FFWN: Adam Green Exposes BlackRock Takeover of Fed, Treasury, World Economy

And Coronavirus-9/11 Parallels


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9/11 was a manufactured crisis that gave the banksters an excuse to print trillions out of thin air for themselves and their friends, exit the dotcom bust, and blow an even bigger bubble.

That bubble popped in 2008, giving the 9/11 perps an excuse to blow a still bigger bubble via “quantitative easing”—a euphemism for multi-trillion dollar taxpayer giveaways to those same banksters and their friends. BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink, who had blown up the pre-2008 bubble by leading the way in fraudulent subprime lending, was put in charge of doling out the trillions.

And now the coronavirus crisis, manufactured via a germ warfare attack on the whole world, is serving as the pre-planned excuse to hand Larry Fink the Fed, the Treasury, pretty much the entire global economy.

Will Larry Fink declare himself Messiah/Antichrist? Or are Kushner and Bibi still campaigning for that position?

Tune in to next week’s False Flag Weekly News for an update.

And check out FFWN guest commentator Adam Green’s recent report on “Trump’s Wall Street Wolfpack.”


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  1. STOP. CALLING. HIM. BIBI. That is not his name. His name is Netanyahu or better known as Piece of Shit. Bibi is a name USED PRIMARILY by Muslim women from Iran, India, and Africa. Whenever you call him by pet names THAT HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE CALLED BY, YOU’RE ALLOWING HIM WHO IS ANOTHER MONSTER TO USE ANOTHER SYMBOLIC MASK TO HIDE IN, so he is not fully exposed and naked for everyone to see the true wolf that he is. Kevin you should know better. You learned Sufism in Morocco. Any sheik would tell you to call a spade a spade, specifically when it comes to evil. On top of that you should know that by him using the name Bibi and impersonating Muslim women, he gives himself cover to continue to massacre Muslims. So it is OBVIOUS TO THOSE WITH BRAINS HE, Netenyahu, is IMPERSONATING WHO HE IS DEVOURING AND SHIELDING HIMSELF SYMBOLICALLY WITH SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO HIM. This is what ALL MONSTERS DO. THEY HIDE BEHIND WHO THEY ARE HUNTING.

  2. I’m a big fan. Adam Green and Know More News does great work! Thanks for having him on, Kevin!

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