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[ Editor’s Note: Acting President Trump has one focus only during all of the coronavirus threat so far, and that is his re-election at any and all cost. There is no lie he will not tell, no fact that he will not deny, no friend he will not fire, truce or agreement that he will not break to remain in power four more years and run out the statute of limitations on his pending criminal cases.
This of course makes him a very dangerous man. I was not being cute in using the term “acting President”. Right after he was elected I predicted that he would run the Whitehouse like a reality TV show, where he would hog the mic to drown out all competing inputs and messages.
I never expected him to take responsibility for any failure when he could just tag a flunkie appointee to take the fall, the most recent example being “Acting” Navy Secretary Modly. He is an officer for whom VT has not been able to find a single photo of him in uniform, and was somehow able to resign his commission when his unit was posted to Iraq. We suspect a story somewhere there.
Modly performed a modern form of political hari-kari on the world stage, to the cheers of the USS Teddie Roosevelt carrier crew, a cheer heard round the world when a 1000 of them went into quarantine out of respect for their captain who put them above his career.
VT is not a big fan of the WHO’s Tedros Ghebreyesus as he had way to thin a resume for the job he holds, the kind of thing we are used to seeing when someone is “planted” into a position. Think of the Trump regime appointees. But his response to Trump today was short and sweet, which we applaud.
My Dear Mr. Tedros, do not hold your breath over Trump being concerned about who is in a body bag unless his reelection prospects are in it. Socio-paths do not think like the rest of us. They are wired differently, and have no feelings of guilt over anything that they do. In that regard he and Netanyahu are soul brothers.
The only thing positive that can come out of the Covid scourge is that America might have its rose colored glasses knocked off and see clearly who and what has been running this country, and for whose gainJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … April 08, 2020
The WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus has responded to US President Donald Trump’s threat to defund the UN health body with a harsh rebuke. Not focusing on the criticism of the body’s Covid-19 response, he instead promised more deaths.

“The focus of all political parties should be to save their people, please do not politicize this virus,” the World Health Organization’s director general said a day after Trump dubbed the UN health body “China-centric” and blamed it for being too slow to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan that eventually grew into a pandemic.

Ghebreyesus called for unity across the globe in fighting the disease, adding that any political strifes would only benefit the virus.

If you want to be exploited and if you want to have many more body bags, then you do it. If you don’t want many more body bags, then you refrain from politicizing it.

The comment came the day after Trump threatened to cut the organization’s funding. The US is WHO’s biggest single donor, contributing about one fifth of the organization’s budget over the last two years.

The president’s words apparently fell on the fertile ground as Senator Lindsey Graham, who is in charge of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee overseeing foreign operations, immediately rushed to declare that “there is not going to be any money for the WHO” in the next appropriations bill.

The Senator also called for a change of leadership in the UN body for one that would be more in line with Washington’s expectations, adding that “it is in America’s best interests to withhold funding” until then.

Some US politicians have been accusing WHO of failing to advocate travel bans and other drastic measures in time when they could stop the disease from spreading to other countries from China where it originated.

Over the months since that start of the outbreak, China has seemingly beaten the virus through weeks-long severe quarantine, which previously saw the city of Wuhan with a population of 11 million people put on a total lockdown.

The US has meanwhile emerged as the new epicenter of the epidemic as the number of confirmed cases there surpassed 400,000, while more than 13,000 people died from Covid-19.


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  1. “The only thing positive that can come out of the Covid scourge is that America might have its rose colored glasses knocked off and see clearly who and what has been running this country, and for whose gain…” – JWD

    Replace “Covid scourge” with “Trump Presidency” and you will have the reason why some us preferred a Trump presidency to a H. Clinton one.

  2. Historic deaths the last 4 years compared to now are 15% lower. Hospital visits are lower as well .
    This all smells like a Bill Gates Plandemic. Event 201 confirms it.
    Hunger Games has arrived

  3. The CDC with a 11 bn dollar budget has announced that we should open our windows and get fresh air. WTF. 11 Bn for that? And fauci is another pos. All those years he has been on the govt dole and never has he said anything about bettering your health. Vaccines with mercury in them. And that does not hurt children? Why bother to complain. Is there a way to straighten this shit show out?

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