Minneapolis Police Arrest Trumpster for Attempted Murder of Thousands, Name Withheld While they Look for a Patsy

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VT: Last nights terror attack in Minneapolis where a Trumpster fan reacting to Donnie’s call to arms is now exposing Minneapolis police as “enemies of the people.”

The police are burning Minneapolis to the ground.

The name of the man they are holding is withheld. Why?  He has had direct contact with high level Republicans and has been photographed with President Trump.

What we do know about Minneapolis police is that they burned down their own police station and have been caught on film burning police cars, breaking windows and throwing fire bombs.

We find the Minneapolis police as well as other departments whose special squads are Israeli trained and with ties to Steve Bannon’s “Gladiator School” to be working with MS13 and the Proud Boys.

This, however, is a smoking gun, why no name?  Do you want to be their “Oswald?”

Guardian: Truck drives through crowd of protesters on Minneapolis bridge

Officials say driver hospitalized after being dragged from his truck and beaten, but no others were hurt

 Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway – video

A fuel semi-truck drove into a George Floyd demonstration of thousands of people on a bridge in Minneapolis apparently without seriously injuring anyone.

A large crowd protesting against the death of Floyd and against police brutality had blocked the Interstate 35 west bridge near downtown Minneapolis on Sunday evening when they spotted the fuel tanker coming around the curve at speed.

The mass of people parted in panic and fled to the sides of the bridge as the truck neared the crowd, coming close to hitting several people. People threw their bicycles into the path of the truck to slow it down.

As the vehicle ground to a halt, the crowd surged back toward the driver and dragged him from his cab and beat him. Protesters smashed the windshield of the truck.

Officials said no protesters appeared injured, but the Minnesota state patrol said in a tweet that the action appeared deliberate. The patrol said the driver was hurt and taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Minnesota governor Tim Walz later said the man was released from the hospital and taken into police custody. Public safety commissioner John Harrington said traffic cameras appear to show the truck was already on the freeway before barricades were put in place to shut it down at 5pm.  read more…but nothing of any sense whatsoever sadly..


VT:  Trump asked for his supporters to attack demonstrators.  This one was a movie fan and as in The Long Kiss Goodnight, the good guys won and he got his MAGA hat wearing stinking ass kicked.

Trump was looking for domestic terror groups and he has found one, and he is it.

Next question:  How did the truck get through police and National Guard checkpoints?

This guy had help!

As usual, fiction and fact meld as the scenario of the Gena Davis hit, the Long Kiss Goodnight, is acted out, not in Buffalo but in Minneapolis, this time not by the CIA but by a Trump supporter mad at a peaceful demonstration.

RT: A tanker truck driver plowed his vehicle into a massive crowd of anti-police brutality protesters on the Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis, with hundreds of people miraculously scattering away at the very last second.

Nobody was seriously hurt in the shocking incident – except for the driver who was pulled out of the truck and beaten by the outraged crowd.

At the time of the incident there were thousands of people on the bridge, who were marching against police brutality and planning to take a knee in tribute to George Floyd. The unarmed black man was killed while in custody of the Minneapolis, after a white officer kneeled on his neck and ignored his pleas to let him breathe

It remains unclear how the truck was allowed to drive that close to the crowd of demonstrators, as many noted the bridge was supposed to be blocked and guarded by police amid a citywide curfew and lockdowns.


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  1. I’m gonna stay in the city, John. I enjoy my life in my city and my country ))) Several of my foreign pen-friends are moving to Russia with their families in a year or two. From the USA and Canada. They said they are fed up with that life in those 2 countries. I think they know what they are talking about.

  2. As a former fuel truck driver, I can tell you there is an extra large bit of conscious awareness that comes with hauling fuel. It is literally riding on the tip of a large bomb you have no hope of living through if it ignites. The name suicide jockey, is not random.
    Could have turned around at check point, could have also backed up which any check point would demand if there is not enough room to turn around. Clearly there was room to turn around, and it would have been done with guards flanking the truck. No idiot would want a fuel truck parked and standing still at an active check point. He would have been turned around immediately.
    Police were also caught slashing every tire on 30 cars, and destroying a medic station. The medics were trapped overnight.

  3. We all remember what happened to the ‘white’ truck driver during the LA riots. I forgot his name, but it happened during the Rodney King riots, and it didn’t turn out well for the driver. So, I can understand the driver’s fears. Truth of the matter the driver stopped of his own accord and was then set upon by the crowd.
    I have my doubts if George Floyd really died. The men that placed his body on the stretcher were not EMTs, they were armed officers, the medics never exited the ambulance. And, there are other enigmas surrounding the event that need to be scrutinized. Rumors abound out there, such as: the guilty cop Chauvin had previously worked with Floyd. has now disappeared, was filmed at the Boston bombing, and Sandy Hook, and he doesn’t show up on the MPD roster. So, who is he? Who’s delivering pallets of bricks to enflamed areas? Who benefits? I’ll give you 1 guess, and his name ain’t Trump.

  4. Usually, when there’s police corruption at a local or state level, the US Justice Department is called in. Problem is…

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