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Dissociated Press

In the wake of the shocking fire that gutted the US capitol, Donald J. Trump has abdicated in favor of an upstart rabble-rousing politician named Adolf Hitler.

Trump’s formal abdication was posted on Twitter earlier today.

Trump’s replacement, Adolf Hitler, has blamed Antifa for the Capitol Fire. In a press conference at the newly renamed Reich House (formerly the White House) Hitler vowed to “eradicate dissent and defend the American Reich against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The President-Reichsfuhrer announced that he has deputized the Brownshirts, a shadowy paramilitary group, and would use them to crush all enemies of the state and restore order, normalcy, and white supremacy.

“When the Jewing starts, the shooting starts,” Hitler intoned. “We will unleash vicious dogs and ominous weapons, including V2 rockets and gas chambers. All heil the American Reich!”

Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans welcomed the move, saying they hoped it would restore stability, prosperity, and democracy. “We’ve finally gotten rid of our worst president ever,” said Nancy Pelosi as she posed in front of her $30,000 freezer, ice cream dripping from her chin. “This is even better than impeachment! Now things can get back to normal and police can resume quietly shooting poor people who might conceivably pose a threat to rich people like me and my donors.”

Republican supporters of former President Trump reacted ambivalently. “Trump wasn’t perfect, but neither was Hitler,” said Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “I think we owe both of them a chance to do their job, especially since they both have access to pictures of me in compromising positions.”

But other Trump loyalists questioned the former president’s choice to resign in favor of Hitler. Jared Kushner, the ex-President’s son-in-law, reportedly tried to talk Trump out of the decision, and is now pushing the “birther” conspiracy theory that Hitler was born in Austria and thus ineligible for high office. White House insiders, who wish to remain off the record, say privately that Kushner is jealous of Hitler because the latter, by mysteriously emerging from Paraguay at the age of 131 to assume the most powerful office on Earth, has supplanted Kushner as leading candidate for the office of Antichrist.


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  1. Is the reason the Hitler’s version of that photo is photo-shopped is because he faced it forward and right-side up?

  2. Yes, this is why the Zionists flattened NSDAP Germany, peeled off a couple thousand Germans in Operation Paperclip while getting millions of others killed, and armed the Soviets to help do it (see: The Lend-Lease Act). The Soviets then returned the favor by substantiating the “Nazi death camps” and “gas chambers” story. It’s reminiscent of the White Helmets making chemical weapon claims to back the Zionists.

    The Moscow Museum of the “Great Patriotic War” actually still has an American Studebaker US6 truck with a Katyusha multiple rocket launcher mounted to it. It reminds me of the Toyota technicals the Zionists’ current proxy armies drive.

  3. Well, it’s about time! Now we can get back the Sudetenland and the Polish corridor at last`!

  4. Pepper and tear gas cures corona. The US police worked hard to “heal” the people…

  5. Is that a regime change coming in banana republic Washington?
    Nazi gatherings were a regular mass occurence in the US back in the 1930s.

    • Isn’t that because NSDAP Germany was growing its middle class while the US was still trudging through the Great Depression? Honestly, Hitler, a world war combat veteran saying he will drain the swamp, the “international clique” would be more plausible than with Trump. Unlike Trump’s time in pro wrestling, the swamp’s violence is real.

  6. I hear the ADL is working intensely to figure out how to properly label this. Everyone has agreed, so they say, that it´s not funny.

    • That’s funny, I thought the ADL enjoyed black humor. Everything they do (defaming people while pretending they’re against defamation) is a darkly ironic prank…isn’t it? I mean, can anybody, even themselves, possibly take them seriously?!

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