Supreme Court asked to place Trump family ‘outside the law’

Judge Sotomayor clearly lays out that the House committee is not asking for "personal records", an all encompassing type term, but "tax returns" before Trump became president.

The photo Trump has ordered cleaned from the internet

Trump’s lawyers are asking for law involving the use and application of evidence in both criminal and civil trials, both current and previous, to be altered to impact what their client, Donald Trump, requires to stay out of prison.

What they ask is simple, that all evidence be considered “private” and be disallowed and that every individual ever convicted of a crime in the history of the United States to be exonerated.

Be it a bloody axe or written confession, be the accused a private citizen or president, what is being asked for is that all criminal and civil procedures be ended if the rules applied under the constitution are, as they have been, interpreted in such a manner as to send Donald Trump to prison for tax evasion and fraud.

Will they do it? 


[ Editor’s Note: It has always been obvious that Trump and his lawyers were trying to run the clock out on his having to turn over his tax records. While it was not practical to have envisioned a two term successful delay, he has certainly hoped he could get through being reelected.

when the censors don’t get to airbrush Trump…

And so did the Republican held Senate that has been key in being able to protect Trump from investigative initiatives from the House, like this records request.

I loved this edited version of the most recent arguments, as it quickly gives the public a front row seat on what the critical issue is.

Trump’s lawyers have always tried to recast what Congress was going after as something different than it really was to have a more theoretical chance of blocking the subpoenas. Judge Sotomayor clearly lays out that the House committee is not asking for “personal records”, an all encompassing type term, but “tax returns” before Trump became president.

The case law on Congress being able to look into a president’s records, including personal ones, is quite established if it has a legitimate reason, otherwise a hard nosed president could always take the position that he was beyond Congressional oversight as this one has done.

Trump wants to treat the balance of powers doctrine like it was one of the hundreds of his past small business contractors that he decided not to pay, knowing most of them could not financially outlast him in court proceedings, which his former attorney has admitted.

As VT readers know, Trump is an Imperial President kind of guy, and he loves the immunity part, too. He really wants to stay in office, with his family, who both love the immunity they have, although that theoretically does not include their using their government positions to exploit business opportunities which some folks feel that they have.

The Supreme Court certainly has not been blind to the public concern that we might have an actual mob guy as president. The Founding Fathers foresaw that event and gave us the tools to dig into their shorts to find the truth.

But unfortunately they also rigged the system to empower the Senate to be a new House of Lords for the moneyed interests, until Israel also joined in for political muscle spoils of timesharing senators in low population rates.

But all that said, we live in an imperfect world, so cross your fingers and say your prayers, as his personal tax returns are Trump’s Achilles heel, not only for being a possible wooden stake into his reelection campaign, but also his house of cards business empire where New York prosecutors are waitingJim W. Dean ]

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  1. A mob boss can get away with kidnapping, murder and ssasinations, graft, bribery, slander, grand larceny, treason, sexual deviancy, and even starting a worldwide pandemic by dropping a bioweapon onto no1 terrorist nation in world Iran after first dosing Wuhan with a much nicer one……but it’s that tax evasion that puts you in slammer!

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