9/11, The Ground Zero Model (New Book Exposes Nuclear 9/11)


A New Book Review by Jeff Prager for VT

From late 2005 until late 2011 I researched 9/11 on a full-time basis and authored 11 books on the subject. I had collected 3.2 terabytes of data directly related to 9/11—1000s of images, 1000s of videos, and 1000s of documents including several hundred peer-reviewed reports. I thought, with great confidence, that I knew everything there was to know about 9/11. Gordon Duff even arranged a private debate between Dr. Jones, Dr. Wood and myself in late 2011.

Thanks to serendipity, confirmed by the Birthday Problem, in early 2019 I met physicist Heinz Pommer who taught me how little I knew about 9/11, yet more importantly, Mr. Pommer taught me the meaning of humanity, something I also thought I knew well.

The Ground Zero Model, a new book by physicist Heinz Pommer, physicist Dr. David Madlener, physicist Dr. Francois Roby, sailor and physicist Andreas Pieper, with a short chapter I was asked to write. Included are numerous, sophisticated 3D CAD drawings showing exactly how the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed.

These 4 brave European physicists reveal, again for the first time, the “Nuclear Fingerprint” the perpetrators left behind and that this nuclear fingerprint can still be found in NYC today. Isotopes remain and they will be there for many decades to come. For tritium, only 2 half-lives have passed, so a signal for slightly elevated tritium levels will still be found today. A Geiger counter won’t work, and this is directly from the isotope lab in Germany. Expensive and sophisticated radiation detection equipment would be required.

I asked Mr. Pommer a rhetorical question in passing. I knew the answer, but he answered it anyway. Here is what Mr. Pommer revealed when I asked him why he wrote the Ground Zero Model (Hopefully I will be allowed to post another essay here on VT on the V-shaped cut mentioned below, with images, describing what the V-shaped cut is, in 2 or 3 days).

Mr. Pommer writes:

Imagine you felt free. Once. Certain limits and borders always existed, but ‘freedom’ was never just a word. It had and has meaning. It has an intrinsic value.

Here you have a book that explains the physical destruction of the World Trade Center. It details the nuclear fingerprint we did find, and others we should expect if we were only allowed to look for the underground.

This book is an invitation. A journey both terrifying and wonderful it is. It started from a purely physical description of the 9/11 event, as the V-shaped cut and the design of the nuclear device, but soon it developed and molded into something new.

During my research, and as the author, I suddenly had to realize that our “all freedom” has unexpected limits. I suddenly found out that you must not talk about a good theory. There are things that are forbidden to discuss.

With this unexpected interdiction on an academic level comes astonishment, then rebellion. Then more astonishment, and finally the question where the real borders might be.

The rabbit hole this book unravels goes incredibly deep. We avoid names, but anyone interested in this matter will quickly understand by whom the Nation has been hijacked and why our “new freedom” is bereft of its inner value, why the word ‘freedom’ has been emptied of its real meaning.

And the reader will also understand why we have to get our freedom back. This fight is still before us. Our weapon is the truth. Our weapon is the courage to speak the truth. Our weapon is love for god’s creation.

Combined, they will overcome the Powers which still hold the Nation captive. We need cooperation, mutual respect, and compassion to allow us to fight those who yield nuclear and biological weapons against the people.

Before we leave this place we should at least accept our errors and try to correct them. Not because of our own small and individual reasons, but for our children, collectively. For our family, which is called: humanity.

With this motivation, the book was written.

~ Mr. Heinz Pommer

ARCHIV – 11.09.2001, USA, New York: Rauch steigt von den brennenden Zwillingstürmen des World Trade Centers in Manhattan auf. Die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung hat ihr Projekt zu Verschwörungstheorien «Wahre Welle TV» gestartet. Seit 25.06.20018 sind unter anderem auf der Website unter www.wahrewelle.tv die ersten satirischen Kurzfilme abrufbar. Sie stellten die bekanntesten Verschwörungstheorien so skurril und realitätsfern dar, dass ihre fehlende Logik klar werde, teilte die Bundeszentrale in Bonn mit. (zu dpa “Bundeszentrale startet satirische Kurzfilme zu Verschwörungstheorien” vom 25.06.2018) Foto: Hubert Boesl/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

I will be uploading the book to Barnes & Noble on Wednesday and it will be available in hardcover, softcover and PDF format by the end of next week or early the following week on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

The hardcover runs about $39.00, the softcover about $20.00 and the PDF about $10.00. I recommend the PDF since the book contains approximately 200 links and everything is fully referenced. The PDF allows you to make use of the links and also to use the internal document links.

The authors wish to make no money on this endeavor. We have all been richly rewarded by serving the truth, to the best of our abilities, making the conscious decision to speak truth against power. Therefore, all proceeds from this book are directed to the FeelGood Foundation in NYC, an organization managed by John Feel, a Firefighter and First Responder who did survive his injuries and who now helps fund the still dying First Responders.

This book now ends my years-long quest for 9/11 truth. The book reveals things no one’s ever seen, including myself. The laws of physics are applied because the laws of physics cannot be broken. The search for 9/11 truth is now over with the publication of this long-awaited book. You need to look no further. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble @May 25th, 2020.

Download Book:   The Ground Zero Model


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  1. [Editor’s note: A blatant and obvious troll. Never commented here before]

    This is nonsense due to a number of very reasonable observations.

    1. The basement (B6) slab wasn’t damaged. So how does a destructive wave rise into the towers?
    2. 14 people survived in the core at stair B near the 4th floor right where the destructive wave would have been strongest.
    3. There are no bottom to top indications of a rising damage wave.
    4. How does this smart damage wave know to stop rising at F94 (WTC1) and F78 (WTC2) and magically reverse direction?
    5. If this publication cites the widely claimed “molten granite” myth, it has been proven that this is a geologic feature in the schist rock, outside the bathtub underneath WTC4, not either tower. There is no granite at the WTC location.

    Given the above, there are serious problems with the nuke theory, no matter how cleverly described.

    • Editor, why are you attacking the messenger? Do you have a serious rebuttal to my factual statements or not?
      I am a researcher that has contributed significantly to the evidence of both AE911Truth.org and LCfor911.org

  2. Like a fine wine, it seems that time is required to tell history’s tales accurately. I hope this book rises to the top in readership as I know the zio-US government and the israeli regime will do their best to suppress its distribution.

  3. After eighteen years of research, as a trained structural engineer, I wrote “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” posted at VT, based on dozens of VT Nuclear Education articles and the false data of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Dr Judy Woods and the government. A reader suggested > 911history(.)de > which I forwarded to VT.

    Heinz Pommer stated that Iron had four stable isotopes. I researched, and Iron has 24 radioactive isotopes. Together with the other building construction materials, Carbon, Calcium and Silicon, there are 14 stable and 84 radioactive isotopes. Therefore, the Twin Towers were GAMMA RAY ABSORBERS. Pommer did not mention the FEMA, NIST and official “commission” models, so I wrote the VT post,

    “Exposing NIST Jenga Game”

    Find and share Truth….it is your duty as an Earthling

  4. This is the exact model I spent hours and hours describing to Gordon Duff in 2010, 2011, how the building itself acted as a wave-guide to channel the blast up resulting in the total destruction of the buildings. He didn’t this my theory was feasible.


  5. I have set an alarm for 23:50 on the 24th.
    I am buying copies betting that they aren’t going to be for sale very long.
    Better safe than sorry…

  6. I have suggested that possibility, long ago! I was trained at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, when stationed with the 25th Inf. Div. as a ’11 C’ Indirect Fire Crew Man on the DAVY CROCKETT (nuclear device.) The M-388 Davy Crockett was a tactical Recoilless Rifle with a Nuclear Projectile, we also had the ‘106 mm’ Recoilless Rifle that was an Anti Tank Weapon. The Davy used a type of the W54 warhead, the Mk-54, a small sub-kiloton fission device, that had a weight of 51lb (23 kg), it had a yield from 10 to20 tons of TNT, It was 31 in. long and 11 in. in diameter. You can carry them in a BACKPACK!! We were told that the training was for an eventual use of the Davy in Europe, against the Soviet Armor, specifically in the, ‘FULDA Gap’ in Germany. Production started in ’56, about 2100 weapons were produced. We had them in the Army from 1961 to 1971. How many Projectiles were made? What happened to them after ’71? Remember, the W54 was also used in the “SPECIAL DEMOLITION” Munitions Project!! Who had them, where was the location, dismantling, done on those NUKES?? Need to RESEARCH THAT!!

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