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Most of the information coming from Germany are flat out false. We live
in a 24/7 constant ever increasing television panic spiral, which will
only stop whe the already factual not more existing Government is
temporarily replaced by a German or American General.

More and more doctors, nurses and other personal from hospitals here as
well as from Österreich, Schweiz and also Italy now begin to talk on
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other special channels. I’m involved in
all this all day.

For the record: It’s not Corona here, which is the problem. This first
and important statement can be said with great confidence now. What is
by far the greatest problem for the people is a forced lockdown.
Especially elderly people need social contact with others, especially
should not be enforced to stay home and thereby being unable to go
outside or into the nature and simply walk. This may even be life
saving in not only a few cases.

This induced fear being forced into the brains of most people

(total brainwash through wannabe “experts”
in television or radio who area simply some social bla bla bla experts,
no expert at all, the biggest mind control operation ever) strips life
energy from their body, so they may get ill through all those little or
more serious diagnoses, they had before. All this is done with deadly
and not human force.

Merkel even said in her prefabricated
last speech “that is our fault” if things get more tough and serious
now (she means Corona-parties and stuff like that). Sorry, but I have
to say that this woman is a monster. I’ve rarely seen any person in my
lifetime who hates his own people so much. The last official statement
from the Socialdemocrats was – you won’t believe this – that we should
now have a second 2015 and let millions into our country right now.

They must be devils, there is no other explanation for me. Madness
doesn’t fit to describe all this any more, it’s simply deeply inhuman,
not a shrid of empathie. The open lefts talk the same all the time (not
to mention the Antifa, which is a Hitler stormtroop in government
hands, including funding – anyone stating otherwise is a fool). Beside
the US corporation, the corporation BRD is now the last center of the
forces of evil. We will not let them slip away – be sure about that.

What nobody at VT ever wanted to touch, can now be seen clearer and
clearer each day. “Defender 2020” was an exercise, beginning in Jan
2020 – the planning goes back 5 years. The tanks went only some
kilometers beyond the German eastern border into the western part of

Now, they are mostly back and they seem to be concentrated to
this time not directly near big cities, but also not far away. Bulgary
now has direct support by the SHAEF (the sword of Michael – as 1945)
troops to help against the tsunami of migrants, trying to overrun Greece
and Bulgaria.

A high up military man from Switzerland was called for a Rapport to the
Swiss SHAEF contingent. The min troops – as you now – are now
concentrated in Germany. Because we in our very active communities have
learned to read the “little signs”, may it be state politics foreign
or domestic, may it be cultural and also the military.

I can only say, now these signs are overwhelming, coming from several
places all at once. the chief of the FDP (German Liberals) just drank
out of a prepared cup (I even think with no fluid in it) with a big US
Army “Siegel” exactly at 17:17 minutes from start in a live interview
with the Bild-Zeitung (the biggest one). President Steinmeier, Health
minister Span and even the 1. Television channel ARD now copy all date
prospects directly from Trump, although the actual words are the same.

Some very interesting patterns emerge from some “strange natural”
happenings, all in perfect syncronicity. In Germany alone, we had 34
smaller earth quakes on March 25/26. We monitor it from official
sources and mark everything: South G around Stuggart, West G more
diffused, around Berlin.

Let me tell you something about what we already know for some time
now. Hamburg’s Philharmony cost 10 times more than originally planned:
read, 1/10 is above ground and 9/10 is underground. The great/fake
underground train station is the same: actual costs 8 times the
original costs, Berlin: the BER airport is an airport, which was
never meant to be opened (they even forgot to build large roads
to/from it from Berlin, nothing makes any sense), most of the
buildings are underground.


You might think I might be in some sort of
overdrive here, I clearly say no. Around BER, over the years many
people have complained about unexpected (mostly nightly) sounds of
explosions, which woke them up. Some even officially complained, but
never got a meaningful explanation.

The case in Stuttgart is
notorously known to be the loudest working place in Germany,
allthough all is beneath the surface. The whole porject never made
any sense from the beginnings and many protests took place. The
state answered with heave, heave force – eyes lost, one death, many
wounded. So, there is something strange going on underground.

Our people also do the same work for the US and there also some
interesting patterns emerge. Think especially of: California, Utah
and some other Rocky Mountain areas as well as in the Southern states
Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico. The massive culmination of smaller earth
quakes is mind boggling for us. We will continue this.

It should be clear, what is happening now in the early stages, bunker
system after bunker system is systematically been destroyed. If you
think, your official are “black” – ment in the occult sense – I can
correct you. Germany was always at the center of this dark, dark Baal
cult of the super rich.

Personally, I even go a step further and state that for many of them
and only them (you know those who like to drink Adrenochrome on a
regular basis among many other nefarious things) are now already
targeted through this special drug addiction, because the fluid was
tainted (reminds me of the famous Breszinsky interview about Assange).

They have to pay the price, whatever this means. More and more very
high up people from all areas strangely get Corona. I find this very
interesting. When I watch Owen Benjamin, I realize that his conclusion
seem to match mine.

Me and my wife have no reason to be troubled about corona virus, her
daughter regularly buys food and stuff for us. Of course my wife
has fears, because she’s following the MSM against my advice but this
will change soon.

Shaef will work through the German djungles. Perhaps you’ve not heard
about long suspicions here that some underground places (we definitely
know that many Mosques stock weapons – its even monitored) could be
used for some planned civil unrest. Nobody really can tell, but
realistic estimates speak about 50000 joung muslim ISIS fighters

Many strangely disapeared after coming in, nobody officially
cared – we are in a state of growing lawlessness. To be honest, I have
to mention all the disgusting criminal cases. Our justice system is
also rotten to the core. Outsider criminals are pampered, no trial
many walk free afterwards, Germans are tried with have sentences.


This ongoing sheme makes people more and more angry, although in politics,
nothing changes. The elections are totally rigged, as in the US, but
here it is done mostly manually by ideological mislead people. Sad to
state all this but we have to face reality. Germany cannot, by any
peaceful means, be reformed whatsoever. It is already rotten to the
core and now we live through a heave period of struggle – it’s not

Jim, in reality we have no government anymore. Merkel and Steinmeier
only show up in prestaged surroundings, no windows or any natural
backgrounds around them. Merkel never changed clothes the last two
weeks and now she is totally gone, the last television show didn’t
happen although officially announced.

The only person shown is the health minister Span, a homosexual businessmen – no experience in
medicine whatsoever, a close buddy (forced vaccination) of the big pharma mafia and on and on it goes.

Take care of yourself and your wife

Detlef Reimers
Kellinghusen, Germany



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  1. 2. part:

    This is the beginning of the storm, there is no doubt in my mind about this. All other things which are happening around the world right now are directly related to this event.

    Some saw it already coming, some also in Germany (I learned only from them). I say it in my words: never forget Frankfurt, and that is true for many reasons in history.

    I don’t belong to any kind of doom apologets, I try to be as realistic as I can. But I have to state, that this after WWII dream of many is now tumbling down in front of our eyes. People now learn much, much quicker than anytime in their lives before and the numbers are visually (Youtube, chats, blogs, ..) growing on a massive scale, because we effectively have no government. The bunch of inept crook left to speak on Television are a shame. No real man is talking anywhere, no person takes any responsibility for the disaster, no one steps down.

    All we hear is loud silence. This in itself is frightening for many people to realize

  2. First I want to apologize for the horrible written English of the article. I grew out an email to Jim.

    Germany is actually in meltdown, people are not really aware of it because they are constantly focused on the Corona thing. All former and current predictions are wrong, because it simply wasn’t planned to happen this way.

    Today, the US FED was factually merged with the treasury which effectively means, the FED is gone after 1111 days of existence since the Christmas holidays in 1913 at the actual rate of 0%!!!

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