‘Libtard’ George Floyd Protesters Incinerate Hero Cop During Protest (Russian Media)

One might ask why Russia seems to have fallen in love with fascism...


No, VT hasn’t become InfoWars but we take a poke from time to time, in this case, offering up some fake news for our mentally deficient troll visitors.

We might also say “Russia Today” or “Trump loving Russia Today.”  Dead “libtard” Giovanni Lopez:

The event, horrible as it is, happened in Mexico.  We believe the officer was not severely injured.

He was arrested for not wearing a mask.


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  1. Khm khm… Is it only I who thinks that it’s quiet wired that people in Mexico got pissed of at this situation, yet totally fine with all the corruption thought n through in the country that is literally run by drug kartels! …. There r mass graves all around, but somehow, this one situation topples all other..?
    Also, the timing.. this and 4 other countries that experiencing rather identical outrage… Too strange, to jump to final conclusions as quick..

  2. John, we see ALL events about what’s going on in the USA. Nothing is concealed or hidden. Many video we have from our Russian diaspora in NYC. I mean those Russians (rus lang speakers) who united into a big civil self-defense squad and patrol the streets protecting property and saving people from hooligans. There were around 500 people gathered at first day. So, they make many video, too.

  3. There is no direct line between Hitler, Stalin and Putin… Three absolutely different persons, George.

    • Very much so. Even with all the intense study of their characters, it is fair to say that we still do not really know who, if anyone, Hitler and Stalin answered to. It seems clear that Hitler and the Nazis were largely the creation of money funelled from Wall Street via Prescott Bush’s Bank of America to Fritz Thyssen. Did Hitler know that the money was not originating with the German industrialists such as Thyssen? I suspect he did, although Bormann was the man who handled the party financials. Lenin, arch Zionist criminal that he was, infamously warned his fellow Judeo-Zionist Bolsheviks on his death bed not to trust Stalin, and Stalin, being the Georgian bank robbing gangster he was, didn’t take long in seizing power for himself and one by one executed pretty much all of the original 80-odd ‘Old Bolsheviks’ who, infamously were almost to a man, Jewish. So we can,with some degree of certainty, postulate that Stalin was his own man and while he ruled, The Soviet Union was not under Zionist control. We can perhaps venture further to suggest that Hitler and the Nazis were created as a tool to smash Stalin on behalf of the Zionist International. But we simply do not have the evidence to prove these things one way or the other. ex-Soviet archives may contain many answers, but Russian declassification laws do not encourage foreign nationals to go digging and who knows what has been buried so deep in the vaults that no-one will ever find it? One could go mad speculating, so it is better to concede that there are some questions we will never get answers to in our lifetimes. So if we know so little for certain about Hitler and Stalin, why are people so quick to assume they know exactly who Putin is, which masters he serves and where his loyalties lie?

    • @Greenhalgh @Armavir :

      One important thing about Hitler is his long stay and schooling (by whom) in London and Manchester shortly after WW1. I believe Stalin received no such training in Wienna during his short sujourne there, — nor Puting during his long years in Dresden (East Germany).

    • Hitler was never in London or Manchester, he never set foot anywhere in Britain. Hundreds of thousands of brave men died to make sure he never did set a jackboot on British soil so don’t disrespect their sacrifice with conspiracy bullshit.

  4. you say:”…in this case, offering up some fake news for our mentally deficient troll visitors.”

    I’m not a troll. I rarely leave comments. If I am mentally deficient it is due to working 2 jobs to keep the mortgage paid while my disabled vietnam era a-ganger husband vents his unresolved PSTD and is little use around the house. I am also exhausted from trying to figure out what the truth is about fucking anything any more and crap articles like this are not helping. Stop wasting your time and mine by poking trolls for fun. I was hoping to have at least one website where I could read and feel fairly confident I was not being led down yet another garden path. Yes, I am losing my sense of humor. Yes, I am capable of critical thinking. Yes I am overwhelmed by all the attempts made to manipulate me into beliefs and purchases. Please focus on factual reporting. This crap is beneath you.

    • Chris

      ask and we will tell you. if we don’t know we will tell you that. what we wont’ do is make shit up.
      learn to avoid things you don’t like. the issue of the russian press is a big deal for reasons you are unaware but others are, thus, read the comments
      it is a very big deal…
      but also note that only a couple of years ago i was asked to take over RT…
      and we have worked WITH them for years…now….something very off…and very important
      and we are trying to learn the truth

      as for the other issues…thanks for writing…make sure husband has filed claims for diability
      but also..i am in my 70s..ptsd…combat vet…and work two jobs and clean house…plus work as a car mechanic, lumberjack…pool boy…and a dozen other shit jobs at my own house

    • Chris, don’t be angry at VT and us, please. We are different people with different views, preference, financial basement, age, etc. As for me, i like VT. But i also determine for myself what i’m interested in, what articles, topics i like or have no interest or understanding at all. I have a choice what to read.
      Personally i would like to thank you for your message, Chris. It really made strong impression on me, your little story (and Gordon’s too). Thank you very much for your comment. Please, stay with us. May your life be good to you and give you all possible blessings to your family. Stay healthy and i wish you all the best, good and sincere, Chris.

  5. RT needs to support Trump, since that will help derail him because they are Russian Collusionists is the logic.

  6. Sorry, can’t justify the cowardly, heinous act of throwing ignited flammable liquid on another human being from behind. If you think this is okay, you are seriously f**ked up.

  7. Even the Third Reich used Stalin’s methods of disinformation ))
    And Putin’s media are successors and imitators of Stalin’s methods of manipulating mass consciousness.
    But in the age Of his Majesty the Internet, lies are quickly discovered.
    But it seems that Putin’s media does not know this.

    • As in Nazi Germany, there was too much Hitler with concentration camps.
      And in the Stalinist USSR there was too much Gulag and Stalin.

    • Georgie Porgie, Putin’ and Pie …

      I stopped reading and commenting on RT after their disinfo campaign to help elect Trump got seriously out of control now in its third year after the clown they helped elect. They can’t be that stupid but their love for fascism and their collection of every loser writer that can outdo Fox is becoming obsessive.

    • George, j certainly have never heard of Mr Gebbelse(donno how to spell it). Basically he invented the modern mainstream massmedia system’s template.
      I’m truly astounded that there r, still, ppl like u, who have updated ancient antirussian propaganda… Have u been banned from Google? Use Bing, or go tklibrary.. really.. cause it’s just wow…

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