You Cheered as He Screwed Up. No Take Backs, Trumpists

HECKUVA JOB The virus doesn’t follow him on Twitter. It does what it does, and exploits time and complacency in its human hosts. Trump gave it a six-week pass.


By Rick Wilson for Daily Beast

Daily Beast: The cliché about authoritarian leaders being strong but brittle is coming true with Donald Trump. The cost of this lesson will be tallied in lives and a wrecked economy. 

Donald Trump and his fans are learning that karmic externalities are a bitch. They’re learning that you can get away with a chain of scams, business failures, bankruptcies, and branding disasters and win the presidency but still fail utterly as a president and a person.

It took a global pandemic, the bursting of the Fed-fueled stock market bubble, and an opponent Trump can’t face. It doesn’t read Twitter, watch Fox, or respond to derisive nicknames. It took a plague to peel back the scales from his eyes finally, and even now, too many Trumpist Republicans insist this is fine. Heckuva job, Trumpie.

His enablers know the truth and have tried to turn the battleship of bullshit toward it. They know Trump didn’t just mishandle the Coronavirus crisis, and he did so with his political standing and benefit in mind. Trump spent six weeks claiming to his soft-minded followers that the worst public health crisis since the 1918 H1N1 Spanish Flu was a fake news Democratic media hoax.
He shook hands and shared microphones and touched his umber jowls and modeled what not to do even after he’d been in a room with people with the virus—doing his damnedest to make my warning that how Everything Trump Touches Dies a literal as well as a serious one.

Sure, we warned them a million times. The evidence before the election of 2016 was utterly clear to see and every damn minute of his corrupt and chaotic reign of misrule smacked Americans in the face like a cast-iron frying pan yielded by a vicious ex, but Republicans kept defending him. They kept excusing him. They kept cheering every fuckup, every crime, and every insult to America’s charter and our character.

They excused every lie, forgave every incompetent utterance and ideological heresy. How’s that working out now that the feces has impacted the rotating blades?

He can hold a thousand sweaty monster-Trump rallies, but when the call to leadership is bigger than shittweeting insults and delivering nicknames, Trump’s world goes sideways. He can do press conferences full of lies, whoppers, and time-machine hindsight like “I’d rate it at 10. I think we’ve done a great job” and “I don’t take responsibility for anything at all” and “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic” were capped by today’s gem about how “It kind of snuck up on us.” This is a president, and a White House, out of its depth and out of its mind with the plain reality that he’s making it up as he goes along. The scientists and doctors on the stage with him seem as focused on avoiding his wrath as they are on defeating the virus.

When tested by the fire of crisis, Trump showed us what he’s always been: a weak, spoiled, intellectually vacant conman who has stumbled through a life of betrayal and failure papered over by bullshit and public relations. The media image from The Apprentice that hypnotized so many Trump voters was always the product of Mark Burnett’s writers’ room, not reality. The bold leader was a teleprompter confection, a D-grade celebrity playing a C-grade CEO in a reality show.

Sorry, MAGAs, but Trump must face blame for the viral Chernobyl that is rolling over our population now; the one thing you never get back when fighting an epidemic is time. He spent weeks spinning that Coronavirus/COVID-10 was no big deal, and that there was no crisis about to scythe through our nation.  Read more:


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  1. On the other hand, Dave, geopolitical gains are pointing towards foreknowledge. New Silk Road countries like China, Iran, and Italy have suffered inexplicably higher death rates compared to the US, and the virus generally leaves the younger, cannon fodder portion of the population standing. I know none of that is definitive, but it is enough to keep suspicions up.

  2. I’m not an anti-vaxer, but the same guy purporting to be a philanthropist, with seemingly a vaccine for every ailment, coincidentally invested by the $billions in vaccine research, is saying at the 34:14 mark of this video: , that eventually we’ll have to have “certificates” of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person, because you don’t want people moving around the world…,. Are we okay with that? Oligarchs influencing what restrictions politicians place on our liberties, for our own good; oligarchs with massive “white elephant in the room” conflicts of interest.

  3. From
    Table 1. Deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and pneumonia reported to NCHS by week ending date, United States. Week ending 2/1/2020 to 3/28/2020.*
    Totals for the 9 week period:
    CV-19 ———–1,150
    All causes—– 446,778
    All Pneumonia–24,741

    • Looking at only total deaths is misleading without knowing total infected. For regular influenza, the US CDC’s 2017-18 numbers are 61,000 dead and 45 million infected; that’s…
      (61,000 / 45,000,000) * 100% = 0.14%
      As of April 5th, COVID-19 in the US has 9,267 dead and 325,185 infected; that’s…
      (9,267 / 325,185) * 100% = 2.8%
      If instead of 325K people, 45 million people got COVID-19… we, you can do that math, right…?

      Admittedly, KSP, much of this is based on estimates, but when even countries like Iran and Russia are taking this seriously, countries whose media and leaders warned us about previous NWO false flags like 9/11, that lends credence to the severity.

  4. …and the ‘joke’ about the model he made yesterday in the middle of horrific death-statistics & projections? I try not to judge Trump too harshly and consider the fruits of what he does, instead. But cracking one off like that while talking about something very, very serious such as his fellow countrymen and -women’s sufferings revealed a socio/psychopathic personality lying beneath, surely.
    Utterly tasteless; and the lack of coverage in the MMM today is just as revealing. Like Mitt Romney’s classic ‘10,000 dollar bet’ clanger (in the middle of an exchange concerning national austerity at the time– who could ever forget that one); this should have been enough to finish Trump in a just world. Permanently. As it did Romney– well, one of the things that finished that cretin off.
    The devil’s in the details, after all.

    • Yes, indeed– the one who tortured defenceless little creatures, wet the bed and set fire to the garden shed. As well as making a number of appearances in the principal’s office: the kind of appearances requiring both mommy and daddy to be present. And throw in the school shrink for good measure. Check was written, new hoops in the gym, etc.

  5. “…Trump didn’t just mishandle the Coronavirus crisis, and he did so with his political standing and benefit in mind.”
    With this charge and specification in mind, is there a definitive answer as to whether Trump ordered the pathogen released in China, miscalculating subsequent events, or, another alternative, where some entity outside Trump’s control, and without his fore knowledge, was responsible, anticipating Trump and his crew’s inept responses, which have come to pass? Askin’ for a friend.

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