Anti-Vaxx, the Covidians and an Empty Planet: An Intel Drop


    …the Senior Editor

    They decided to kill the cow.  Moooo.

    A reminder, whenever you see Zuckstein or the Google boys addressing a room full of uniformed types, you are getting a peek at the enemy.

    Are we being subjected to a population reduction program joined with eugenics and wrapped in regime change, rigged elections and color revolutions?

    Yup.  Is it Bill Gates?  (Not fucking hardly)

    When children began dying in New York of a new CV syndrome, this became terrorism and not a pandemic.

    You know who kills the children, who always kills the children, this is and has been the primary tool of the Kosher Nostra for centuries.

    Kill the children.  America is already right with dead old people.

    “It’s only killing old people.”

    An undiscussed aspect of CV is the targeting of older people.  But then, if you follow the media, TV, news, all of it, even the hoaxter-email media, the message is clear, dead old people is a good thing.

    Money is inherited, the really good houses get on the market or are passed down and all that junk they own goes to charity.

    Now we see something else.  We have a new CV that kills small children as well, which Cuomo just reported to other governors.  There is no federal government to report anything to, but I think we all know that.

    There is one more issue.  We have traced the anti-vaccination movement essentially to the same place we now believe CV 19 comes from as well.  We have written about this recently and are finding some unpleasantness that may require executive action of an extra-governmental nature to deal with.

    Let me explain, we seem to be dealing with master statisticians, and it is so easy to blame that little country where everyone has a PhD in chaos theory to go with their Nobel Prizes.

    Closing In: The Covidians

    Anti-vaxx is making interesting inroads, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the US and Britain in particular.  This is a form of targeting using big data from social media and AI.

    Those who need to listen won’t, but it will be here anyway for posterity.  CV has proven that it is possible to take a minor disease, tweak it up a bit and then wrap it in hoaxes and you can gut the United States and kill a million people and never spend a day in jail.

    No armies marching out to save us from the WMD’s, but we have been hit with the biggest of all time. AntiV is also a WMD that will, at a statistical tipping point, start wiping out children.

    The money the Pentagon is spending on promoting antiV since the CV pandemic is a hundredfold what they had spent before.  Oh, you didn’t know the US army runs “anti-V?”

    You didn’t know it was all scripted, the demonstrations, the email campaigns, the clever dot-connecting videos, the hoaxter documentaries along with certain events, you know the ones.

    Just because some people go overboard in citing inconsistencies in mass shootings doesn’t mean they all aren’t staged by the Pentagon. Who do you think feeds the poisoned material to the idiot activists who burn down every investigation they touch?

    Don’t you think we warn them? CV has taught us how vulnerable we are.  Now with kids getting a mystery disease tied to CV that is 100% fatal, which is America’s worst nightmare…

    Now Americans will get a real look at terror, the kind of terror we have been waging against Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan…Vietnam?

    COVID has been games within games, so many games, short selling, profiteering on PPE, $6T in new US debt and Washington gone power mad while finger pointing at states trying to keep a few people alive.

    One story dominates the media, one not openly told, a war on “old people.”  The media has been working day and night to sell COVID as harmless because it only kills old people, those over 65.

    To press the point home, every TV drama is now tasked with loading us up with characters that are all “really aged…like 70.” Older people on TV are invariably shown as sexless, dottering zombies and the message is coming in like a steamroller.

    As a “70 something” that rides a 200 mph sport bike and climbs mountains, I have moments of irritation.  I remember many years ago hiking in the German Alps, being passed by “70 something’s” while on the high trails that Hitler’s mountain troops trained on.

    Making it to any age, alive and healthy, surviving war and disease, is genetics and tons of luck.  Many dropped along the way, which for me includes a big chunk of 19, 20 and 21 year olds who died in Vietnam.

    But so many of us who made it this far have managed to stay remarkably fit, fewer teeth, less hair, sometimes no hair at all, but in no way resembling the TV version of ourselves.

    Has it all been tried before or, just perhaps, are there other population reduction programs going on?  Remember the CIA and crack cocaine, the population reduction program for urban “jazz people” as Trump calls them?

    Think Gary Webb and Mike Ruppert.  If you don’t know them, look them up.  Both are dead, of course.  Ruppert was a friend.

    Let’s now look at meth and opioids.  More population thinning but it is beginning to look like both reduction and eugenics as well.

    Then look at how many babies won’t be born because of CV gutting families economically?  It isn’t just the money, millions are giving up on life, giving up on hope and it takes hope to want to raise children.

    The people who kill kids love to crush hope as well, this is why they took over Hollywood so many years ago.



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    1. Humans are their primary and greatest asset. Covid is a smokescreen to the massive disappearance of humans during their planetary lockdown.


      Humans are traded extensively for food and to be used as slaves, particularly sex slaves.

      Watch how the empty streets of the empty cities throughout the world never become busy again after all their lockdowns are lifted.

    2. I can’t believe VT is using the same rhetoric as Big Pharma or Gates family about the vaccines.
      Do you really think the current health system directed by big pharma is trustable?
      Have you not noticed just reading the side effects of many medicines takes more time than their benefits?
      Pirbright institute (coincidentally funded by gates foundation) already started trying CV19 vaccine on animals.
      If the vaccines are so good and this can be proven as real, why it is not a free choice? Vaccinated ones will survive and this good for them…
      So why does it have to be mandatory for everyone? This question reveals their agenda.

    3. @ Hey Mr.Gordon Duff,
      wieder ein Knaller Ihr Artikel, auch bei uns ist die Hölle los wegen Corona 19, das Forum große Klasse. Ich sage ja VT ist nicht zu Toppen. Macht weiter so. Grüsse Werner

    4. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi is one of the greatest scholars of microbiology and epidemiology. He has most citations in history of German microbiology.
      He said the Corona vaccines is useless and dangerous as it was in the case of Swine flu.
      And as we know him, he is a honest scientist and not a “Zionist stooge”.

      • Of course he is a Zionist stooge, everyone spreading lies about the virus pandemic is working for the Zonists. Bhakdi has been well paid to write his disgusting letter about CV19. All he did was regurgitate the disinfo first published in Israel by Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, chairman of the Israeli Space Agency and Council on Research and Development. Bhakdi has a track record of trying to coerce the German Government, in 2003 he criticised the govt for making preparations against a possible biological weapon attack due to concerns that Saddam Hussain may release small pox. Also, it must be noted that Bhakdi retired 8 years ago and has no expertise in human viruses.

      • We now know tons about the virus. A medical professional can talk about the amazing things cv does but can’t speculate about how a flu virus now does things to the vascular system that simply aren’t in any book.

        This is the work we are looking for. We aren’t getting anything, a total wall of silence, when cv became magical, any discussion of how it gained these capabilities ended, perhaps forever.

    5. Iranians has an evidence based case where some representatives from some African countries came there to ask for investigating western supplied vaccines, cause they suspected that after vaccination many girls became infertile.
      The testing in lab animals proved the claim.
      Event 201, which was mainly arranged by Gates and Co should make us thing deeply about these people.

    6. So, don’t trust the Big Pharma corporations which have been degrading our health care systems for years… but do trust Big Pharma’s vaccines…? Don’t trust the corrupt government which created the pandemic… but do trust the corrupt government’s approval or enforcement of “solutions” to the pandemic…???

    7. My question to Gordon is asked with sincerity and respect. I just don’t know, here it is. Are the reports that Gates’s polio vaccine harmed and killed many in India true?

      • Almost all or all of the “mainstream” alternative media contains false information fed to selected groups and demographics. Ask yourself who is the target audience and you can work your way back to determine whether the information being fed to them is accurate. It’s not too tough to be able to tell what stories are false and highly suspect by taking that approach. A good number of the lower level people who are disseminating or consuming the information often believe erroneously that they are giving out or getting good information and they become a bit indignant and incredulous when the information they have put out there or digested is challenged.

      • Joe, what gives wings to false claims is “believers” do not want to know if they are wrong, so you keep them hooked via repetition and buying off a steady stream of academics and whoever, that need/want the money. For anyone that does not believe, you sic the “ISIS” fanatic ones on those who are critics and they usually run to ground. This cycle is a huge business. The color revolutions were just one facet, and look back on how successful they were. The Egyptians still have the boot on them. It’s just a military boot now. Trump’s great line has enshrined this when greeting General Sisi at a conference, across a large atrium said, “There’s my favorite dictator”. You just can’t make this shit up! Nobody would ever believe it.

    8. “Let me explain, we seem to be dealing with master statisticians”.
      I watched a Bill Gates video wherein he was sitting at a desk with a stack of books on it. One of the books was teal colored, and titled “How To Lie With Statistics”. It wasn’t placed there by accident. Yeah, they always play both sides and my take on Gates’s ID2020 vaccine is this: It’s about our guns. Everyone knows that many people will resist a vax especially one with a micro ID embedded, and the resistance may/will be violent. Is that what they want? Probably? The only way they’re going to disarm America is by passing a law so draconian and evil that it starts the shooting.
      I question Cuomo’s claim that small children are dying from this. Are they really dead? This is beginning to look like Sandy Hook on ‘roids.

    9. As you might suspect, our expertise at this is ‘off the scale.’ I have a piece of that nasty ‘rain man’ gene, meaning I can do all this ‘on the fly’ in my head. Jim can tell you about this. However, I can never remember where I park my car.

    10. Vaxxed is 100% fake and the assertions made in the film are ‘alternative facts.’ You were just humiliated by childish propaganda. They got Steve Robertson as well.

      What you watched was total bullshit.

    11. Thanks Gordon for the honest and accurate assessment. This concept of the weak and sickly pensioner is such crap. What we have here is broad spectrum eugenics. I think the idea is for the stronger to assist the weaker. Unfortunately an archaic concept in these times. And just for the record, some here might consider that psychedelics and the VT comment section are not a good combination.

    12. Pulling off an operation such as CV19 with impunity is hidious. You would think that this would expose the monsters and unite the people against them. However the only thing it exposes is our stupidity and ability to be manipulated. Perhaps this in itself gives the eugenics movement credence. Too stupid to live, eh!

    13. A mis-informed citizen; victim of a very well-funded psyop run by the same Zionist criminals who brought us the Trump nightmare.

    14. Humanity has shrunk in size due to the eugenics philosophy of brawn beats brains, being an abject failure. You don’t have to be an actuary to understand a person of 72 drawing social security, pension, and visiting the hospital with expensive ailments, is taking out more than putting in at the moment. In the 10 digit world, and the might makes right world, the ultimate partner is the God nailed to a tree. This menage a trois is to be avoided. This is known. When it comes, plan for 7 generations. Wisdom can be released with no loss to advantage. The ones who seek to control natural processes, destroy themselves. There may be intelligence in numbers, but no wisdom uses them as a predominate system. There are much more important matters. Habit prevents discovery. The wardrobe of nones.

    15. I attempt to stay informed so I listen to a wide variety of sh.. on the radio on my commute. I heard a good one on one of our religious propaganda history radio channels. The radio host was saying; there are three big ‘satanic ‘ influencers today pushing hard for a vaccination, Dr Fauci, Dr Burks and Bill Gates. The host said he had listened, recorded and feverishly wrote down some of the TED talks Bill gates has given over the years and found inconsistencies and instances where YouTube had pulled material and certain things where omitted/deleted. He quoted something he said was from the bible, gave the biblical reference #’s stating how a “well known verse” (that he would forgive us neophytes for not knowing) is a reference to how we all will be ‘marked’ and that is how ‘they’ will know us and allow or deny us prosperity. something from the Israelites . He likened this to vaccinations and a comment by Bill Gates made how we will be ‘tattooed, marked and tracked by the vaccines. The host was religiously railing against Globalists and how they want to depopulate through vaccination, Women’s health ie birth control and abortions, and what he termed this ‘plandemic’. I believe to add chaos to confusion Gordon there is a strong group of religious folks subjected to this doublespeak and this will render good sense mute.

      • My profile of Gates is “wisdom of death, messenger’. His rise is due to a choice, in which he decided to forego college and pursue an avenue of “communication sharing”.
        He married Melinda, and his life changed. She is one I would not want to piss off. Not because of fear, but because it is simply bad handling.

        Combined, the natural product would be protection. Either could be swayed. If examining causation of danger, look elsewhere. Agriculture is not their expertise.

        Way too much is made of their role.

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