“She is … much more like him than it appears,” Jordan adds.

…education, immigration story, languages, plastic surgeries…everything…totally made up

Comfortable with racist attacks on the Obama’s, an avid “birther,” our current first lady has pretended she is above her husband’s indiscretions…and now it seems they are twins.

Daily Beast/Washington Post: Remember back in 2017 when, after her husband’s inauguration, Melania Trump stayed behind in New York City, supposedly so that their son, Barron, could finish the school year uninterrupted?

The mythmaking, Jordan writes, began early, when she would fail to correct reporters who cited her age incorrectly, always younger than she was. Despite saying she wouldn’t get plastic surgery, three photographers who worked with her said they’ve seen the scars.

She attended a highly competitive architecture program at the University of Ljubljana, but did not graduate, though she claimed in sworn testimony to have a bachelor’s degree. From the WaPo:

“There’s also little evidence to suggest her claims of being able to speak four or five languages fluently are true.

‘“Photographers and others who have worked with her over the years — including native speakers of Italian, French, and German — told me that they never heard her use more than a few words of those languages,’ Jordan writes. Reporting in the book suggests she only speaks English and Slovene fluently.

Meeting Trump accelerated that mythmaking, as he introduced her around the city as a “supermodel” when that was not true. Jordan found little evidence even of the story of how they met — he saw her at a club during Fashion Week in 1998 with a more famous model but was fixated on Melania, who refused to give him her phone number. Multiple sources, including a German modeling agent she was working for that year, told Jordan that they had heard Melania was already dating Trump before the timeline they laid out.”

Well, according to a new book, the first lady used that delay in her arrival as leverage to help her negotiate better financial terms in her prenuptial agreement with the president.

The real Melania:

Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan writes in her new book, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, that the new first lady was upset about campaign revelations regarding Trump’s alleged sexual indiscretions and the notorious “grab them by the pussy”

Access Hollywood tape. Jordan writes that Melania delayed her arrival at the White House to give her time to cool off and “to amend her financial arrangement with Trump—what Melania referred to as ‘taking care of Barron.’”

Source:  DailyBeast.com


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  1. Should we assume that Duff/VT have obtained newer information that makes them view the former Ms. Knauss much less favorably than they did 3 or 4 years ago?

  2. As if,.. as if,.. the golden tower is safer and better, than the White House. As if,.. she was not briefed on what was going on. As if,.. AS IF,.. the honor of the peoples house is not high enough. The arrogance and fraud is over the top and intolerable. An absolute disgrace.
    Disgusting, is the unbiased, correct,… terminology. No first lady before her has ever borne that term.
    I do really care, do you ?

  3. The people paid 40+ million so the Slovenian princess would not have a black hand touch her dinner plate at the WH. Interesting timing on the prenup story. I would call it convenient.
    Cover and exit.

  4. And for the record this cost NY’s tens of millions. The estimated cost of having her stay in NYC after trump took office is between 300,000 and 500,000 per day.
    A childs comfort and familiarity does not supersede the duties of the office. This was a blatant lie. When you run, the entire family runs, and agrees to the terms. To even entertain, that a child benefits from 6 more months of familiarity over the experience of living in the White House, is ludicrous on it’s face. It is actually amazing people swallowed it, but then again…..

  5. A president just cited the Insurrection Act while actually committing Insurrection, Inciting a Riot, purposely facilitating a pandemic to have a maximum effectiveness on the populace he serves, actively and illegally interfering in the electoral process, and a myriad of other crimes including but not limited to conspiring with a foreign government to subvert the will of the people. Melania is fair game, as is the case for any person’s spouse under those conditions.
    Ask Duncan Hunter. It would not surprise me one bit if Melania was already in negotiations with federal investigators to shield herself from the coming tsunami. And aside from the prenup, we already know she would not move into the white house due to the large number of minority employees present, and wanted it cleared out. She is as racist, if not more than, her husband. I don’t really care do you ?

  6. It takes considerable nerve to defend the Slovenian cow when millions of decent hardworking women of every color and ethnicity in the US are suffering at her hands daily.

  7. Do you think so? I think so, maybe?
    26.) Already, in a few years, marriage between man and woman would only be formed for appearances without a binding love, rather they would be only joined together out of the personal interests of the individual partners, with the result that the marriage union is just lies and deception and would no longer be constant, consequently marriages end ever more in divorce.
    161.) And in distant times it will be, when the Forth Millennium after Jmmanuel comes, that the human is the carrier of the Creational truth, and that all living things are creations of the one and only Creation, of the universal consciousness, and that Creation alone is, and knows, the secret of all things, and that it stands immeasurably much higher than all the gods and idols who, without exception, are of human origin.

    162.) And in distant times it will be that the humans remember the proverbs of the true prophets and remember what was once in all the past, as they will also know what the future will be, because, through looking out ahead, they will grasp the events and the course and the change of the world, humanity and the universes, as well as the secret of life and dying, and will thereby have no more angst for their own death, because they will know that life eternally continues in alternation with death-life, and to new life on Earth, as Creation has determined through the unshakable extent of its laws which are unchangeable for all great times and are of eternal validity.

    • Warning to all the governments of Europe!

      Prophecies and Predictions

      by Eduard A. Meier


    • Oh no, please tell me you don’t believe that ‘Billy’ Meier is anything but a fraud. All of his work has been proven to be utterly fraudulent.

    • How many of those were figments of his imagination? Did you even bother to check if any of them were in any way real? I can tell you without even checking that ALL of them are nothing but INSANE BULLSHIT. Sirian ETs trying to assassinate him… You believe that nonsense?

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