Senile Trump praises ‘good bloodlines’ of Ford, who was Hitler’s hero

Speaking at a Ford plant in Michigan, US President Donald Trump took a moment to say the late Henry Ford had “good bloodlines,” a chilling moment for anyone familiar with the man’s racist views.



Jerusalem Post – US President Donald Trump addressed the audience at the Ford plant in Michigan on Friday when he took a moment out of his speech to praise the “good bloodline” the late Henry Ford had.

Ford, who is famous for the model T-Ford and revolutionizing mass production, was also an antisemite who spent a great deal of his personal fortune in printing and distributing books and pamphlets about the alleged danger Jews present to the US and the world.

While Ford was not the only famous American to hold anti-Jewish views, Adolf Hitler did not praise others in his book Mein Kampf as he did Ford.

Trump was praising the Ford company for making ventilators “with American hands, in the US” when he broke from his speech and mentioned Henry Ford whom, he said, had a “good bloodline”. Trump then smiled and said “if you believe in that stuff, you got good bloodline.”

He added that Ford and Thomas Edison are “looking down” from heaven, and are “very proud of what they see.”

Trump has often expressed his personal belief he has good genes, a good bloodline, and fantastic skills from having a family connection to people that do, The Intercept reported. He expressed pride in having “German blood” and complimented British business leaders for having “amazing DNA.”

He also mentioned his uncle, John Trump, who taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as evidence that he too has “great genes” and is “very smart.”

The Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) slammed Trump for his choice of words and painting the late Ford as residing in heaven.

“Lauding Ford’s ‘good bloodlines,’ President Trump echoed a concept used by Hitler to target and massacre Jews during the Holocaust,” the JDCA wrote. “Neo-Nazis and white supremacists hear the President’s message of solidarity loud and clear.”

“We call on the Republican Jewish Coalition to condemn President Trump for his recklessness and dangerous comments, which have made our community less secure,” they added.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), demanded that Trump apologizes for his remarks about Ford, “an antisemite and one of America’s staunchest proponents of eugenics.”

Ford accepted The Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938 for his service to the Third Reich.


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  1. “Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)”
    The ADL was created in response to the 1915 lynching of Leo Frank. Frank raped and murdered a 13 year old white girl then in his employ. He then framed an innocent black man, who was arrested, and acquitted. Frank was eventually arrested, and the Jewish community spent millions in his defense, but was ultimately convicted. Sensing, because of the enormous amount of pressure the nations Jewish community applied, Frank’s sentence was commuted. It was then the community took matters into their own hands and broke Frank from jail and lynched him. To this day Jews hold him, the murderer rapist Frank, up as an example of anti-Semitism. Since it’s creation the ADL expends its’ massive budget on keeping anti-Semitism alive. For without anti-Semitism the Jews become just another religious group.

  2. We backed the wrong side in WW2. The world has been attacked by the few and forced to adopt diversity, all on the back of Hitler bad. Ironically the only state in the West that can ignore the order to allow mass immigration, and follow Adolf’s agenda, is Israel. Now there’s a coincidence. Not.

  3. One thing about Henry Ford, was that amazingly accurate crystal ball he was using, 100 years ago.
    Printing the protocol’s of Zion must have made for interesting reading for the radio listening generations.

    BDS 2020

  4. Both Drang nach osten and Marshall Plan came from the same funds. One was aimed to level Europe, other was to “revitalize”.

  5. First of all the NSDAP was a left-wing movement. Secondly, Hitler’s “hero” was clearly Arthur Schopenhauer, followed by Dietrich Eckhart and Gottrieb Feder. Thirdly, Jews believe in “blood purity” hence the need for a persons mother to be Jewish for that person to be considered a Jew, National Socialists believe in ‘blood memory’. Fourth, all tribalism is RACISM, and Jewry is an ETHNO-TRIBE! White-Nationalists: “Anti-Racist is a code word for anti-White!” Jews: “Anti-Zionist is a code word for Anti-Semite!”. The Jewish state of Israel is racist to the core! Fifth, Jewry helped get Trump elected, not true National Socialists! Lastly, Judaism is a racial doctrine masquerading as a religion, why else would Jews track the genealogy of Adam?

    All Jews are either incompetent illiterate clueless morons just like Trump supporters, or they are intentionally lieing to try and hide their own racism!? Absolutely sickening that the majority of non-Jews in this world let them get away with it!

  6. Wonder if the Jerusalem Post is equally outraged by Trump’s Israel “peace plan”? When I think of an anti-semite, I think of thieving, duplicitous Ashkenazis stealing the homes and land of real semites…Palestinians.

    • I second your opinion, as do millions of other sane goyinim. When will the world wake up too the fact that we have had a NWO ever since the 3% took control. A Plandemic that closes down the worlds economies, is a sure pointer to the fact, that the government of my so-called sovereign land, in truth, has no independent power to rule……………merely that which is handed down from above.

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