Breaking: Russia Warns of Impending Attack by US as Trump Regime Descends into Anarchy (with video/updated)


…by Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini

Russia is warning the US and NATO that the dramatic increase in US provactions, buzzing Russia’s borders with nuclear armed bombers, planning landings in Estonia and Latvia and more, will lead to nuclear war unless something is done.

What is not reported, US moves to place short range nuclear missiles in Belarus, the millions spent there in bribes and blackmail, and increasing efforts by Rudy Giuliani to stage terror attacks against Crimea.

For the past 2 years, Steve Bannon, assisted by Israel’s military intelligence, the Shin Bet, has been organizing neo-Nazi elements across Central and Eastern Europe.  These ultra-nationalists have now joined with Kosovan and Albanian criminal groups that have long threatened Italy and France and, with the backing of Giuliani, they are also working with the MEK, an Iranian ex-pat terror cult funded by the CIA.

We first noted their efforts through Russia Today and Sputnik, state run news outlets in Russia who have, for many months now, taken on a surprisingly right wing and even fascist message.  Why Russia is powerless to rein them in, tells us of how strong the power of Kosher Nostra organized crime is inside Russia.

In both Belarus and Ukraine, Jewish “service organizations” that promote links to Israel have been recruiting extremist elements such as the Kolomosisky Brigades in Ukraine believed to have organized the shootdown of MH 17.

The real threat to Russia comes as a result of the virtual US occupation of that nation under Yeltsin where the “best and brightest” were picked by US intelligence agencies who had billions in “reptile funds” to spend.

But Russia isn’t the only target.  Moves, as outlined, against Russia are a precursor not only toward destroying Russia from within but that same war is being waged against the United States from inside the Trump White House with men like Secretary of Defense Mike Esper, surprisingly, breaking with Trump over the deployment of military against the civilian population.

Despite Esper’s pronouncement, Attorney General Barr has personally “ordered” some military units to deploy already in a move against congress and a clear move to interfere with this years general elections.

Past that is the nagging issue of COVID 19, and efforts to contain the worst kept secret of all time, that the US military developed, not only the diseases, but, as we now learn, a vaccine, which is being “dosed out” to key elites as a way of consolidating power.


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  1. Mi dicono che chi di virus ferisce di virus perisce o anche chi la fà l’aspetti . Suno seduto sulla riva del fiume ed aspetto .

  2. @ Guten Tag Mr. Ian Greenhalgh,
    ich bekomme immer Magenkrämpfe wenn ich lese “bio war Lab ” sind diese alle mutierte zu( Dr. Mengeles )allein der Name ist tödlich. Bei Bill Gates habe ich auch meine zweifel. Seine Foundation
    war auch in West Afrika Sierra Leone Kenema tätig. Bei dem Ausbruch von EBOLA mit 11.000 Toten.
    Der Virus kam durch fakes unter das Volk. Das bio war lab wurde gleich geschossen,aber es war schon zu spät.Der Leiter von diesen lab wurde über der Ukraine abgeschossen, mit ca. hundert Experten von AIDS und EBOLA. Bill Gates führte dort zwei Hospitals. Gruß Werner

    • Vielen Danke Werner. Gordon tells me that the big issue with vaccines in Africa was bad, fake examples, largely from the Indian industry. It is natural to be suspicious of all billionaires, but Gates does maintain some humanity and altruism, perhaps an example of a wife having a good effect on a man?

  3. Also want to add that the enemy of Belarusian people are the FASCISTS
    And way too many if them in the US government…both white house and congress.

  4. Belarus will never have US nuclear missles on its territory pointed at Russia.
    Belarus is more Russian than Russia is. I live here it’s 99.9%white Russians near zero minorities or immigrants. The Chinese haxe their own “modern” community behind high walls near airport. The president here is a strong arm dictator has been in power 28 years.if you need to bribe someone to let US missles into country, you go to him and only him. He is only using the threat of having missles so that Putin will lower price of gas and which is twice what Lithuania pays.
    Bolton was here in August, Pompeo in November. Both were told to fuck off privately publically they were used to leverage lower price of gas.
    Belarus is not going to point nukes at it’s own people! (Russian)
    No Maidan will ever happen here any protestors and reporters writing anything president does not sent to jail or dissapear..

    • The Russian & Belarussian army hold annual joint exercises, all is harmony between Big and Little Russias.

  5. So the Elites are innoculating themselves so as to become immortal Soul-less humans. Humanity 2.0. What the transhumanist “vaccine” is for.

    Part of the reason they are flexing their Soul-less muscles against Mother Russia.

    There are violent riots in Sweden and Greece today. More muscle flexing by the Elite to strengthen their flaccid position.

    My love and prayers to you Russia. Stay safe please. Stay alive. I love you.

    • Thank you very much! We will. Everything is ok in Russia and it will be. No doubt!

  6. “Past that is the nagging issue of COVID 19, and efforts to contain the worst kept secret of all time, that the US military developed, not only the diseases, but, as we now learn, a vaccine, which is being “dosed out” to key elites as a way of consolidating power.”

    And that explains why the anti-vaxx movement was created – to con the masses into not wanting the critical vaccination that could save their lives.

    • No, entirely incorrect, nothing to do with Pirbright or Bill Gates, no balloons needed, where are you getting this nonsense?

    • Tell that to Japan, one of the healthiest countries in the world. How many vaccines are foisted on their population? What ever in the world makes you think that the plebs would be the recipients of the same vaccine? It would be in the same vein as the US CONgress healthcare vs healthcare for the useless eaters. NO comparison, as intended.

  7. I don’t doubt the intel, but I think the coward in Trump overrules the megalomaniac part, for him to cross that line. He didn’t even have the guts to retaliate against Iran, after Iran opened up a can of whoopass at Al Asad. Could be wrong.

    • Where are all the Benghazi crybabies on the Al Asad airbase attacks, is it possible to have a 120+ injuries in such an attack without any deaths?

    • The retaliation was dosing Iran around February 14 with a “designer” type bioweapon virus developed by Israel that targets only Persians and Arabs and any other unfortunate dark skinned black haired people with big noses in the world (Italy and Spain)
      Eventually virus mutated, losing lab engineered so unstable designer feature, and went rogue so now infects any and all humans..
      The retaliatory attack killed 12 senior retired Iranian officials, infected 8 % of their parliament, it was dropped on city of Qom, home of underground nuclear facility…84 countries were immediatly affected by this virus and also got their ‘first cases” from Iranians, not chinese travelers.

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