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As Public Jan. 6th Hearings Draw Closer, New Revelations Continue to...

Clarence Thomas' wife is now a known participant in the Trump Steal, and has mentioned 'her friend' being in the loop in one of her communications with the Insurrection participants

Clarence Thomas’ wife more Deeply Involved in Subverting Biden Election

Their big push is to take over the Republican governorships with hardcore Trumpers so they can appoint Secretaries of State to call the shots on the final elector list.

The United States is no longer an accurate reflection of who...

The military and Intel branches stood firm on the last coup attempt, but will they on the next one? Are we on the road to becoming the biggest banana republic in history?

Judge Donato tosses Trump suit against Twitter

The fun part of the Insurrection and The Steal litigation will include seeing the plotters exposed via all of their conspiratiorial communications, in paper, audio and video, and live testimony.

With Supreme Court Misconduct from Thomas to Alito, Congress must hold...

Even more crazy, if Clarence Thomas were convicted in an impeachment trial, would this current Supreme Court rule on his final appeal?

Catholic Supreme Court Justices join Jan6’ers in New Attack on our...

Jim W. Dean - Be sure to catch the comments on this at the MSNBC link to see the rage this is causing, and they need to hang onto this to stay afloat while they figure out how to fix this.

SUPREME COURT LEAK: Why Outlawing Abortion is Insane

An insane belief is one that is so blatantly false that even pointing out scientifically proven reality won’t change it. The generalized opposition to abortion is an excellent example of a common insane belief. Like most the common insane beliefs, it is usually a reflection of a religious or another philosophical school of thought.

Uncle Thomas: Disgraced but Serving SCOTUS Justice Thomas’ clerks tried to...

The network of former Clarence Thomas clerks was mobilized to action following the 2020 presidential election, The New York Times reports.

A Peek behind the Curtain into Bannon’s Media Survivability

“That is what our role was, the message from the top: ‘We’re a Trump propaganda network.’ That’s where the money was.”

Breaking – Supreme Court rules 8-1 that Trump is not a...

Jim W. Dean - Trump will have nowhere to go on this, as all but one Republican appointee to the Court wanted to be on the right side of history here.

GOPers’ efforts to distance themselves from Jan. 6 face increasing scrutiny

Jim W. Dean - There are clear signs showing that more Republicans are tiring of Trump, preferring to go forward fighting the Dems on the current issues.

The War Over Life, Liberty and Privacy Rights

If all people are created equal, then all lives should be equally worthy of protection.

Glenn Kirschner on How to Prosecute Trump

Logic and common sense dictate that, if you require precedent to indict a criminal former president then we could NEVER charge a criminal former president.

NEO – Trump Reemerges as Prosecutors circle his Fading Empire

Despite Trump's problems, he is still recognized as the major power in the Republican party, where anyone not in his favor would stand little chance of being elected in 2022 and 2024.

Trump blasts Supreme Court for throwing out election lawsuit

Jim W. Dean - The Court has been following all the earlier court cases, and by turning down the most recent appeal, their ruling is "No way Jose".

Trump throws the Republican party on his own funeral fire

At the conclusion of a campaign that exceeded their expectations in almost every sense — picking up House seats, thwarting an outright Democratic takeover of the Senate, running competitively in every presidential battleground state — Republicans COULD HAVE walked away from 2020 with some dignity intact.

Appointing an Irish Muslim to the Supreme Court is controversial?!

Religion and politics don't mix...except when they do.

Landmark Ruling Upholds Sanctity of Treaties Between the U. S. and...

Gorsuch penned the court’s majority decision, which invoked the country’s long history of mistreating Native Americans.

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Strike Down Obamacare Despite Ongoing Pandemic...

The move comes after Trump confirmed his administration would continue to press for its elimination, ignoring warnings about the risk of voter backlash.

Supreme Court Blocks Trump’s Attempt to Dismantle DACA Program

"Termination of DACA during this national emergency would be catastrophic."

Supreme Court asked to place Trump family ‘outside the law’

Jim W. Dean - Trump's personal tax returns are Achille's heel, not only for being a wooden stake into his reelection campaign, but also his house of cards business empire where New York prosecutors are waiting