Latest Polls from RCP: Biden over Trump Easily, Trump Approval Crashing (even on conservative polls)

Tuesday, March 24
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
General Election: Trump vs. Biden Monmouth Biden 48, Trump 45 Biden +3
2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Morning Consult Biden 60, Sanders 36 Biden +24
President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 46, Disapprove 52 Disapprove +6
Monday, March 23
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
President Trump Job Approval Monmouth Approve 48, Disapprove 48 Tie
Direction of Country Rasmussen Reports Right Direction 40, Wrong Track 55 Wrong Track +15
Direction of Country Monmouth Right Direction 39, Wrong Track 55 Wrong Track +16
Friday, March 20
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Emerson Biden 54, Sanders 42 Biden +12
General Election: Trump vs. Biden Emerson Biden 53, Trump 47 Biden +6
General Election: Trump vs. Sanders Emerson Sanders 53, Trump 47 Sanders +6
President Trump Job Approval Emerson Approve 46, Disapprove 45 Approve +1
Thursday, March 19
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Connecticut Democratic Primary Hartford Courant/Sacred Heart Biden 42, Sanders 25 Biden +17
President Trump Job Approval Politico/Morning Consult Approve 43, Disapprove 54 Disapprove +11
Direction of Country Politico/Morning Consult Right Direction 40, Wrong Track 60 Wrong Track +20


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  1. Ian- You really need to quit being so naive, you need to ask yourself: Why do these Hasbara Cyber Terrorist hate Joe Biden so much?
    Is this “Bernie” a one time poster with a throw away e-mail?
    Once you learn more about Hasbara Cyber Terrorists
    you will notice how they stick out like a sore thumb.
    Their ” Talking Point” is to demonize Joe Biden.
    Hopefully you will write an Expose on them’
    Hasbara needs to be a household word.
    Time to shed some light on these cockroaches.

    • I am the last person who needs to be less naive about trolls, I am their bete noire. Bernie has been around a long time, he should know better.

  2. “Hasbara Trolls are like Bed Bugs, everytime you think you’ve gotten rid of them, they come back to bite you some more.”
    Did you know US Taxpayers pay the “salaries” for Habara Cyber Terrorists?
    How Ironic, we are paying them to censor our Free Speech !

  3. What really is stupid is believing the nonsense about Biden being mentally impaired.

  4. How To Spot A Hasbara Troll:
    Even though Hasbara Trolls have multiple e-mail and user accounts they are easy to “bust” because they are given “talking points” from their masters.
    The key talking point this week, and probably until the election
    (if elections aren’t cancelled by Donald ” Israel First ” Trump)
    is this:
    Demonize Joe Biden!
    Joe Biden is no “friend” of Israel.
    He is disgusted by the Occupation of Israel over the Indigenous People of Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon etc.
    Joe Biden will demand Israel return to it’s 1967 borders, as did Obama.
    After that they will be forced into a two state solution.
    Remember that he was Vice-President to Obama, and Obama wouldn’t even take Netanyahu’s phone calls, it is a small wonder that Hasbara, Netanyahu, AIPAC, JDL, US Cable News Hate Obama so much.
    So be real “Patriots” and learn about “Hasbara” and their evil agenda to make The United States a colony of Israel.

  5. Out of the Trump frying pan into the Biden fire! Biden = religious nutter and climate alarmist. Trump is just plain nuts.

  6. Same issue with Biden and Trump – who the VP will be (will Trump dump Pence at the Republican Convention?) is significant, since there is a good chance that neither will survive to 2025 (due to age and health issues), or would suffer from dementia before that date.

  7. Biden. Seriously? The vacuous protector of New Khazaria. That so-called wailing wall won’t help his stutter which is not an actual stutter. It’s much more like a brain-fart.

    • funny….the zionists attack biden by accusing him of being pro-zionist….which those who were alive in the the US during the Obama presidency know to be utterly false

      Israel hates him

      and those who traffic in this crap aren’t paying attention when there are being ‘had’

  8. Maybe Trump can get his old gig back on “The Apprentice” at NBC.
    OT…Big Thank You, to the health care workers, the workers on the farms, and in the supermarkets, the pharmacies, and the food delivery people for showing up to work, and putting themselves at risk, for the rest of us during this crisis! They’re the heroes!

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