Hero of Ohio Lockdown Resigns After Jew Hating Threats from Trumpster Thugs


Dr Amy Acton resigns amid backlash against Ohio’s lockdown after leading coronavirus fight

VT says “Thanks Amy, you saved lives”

Her home was surrounded by neo-Nazi anti-lockdown thugs with AK 47s and anti-Semitic smears.  As the nation faces a resurgence of COVID 19 and begins the inexorable move toward 325,000 deaths, those who did their jobs with honor and decency will, increasingly, become targets of GOP election year desperation. 

Guardian: Ohio doctor won widespread praise for her assessments of the pandemic, but also faced lawsuits and protests for pushing for lockdown orders

Dr Amy Acton, the health director who helped Ohio’s Republican governor earn glowing reviews for his pandemic response, has resigned after facing an intense backlash over her role in the state’s lockdown measures.

Acton has been a high-profile figure in Ohio’s early and aggressive fight against the coronavirus, transcending the confines of the laboratory to appear daily on television screens during Governor Mike DeWine’s updates and issuing his administration’s health orders.

“It’s true not all heroes wear capes,” DeWine said at the news briefing at which he made the announcement. “Some of them do, in fact, wear a white coat, and this particular hero’s white coat is embossed with the name Dr Amy Acton.”

While Acton won widespread praise for her steady and detailed assessments of the pandemic, she also faced harsh and sometimes ugly pushback for her orders that contributed to the closing of businesses and kept people home for weeks. That backlash included lawsuits, a legislative effort to strip her of authority, and protests outside her suburban Columbus home that included some people carrying guns.  Read more…



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  1. I’m not a doctor, and certainly not a virologist. But I do have eyes to see and ears to hear. Was there ever a need for a lock down? With the obfuscation of the data concerning cov19 deaths, transmission rates etc., we may never know. But, I think it’s easy to see that our personal health was never the main concern. So what is the primary goal, and why were businesses forced to lay off workers and close, many never to re-open again? And, following on the heals of the virus we have the extreme social unrest, and the threat of a deadlier second wave of virus to contend with. Who can benefit from so much misery? Technocrats … technocracy. 5G is here, the virus and the rioting set the stage for the answers to be rolled out. Digital currency, ID implants. Don’t want to play? Then you better go off grid.

    • Yes, Joe, the 115000 dead and the 210 dying or soon to die are not crisis actors and could be alive but for trump. 21 folks died in new zealand.

      Seemingly, much that you believe is a total hoax. Take a bit of care.

      Or..make sure you are under 60 and extremely healthy…then you will probably be ok.

      Make sure no one you care about is over 60, they might die, largely due to GOP game playing and, if I am right, use of COVID as a terror weapon against the US by Trump’s Kosher Nostra. That is conjecture, partially proven but not a hoax.

  2. Unbelievable. The Trumpsters who were protesting outside her house must clearly be suicidal, sharing amongst themselves the COVID-19 virus she struggled to defeat. Maybe that’s the whole point, the death cult that passes for religion amongst the Christian Zionists shows no distinction between Christian and Jew, all are doomed in their perverse satanic apocalyptic mindset. Heaven spare us from the wrath of the so-called Christian Zionists.

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