Request for the Release of Workers from Captivity of Terrorism

…from the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT), Iran

[ Editor’s Note: This ADVT submitted piece slipped by me with all the virus news we were buried under.

Iran has suffered over five 9-11s with its 16,000 terror victims

We support ADVT because they aren’t quitters. They know the US and Western media will usually ignore them, so as not to piss off their respective Intel agencies, but the ADVT people soldier on anyway, just like we would.

Sure these unfortunate Iranians were grabbed back in Saddam’s day when he was the US’ good buddy, but nothing has really been done for them up to now. ADVT is needling the UN, but the UN is weaker now than it has ever been, with the US ignoring any agreement it has ever signed at the cue of our political gangster class (which BTW does not include all of them).

With the world turning upside down with the Covid scourge, and inside out with the impending global recession descending upon us, it will be even tougher to save the last MEK slaves in Albania.

It has already sold its soul on this sad event and does not dare piss the US off now and risk whatever gravy train it is getting to not interfere in MEK business Jim W. Dean ]

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MEK have been the US’ and Israel’s terrorists for some time

– First published … May 02, 2020

The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT) has called on the international community, International Labor Organization, and international organizations to help end decades of captivity of workers in the terrorist organization of the Hypocrites (Mojahedine-e Khalq – (MEK)).

For many years, the phenomenon of terrorism has gone beyond war, violence and killing people. Under the pretext of providing jobs and better lives in other countries, it deceives job seekers and enslaves them, which are other manifestations of modern slavery.

One of these violations of workers’ rights occurred during the reign of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, when Mojahedine-e Khalq terrorist group deceived job seekers by promising them to find new jobs, education and a better life in Europe. They told the workers that the office of the company is in Baghdad and transferred them to Iraq.

Then, the workers were captive in the organizational jail of the terrorist group and their identification documents were confiscated. So, the terrorist cult prevented them from leaving the camp and the captivity and slavery continued.

Bad social conditions and critical situations will lead to terrorist groups’ extreme abuse to recruit people. For example, in the current critical situation which has led to economic recession and unemployment of many workers, this process will increase.

UN Secretary-General said on Monday “extremist groups are taking advantage of COVID-19 lockdowns to intensify social media efforts to spread hatred and recruit young people who are spending more time online.”

Before the pandemic of COVID-19 he had said “One of every five young people was not getting an education, training or working, and one of every four was affected by violence or conflict. And he lamented that every year, 12 million girls become mothers when they are still children.”

Human rights organizations and international worker rights advocacy organizations have made great efforts to defend the rights of workers, but the issue of the damage of terrorism to the working class, especially deceiving them under the pretext of job placement, is still being overlooked.

Accordingly, International Labor Day will be an important opportunity for the relevant institutions to address this fundamental problem of the working class and other similar issues all over the world.

Commemorating International Labor Day and extending its sympathy to the families of those affected by terrorism, the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism calls on international, regional and national organizations and bodies to take the following measures to end the long captivity of the Iranian workers in the Mujahedin-e Khalq (the Hypocrites) terrorist organization in Albania and other similar cases in other parts of the world and prevent the recurrence of such deceptions.

ADVT calls on,

  1. The International Labor Organization, in cooperation with other relevant bodies, especially the United Nations, to have a specific plan to release the captive workers in the terrorist cult of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (the Hypocrites) in Albania.
  2. The International Labor Organization to take precautionary measures to prevent the recurrence of such frauds under the pretext of job replacement.
  3. The UN Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, to send a delegation to Albania to visit and ensure the health of the captive workers in the Mujahedin-e Khalq (the Hypocrites) terrorist cult in the critical situation of COVID-19 pandemic.


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  1. Mr. Dean, what has become of Gordon’s intell drops? It looks like many are missing! Was the site hacked, and reverted to an earlier date? I had some saved in my favorites, and they show; Ooops… Error 404 Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn’t exist. ?????

    BDS 2020

  2. “The International Labor Organization to take precautionary measures to prevent the recurrence of such frauds under the pretext of job replacement”

    What fraud ? If brainwashing is considered fraud then the majority of the US population can sue their government. The smart ones quit. And frankly trashier than that bird brain Rajavi you’ll have a tough time to find. After all the years of being the prostitute of every terrorist western government like the US and its Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and Giuliani, like France and its Bernard Kouchner funded by that Saudi trash Turki bin Faisal, she can’t even speak a word of English or French.

    No, another 1988 would be the best prescription, just like all their real founders were eliminated during the 60s by the Pahlavi regime, these minions need to go. At least Daeshis can claim illiteracy and bribery. What’s these guy’s excuse ? They fill the social media pipelines with nothing but hatred for every dissenting bright mind who doesn’t see eyes to eye with Republican’s desire to butcher millions of Iranians.

    Qu’ils mangent de la brioche would be most appropriate here. That’s how detached I feel.

  3. Good work, publicizing this happening in Albania for decades now…that’s why I like VT and why I think everyone else does too, you guys not least bit afraid to post anything and everything.
    Also I will bet 50 bucks the MEK was who dispersed the much more lethal bioweapon virus into Qom, Iran that eventually spread through Europe and back into USA and is what is really responsible for huge death rate in USA Italy Spain etc. Not the comparatively weak Wuhan deployed virus.

    • Thanks for this. Go to the staff page like, click on it at the top of the front page. Scroll down to the bottom to the In Memorium section and read through it all to the bottom. These are just the people that can be publicly named. Most cannot, for the obvious reasons. If it were easy everyone would want to do this. It is not. CNN now has joined the Washington Post and CNBC in wanting to post some of their geopolitical material on VT. They want access to our audience. Guess why? And our comment boards have something to do with that. We have taken everything a “they” could throw at us and we are still standing. We always knew, that it time that would be recognized eventually. We just were not sure we will live to see it personally. 🙂 The Israelis, AIPAC, the ADL, etc…cannot stop it. They can make it harder, but not stop us. Our biggest challenge is replacing the old people we are losing. Those coming behind just do not have the depth and breadth of experience. They want to be known geopolitical commentators, but they have not lived it.

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