentified hemorrhagic fever, so nothing like the current virus outbreak. Immune system too strong? That’s just nonsense, the vast majority of deaths due to SARS and now COV-19 were due to pneumonia.

    4. Jon Rappoport has an interesting series of articles on the Coronavirus. I recommend reading them at no more fake news (dot) com

    5. Treat the symptoms, if you are in respiratory distress, go get care. Otherwise, turn off your tv, watch your favorite movies on dvd, and eat some chicken soup.

    6. Great article.
      I’m going to send it to my Family – as in Spliblings. Of course they will continue to believe what they hear on the radio talk shows and see on the telly – as long as it is delivered in the fashion they are accustomed to. Then – after of course the events pan out that prove your assertions are correct, they will do the following:
      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

      Arthur Schopenhauer

    7. Fluoride action network
      “On October 8, 2000, a man of true honor and integrity passed away. Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, (known to friends and activists as “Dr. Y”), worked tirelessly for many years to expose the poor science supporting fluoridation, and will, we believe, be remembered as one of those rare kind of scientists who has the courage and commitment to take scientific truth to political power.”
      “At a presentation at EPA (at the invitation of the union), he accused a researcher from the University of Rochester of fraud. One of the researcher’s students was in the audience (Bill Sette) and he jumped up outraged. John said: take the message back to your professor and have him sue me. John found how the guy had altered data from one paper to another and would have survived easily in court. Needless to say, he was never sued.” The best way to lie is with statistics. The proponents of fluoride in water supplies and tooth paste and other uses are experts at this.

      • Also read this fascinating article: IN MEMORIAM — DEAN BURK (1904-1988), FLUORIDE, 22:3, 1989 July
        by H.L. McKinney, University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas
        “Both science and the humanities have lost a major intellect with the recent death of Dean Burk, October 6, 1988, at the age of 84, Burk was born March 21, 1904, in Oakland, California, the son of Frederic Burk, who was President of what is now San Francisco State University. He entered the University of California Farm School at Davis at the age of 15 and studied agriculture. A year later, he transferred to the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his B.S. in Entomology in 1923. Four years later at the age of 23, he earned a Ph.D., in Plant Nutrition and Chemistry (1).
        He continued his advanced studies as a fellow, National Research Council/International Education Board (1927-1929), successively at University College, University of London (with A.V. Hill, a Nobel laureate), the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology in Berlin, and Harvard University. In Germany he had investigated nitrogen fixation with Otto Meyerhof and also befriended Otto Warburg, both Nobel Prize winners, and their students.
        He maintained a forty-year friendship with Warburg, “my greatest mentor,” and perhaps the world’s greatest biochemist, who worked with him in Bethesda, Maryland, on photosynthesis in 1949. From 1950 up until 1969, the year before Warburg’s death, Burk spent most summers in Berlin and translated many of Warburg”

    8. Thanks for helping put my thoughts in order. Most on this site know know who is to blame for these terrorist activities which are yet another demonstration of their metapotence. May they ride swiftly in Faustus’ coach drawn by dragons to meet their evil master.

    9. It seems the flu outbreak has been reinforced with some agents, such as suddenly transferred huge stacks of Western Chlorine gas unused on Syrian civilians. In high coincidence Chlorine gas poisoning develops same symptoms as the alleged Corona virus from Chinese seasonal flu.

    10. Get false POSITIVE on your WuFlu test and you are “asymptomatic” for weeks, until you catch common cold, common flu, pneumonia or 5G radiation sickness. You are not retested, you are instead a USEFUL STATISTIC.

      GatewayPundent(.)com reports WHO statistics, ~95% of Italian deaths are over 60 years old. HAI, Hospital Acquitted Infection kills 250,000 Americans every year, a convenient pool of WuFlu victims.

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