Blockbuster: Barr orders FBI on ‘Nazi Rampage,’ Threatening Protesters, Families, Social Media Friends…Everyone

    They are coming for all of us, no one is left....


    “On June 4, agents turned up unannounced at Katy’s work, pulling her off the job and into a large truck in the gravel parking lot to question her about her connections to the upcoming rally and to AntiFa — the loose anti-fascist movement recently labeled as a terrorist organization by President Donald Trump. Katy had never heard of them.”

    Editor’s note: The analogies with Nazi Germany, often made by one side or the other politically, have finally come home to roost.  The GOP and Barr are very much Nazis, albeit fanatic members of a Zionist apocalypse cult.

    The photo Trump has ordered cleaned from the internet

    Past this, we get something else, a great resurgence of communism around the world, very much in Russia and Israel (understandable) but elsewhere as well and these communists have replaced Lenin with Donald Trump.

    As to why, is it because he is destroying capitalism by murdering the United States, now “scheduled” to suffer the 325,000 COVID deaths that VT predicted in March with 250,000 to be a Christmas present by Trump to the American people?

    In 2016 we also predicted that Trump would stage a race war in order to declare martial law and deploy the massive Bush 43 bloated Zionist bureaucracy in Washington against what is left of the decent and literate American people.

    Now we see operatives sent out around the country, funded by the MEGA billionaires who back Trump’s every move, communists to a one, planning to shut down the election.

    As things go, this will be a fight and the loyalty Trump and Barr looked for from the military is gone, they are in Biden’s pocket already.  Now Trump only has the police and the Steve Bannon fake antifa militias his Gladiator Schools are arming and training right now.

    Intercept: “I’VE NEVER HAD any run-ins with the cops before. I’ve never been to jail and have no criminal record, so when the FBI showed up to my workplace, it scared the piss out of me,” says Katy, a 22-year-old who works for a custodial services company in Cookeville, a small college town in middle Tennessee. “I really thought I was going to lose my job. The whole experience was terrifying.”

    Moved by the video of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Katy — who requested she only be identified by her first name — and a friend had created a Facebook event for a Black Lives Matter rally in Cookeville’s public square on Saturday, June 6. She soon connected with several other Cookeville locals who wanted to help with planning the event, and enthusiasm grew as word of the rally spread.

    “I’ve never organized a rally before, I was just winging it,” Katy said. “I didn’t expect a lot of people to show up, but overnight 600 people had RSVP’d on Facebook.”

    Counter-protesters organized their own Facebook group, Protect Cookeville Against Looters, which quickly swelled to over 1,000 members. Some of the members of this group determined that Katy was the main organizer of the upcoming rally and began posting her personal information and making violent threats.

    “The event for the rally had been up for about four days when we started getting death threats,” Katy said. “It was too much. I was overwhelmed.”

    Katy eventually backed out of the rally — and a group of local high school students took over planning — but she had already gotten the attention of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, or JTTF, a federally coordinated network of local law enforcement officers who work under the direction of the FBI to gather intelligence about terrorist threats.

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    1. Exactly, Lenin and Trotsky were both monsters in human form who had no regard for the lives of Russians. Spasibo.

    2. your capitalism will die without the Communists. You just have to keep the capitalists in the stall, like a mad herd of bulls.
      Trump is a phenomenal capitalist idiot, a typical American of the right, Ziono-Christian worldview.
      And only the American capitalist can compare this idiot with the Great Leninin.

      • There was nothing great about Lenin, he was nothing more than a Zionist criminal and mass murderer.

    3. More PBR/c (police brutality racist/ class-est)
      Some one I know….. Went to the protest in SLC, UT and relayed some information to me. At the protest 2 cars were overturned and burned. The first car was that of a female police officer’s car she is said to have abandoned in the street. Word is that a group of large guys of a certain persuasion rolled the cop car. One young man, supposedly ID’d by his tattoos is in jail (facing mandatory minimum 5 year sentence to 20years.) for having something to do with the burning of the cruiser. The other incident involved the car of a ‘white supremist’ type who was chasing protesters with a machete when the crowd did not take kindly to his call of ‘all lives matter’. He was able to get back in his car and show up a block away around a friend who was filming. The man got out of is car with a bow and arrow pulled and aimed at the crowd. Protesters spontaneously responded tackling him and pummeling him to the ground. Others flipped his car and torched it. (see YouTube bow and arrow protestor) This occurred on a Saturday. On Sunday the protest was all mostly peaceful.
      The young man with the tattoo returned with a friend who was not there on Saturday. After a peaceful day and past curfew these two were headed back to their car. Things got ugly for them next. As they approached their vehicle a large unmarked military type vehicle pulled up to them and several ‘Authorities’ got out and assaulted the two beating them down. Than separating, interrogating and threatening them. eventually taking them into the police station. NO Miranda rights given. The tattooed one stayed while they let the other go as he proved he had not been to the protest on Saturday.

    4. Maybe once we are all labeled terrorists we can begin this Internet surveillance experiment again and go back to the simple days of ’84.

    5. The spontaneity and random leaderless nature of the protests has been a common theme for organizers stories, where the person who is “identified as the promoter”, (sometimes teenagers who have never protested), is completely shocked at the responses and immediate ground swell of support. Nobody is being paid, and there is no central authority. Just a consensus among the populace. A true national referendum. Those who try to manufacture a blamable hierarchy resemble blind men trying to catch gnats with tweezers. The more they try to instigate a race war, the more unity and backlash they will see. It is the death of the ignorant fool in any story from any time.

      • And those mentioning Antifa or George Soros should be taken out to the woodshed and you know………..

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