Intel Drop: Some of What we Know That is Forbidden on the Pandemic


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Intelligence comes in that is essentially stand-alone.  Were there a paying client, a mosaic and projections could be made or operators sent out to deal with those responsible.  Instead, I simply put this here to remind others that some of us aren’t gullible though we are helpless, seemingly so at least.

    • All numbers on testing are being falsified, the companies doing tests have failed and no one is capable of manufacturing needed tests currently at a rate beyond 50k per day, 20% of minimum requirements.  Instead, tests are faked.
    • None of the “stay home and see if you don’t die” COVID patients, 3x more than admitted, who are diagnosed and monitored by Tele-medicine are counted
    • The GOP has raised a massive campaign chest through selling up to 20,000 visas to the United States, all issued after the travel ban, mostly to Chinese nationals, who have all entered the US.  Many of them were COVID infected.  Money is laundered into campaign coffers through a DC law firm under Citizens United.  The law firm represents several MEGA (American-Israeli) high-net-worth individuals tied to Epstein and the Trump campaign/inaugural.
    • COVID tests Trump blames Obama for, says they are defective, are, in fact, manufactured with a 24-month expiration.  How long has Trump been president?  Trump de-funded the organization that inventoried/monitored/replaced these vital safeguards, now Trump is lying his way out of it quite successfully with the aid of the press.
    • In February, COVID was found in sewage in the Netherlands.  Now we find that COVID is resistant to normal drinking water purification levels of sodium hypochlorite. (bleach)
    • Trump, following Qanon, is eating up much of his time searching for many (enough to fill any college stadium) allegedly missing children believed to be held prisoner in the Jade Helm prison system tied together by continent-wide secret military tunnels that all tie to Comet Pizza.  The DOJ has a task force under the direct command of the Attorney General of the United States seeking these tunnels which tie “ground zero” for COVID in New York to certain Washington DC restaurants.  (You just can’t make this stuff up.)
    • We have traced the creation of modified untreatable COVID to USAID/CIA and the University of North Caroina (2015)  We now trace its weaponization to a USAID/CIA contractor from Columbus, Ohio operating in Georgia (Republic of) and Kazakhstan, tied to a Bush 43 era black funded bioweapon program.
    • We have found, within the WHO, CDC, and other groups, a sub-set organization tied to bio-terrorism.  This is a very small, very covert organization and in no way reflects on those in these groups who are working for our general welfare day and night.
    • The US media is now under a massive censorship program beyond anything during World War II.  No relevant or helpful information required by health officials is allowed by orders of the White House.  The entire nation is flying blind, no testing figures, no real infection figures, no policy of any kind and totally porous borders, open to the “connected/infected” who have taken COVID to places it would never have gone otherwise.
    • More FBI agents, TODAY, are looking for Obama’s birth certificate (really) than searching for “patient zero.”

    Consider this a taste…no more


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    1. Trump and his peddling of hydroxychloroquine as a potential cure for CoVid-19.
      Has anyone gone deeper into Trumps’ claim, financially?

      Well, it has been discovered that a number of Trumps’ administration and Trump organization have financial interests in Funds that have invested in Sanofi, the maker of hydroxychloroquine!

    2. Having been involved in tunnel building, to make a nationwide network of proper* tunnels capable of safe human transit would sop up all the missing DoD money, leaving nothing for other off-budget programs. Even putting a 2-foot diameter steel casing through a levee, highway, or rail embankment as a utility conduit is very expensive. Most tunnels are done as “cut and cover” for cost reasons, but there would be no way to hide that from satellite surveillance.

      Of course there is an underground network connecting all US military bases, but unless a way has been found to convert children into digital signals and back (extremely unlikely), no one is being stored in them.

      *Not those things ISIS digs with local slave labor in Syria that are in constant risk of collapse. Not only is a reinforced concrete lining required (unless one is in very high quality intrusive igneous rock), but so is lighting and ventilation.

      • When I was a kid we dug tunnels that the Viet Cong would of been proud of. Of course in Anne Arundel County it was all sand with a troublesome fragipan to bust through.

    3. There have been articles published stating that the hastily devised testing kits for this virus are yielding a disproportionately high number of false positives, which would then skew the infection rate numbers. We’re in a “fog of war” like situation where fear has been substituted for reason. The usual suspects are already calling for certificates of either recovery or inoculation as permission to travel, or going completely cashless. What may have started as an attack on China’s economic engine, is morphing into the “problem, reaction, solution” wet dream of the globalist one world order.

    4. Chlorine and dioxide. Both those have scary names and to be ingesting them seems ludicrous considering how the way they destroy the cells of bacteria and viruses. Imagine what those 2 compounds are doing to your bodies own cells!! But I believe putting them in water at the correct dosage level helps destroy bad pathogens. That is not a bad thing. What also about high quality colloidal silver too? When I say high quality I mean colloidal silver with the silver particles been so small they can pass through cell linings without coagulating because silver particles that are too large to pass through cells walls can combine and can cause argyria. Silver is now been used in various mainstream consumer productstouted as antibacterial agent in things such as fridges by Samsung, air purifiers, water filters, clothing.

      • Correct dosage is the key.
        Overdose use of many medicines or chemicals are dangerous causing bad results. Instead of believing in something, i would recommend studying moleculer properties of clo2 and understand why it doesnt harm human cells since SRP voltage level of clo2 being lower. I myself was also suspicious and had to study to refresh my high school chemistry. But it is well worth it.

    5. Thanks Gordon, as usual, great overview….this needs exposure on Twitter, the last bastion of public discourse

    6. Glad to hear you liked it as you are quite wise man. Get it and use it when needed. Stay healthy as the world desperately need more of you guys…

    7. Garry, stay safe and care about your family. I’m in Moscow now. Everything works that is essential. We work, too.

    8. Covid19 is a scenario being played against people. Yes it can resist to sodium hypochloride level in drinking water but it is totally defenseless against chlorine dioxide (not bleach). ClO2 kills all pathogen including covid19 and bad bacteria in human body. Explained in the link…
      Watch before it is removed.

      • More expensive but better than hypochlorite, the problem here is that crazies have pushed it across Africa and elsewhere as a cure for Ebola, AIDS etc and have poisoned tons of people in the process. So, very right about water treatment and better against viruses…but as a medical treatment totally nuts. Will look at your video.

    9. It’s become evident which people really matter: the healthcare workers, police and fire, the utility workers who keep the power on, the refinery workers, and most importantly, for everyone else not afflicted, the people who work in food supply; from the farms to the markets. If any of these people walked out on a wildcat, they’d have us by the short hairs.
      Conversely, the billionaires riding it out on their yachts, the Hollywood A-listers, the millionaire professional athletes, the congress! They don’t matter so much. Let us remember.

    10. Mr. Duff, do go out for a ride on one of your fine motorcycles if you get a chance as the roads are empty and it’s much safer. My poison is the humble bicycle as the empty roads surrounding my house are empty! Never seen anything like it as most are staying home however, Wisconsin state parks are packed as I avoid those and stay on the roads.

      My GOP pals have gone insane with the cult of tRump rages on and at this time I practice extreme social distancing from them as what else can one do? No facebook or for some of the hardcore no phone calls answered.

      Should see some of the social media wars in my little town but as your fine article tells us that this should be expected with a total lockdown of information!

      Thanks for the heads up as we are on our own!

    11. April 3, 2020

      BEIJING (Reuters) – JPMorgan (JPM.N) has reached agreement with its Chinese partner to increase its stake in its Chinese mutual fund venture to 100%, joining BlackRock and Neuberger Berman to grow its presence in the world’s second biggest economy.

      The U.S. firm’s asset management arm expects to proceed with the required processes to complete the transaction to take full ownership of China International Fund Management Co. (CIFM), including seeking approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), according to an emailed statement from JPMorgan Asset Management on Friday.

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