VT is finding an interesting mix and now the proof is flooding in.  Demonstrators are carrying printed instructions, the fake demonstrators, the ones with paintball or SWAT gear, the Proud Boys, the DeVos-Prince paid “anti-lockdown” types and the White Supremacists.

Behind them, US Army Intelligence School team leaders and Steve Bannon’s “Gladiator School” teams, drenched in MAGA/MEGA money from the Kosher Nostra.  Watch this Minneapolis cop break windows at Auto Zone, as Kevin Barrett points out, trained in these tactics by Israelis:

Sarah K. Burris for Raw Story

Protesters in Washington, D.C. were captured on video handing over an agitator to police, while other agitators in paintball tactical gear appeared to try and start fights with police.

Former FBI assistant director of counterintelligence, Frank Figliuzzi, revealed that his former colleagues and law enforcement he knows recognize that far-right agitators are attempting to start significant conflicts between police and protesters. (GOP ‘talking points’ for paid violent demonstrators)

“There is a minimal presence of Antifa, but a far more disturbing presence of right-wing race-based hate groups, such as the Boogaloo Boys who think there will be a race-based civil war coming,” he said on MSNBC.

According to a video captured by Anadolu Agency’s Safvan Allahverdi and reposted by Newsweek’s Naveed Jamali, protesters turned this man over to police. The protesters then watched as the group of agitators tried to start fights with the police. President Donald Trump has attacked these protesters, saying that they are far-left Antifa terrorists.

“Take his ass,” the protesters can be heard as they carried the man to a line of officers.


WATCH: DC protesters turn over ‘agitator’ to police — then the agitators try to start a fight with cops

Source: Rawstory.com


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  1. Things could get worse (e.g., the video interview with some of the men who were hired to fire on the crowd at Maidan Nezalezhnosti).

    • That CIA stooge driving the tanker truck flat out into a crowd of protesters was from precisely the same group – a US-born Ukrainian who had served in Kolomoisky’s neo-Nazi battalions during the Donbas conflict.

  2. And so many other reports and corresponding activities from multiple other protests in the past. The peaceful protestors are getting smarter and the infiltrators are getting bolder and dumber.

  3. I liked the short clip of a protester riding a horse down a Chicago street. In the video, he shouted that he had taken the horse from the police ))

  4. Lots of reports about pallets of bricks conveniently placed at protest locations around the country…?

  5. I have no doubt this entire theatre event was dreamed up by white men. However, they aren’t working class white men, they are the true white supremist. Your agitating, and painting with a very wide brush. Today if you’re white, and are protesting, you’re a white supremist. Use you super powers to bring to trial not only the white cop that broke windows, but those who placed the pallets of bricks simultaneously in troubled cities across the nation, and those who have been filmed handing out cash to protesters to incite violence, and finally who paid them Show us where officer Chauvin is right now. I’m guessing, but I will wager on this, he’s gone. Any true investigation of how this happened will lead to the same people who did 911, Ncov19, the phony Russia investigation, and all the false flags in between. I’m calling it out! The perps are the Zionist ‘neocons, and the globalists. This is bigger than Trump. Always has been. And, if you think Trump has the power to control the leftist mayors and governors you’re delusional. Is he clean? Of course not. But, there’s a reason certain people and groups have spent every minute since his inauguration trying to get him out of office.

  6. Most amazing how rapidly and how synchronously these infiltrators organized and deployed to the many protest sites nationwide. Like a proverbial well oiled machine.

  7. I wonder how long it will take for the MSM to develop an “official narrative” of these events that will scrub all references to agents provocateurs and others who were not protesting but rioting? With 9/11, the official narrative was locked down within hours of the events, that those buildings were knocked down by Osama bin Laden and his merry band of Arabs armed with box-cutters, when it was really Mossad who did it.

    Already, references to the Umbrella Man are being scrubbed from the MSM and Trump is continuing on with his threat to bring in the military to restore order, followed almost certainly by his declaring martial law. This will raise his standing among his supporters and make elections in November moot. I’m sure this whole thing has been planned for weeks, just like 9/11 was a planned event.

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