Lawrence: Minority Rule Is Killing The ‘United’ in The United States

[ Editor’s note: Mr. O’Donnell cuts right to the chase. We need a name change, as the one we have no long fits, because the ‘minority rule’ gang has abandoned future attempts, due to its policies, to win the right to rule over the country by winning the most votes.

I knew the game was up when the Repubs broadcast their mantra, “we will win the presidency in 2024 one way or the other”. It was no subtle message, but a declaration of war. It was basically a pledge to attach limpet mines on the hull of our ship of state.

The Republican plans may strangle our democracy, because they have told us they are going to rig the President electoral count by having states legislate their ability to make the final determination on the electoral count.

The Insurrectionists, in hindsight, see this as their mistake in 2020, by not having already set up the state rigging process earlier, but they have the time now.

This includes the Congressmen that could be charged for aiding and abetting the Jan 6 sedition. This could be a ‘get out of jail card’ for them and all the Jan6’ers who might be indicted.

I cannot imagine a more dedicated campaign mob. The top Republicans constructing this new political coup strategy seem confident that they have the best Supreme Court in history to make sure they don’t have any deal killer legal issues.

The military and Intel branches stood firm on the last coup attempt, but will they on the next one? Are we on the road to becoming the biggest banana republic in history? I certainly hope not, but we will have to fight like hell, to borrow a Trump phrase, or I doubt we will have a country anymore… Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired May 11, 2022

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell looks at how the Electoral College is forcing Americans to live under a nation where a Supreme Court majority, mostly picked by presidents who lost the popular vote, is poised to take away a Constitutional right for the first time in U.S. history.


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  1. The challenge is to respect and honor the will of the majority. Those in the minority do not wish this at all. Having a state with half a million getting the same representation as a state with 20 million is not the will of the majority. The religious factions have no interest in popular voting and have always had usurpation of any authority as its stated goal. We are watching the syphilitic flowering of patriarchy. If people knew the truth, they would tear the churches down with their bare hands.

  2. When Pavlov’s Dog votes for the kingdom of the unnatural, artificial and rejected in the no-touch torture zoned vaccine passport infrastructure that is the Smart City kill grid, it will be thanks to the technological alchemy of the clever psychopaths of DARPA who are the funders of the Moderna vaccine alongside Google funded companies such as Profusa who manufacture hydrogel biosensors injectable under the skin which connect to wearables and your Smartphone. Add to this the Microsoft cryptocurrency that can use body activity data which is also connected to wearables and you have the Smart Health Card app with a QR code-The Commons Pass brought to you by the WEF/Rockefeller Foundation Commons Project ensuring your compliance in a Smart World micro-managed
    by Big Pharma vaccination.

  3. People need to wake up to the fact that we are no longer governed by elected officials. The elected officials serve corporate interests. Laws, health, education, housing etc is monopolised by the Corporate beings. The people are just cannon fodder and disposable automatons serving global interests. Corporations have their own standing armies to back them up and secure their gains.
    We believe that ‘our’ political party better represents our interests only to realise after election, that all campaign promises are thrown in the bin. We are all living an illusion and too damn lazy to think otherwise. Cambridge analytica proved that.
    The banks control everything. During Covid it became socialism for the business community and capitalism for the rest of us, just like after the theft of trillions of dollars/ euros after the so called ‘housing bubble’.
    If somebody imagines that Musk will change the route we are all on, they need psychological evaluation. How does a guy that makes crap cars become the richest man on the planet? He is as badly manufactured as his cars. Although his space x program seems to work well for the defence (offense) industry. My rant over.
    You can get back to sleep now

    • What is emerging a more and more obvious is the ‘planation aspect’ of our situation. The real powers controlling the show view themselves as plantation owner, and the goverment layer as the managers, and then this wonder smokescreen idea of letting the people vote for the managers from the approved candidates of the plantation owners. And if they get angry about anything they fight againts each other, and at best, manage to change on plantation manager for another on the planation owners ‘approved’ list. And now with the wonderful revelations of our Supreme Court we see they are part of the charade themselves. First step is to start teaching this to the kids in school. That will get the plantation owners and managers attention quickly.

    • Jim you talk about plantation owners then you say first step is to start teaching this to the kids in schools ? Which schools should start teaching first ? The ones in Georgia who think that CRT is horse manure ?!

      Guy goes to the brain store and on display jars of brains are priced within the same range except for one which is sitting separately. He turns to the shopkeeper and says what are all these and why that one sitting in the corner is so ridiculously expensive. Shopkeeper says those are from people of all over the world but the one sitting separately with the high price tag is from an American.
      The guy says and so ?
      Shopkeeper says oh I mean that one is brand new, never been used before.

      Nowadays even European kids are systematically brainwashed through mainstream.

    • Ireland had numerous agencies regulating the Covid strategy, and now those same politicians have gone to the private sector. Of course the Russians were blamed for our healthcare shortfalls as it was the Russians that supposedly hacked our healthcare database. Oddly enough the hacking was traced to the U.S. but it could have only been the Russians.
      We have politicians that had portfolios to manage social housing units that are now massive landlords both here and abroad. They feed intermediaries with contracts who subcontract the work to build these social affordable housing.
      When the Brits left Ireland for it’s so called independence, the British still managed to hold on to the education curriculum. Multinationals now control the education system. Education is big business and it is these same multinationals that own the buildings that students are renting for obnoxious money. Our government allows multinationals to do work they were voted in to do.
      People are shallow and weak. The only justice they seek is the kind of justice that gives them ‘likes’ or ‘upvotes’ on social media. Anybody that expresses an opinion that differs from the mainstream narrative will be shut down and alienated. No kid wants that and no parent wants their kids to be disliked.
      Vocabulary has become non-sensical and expression curtailed. Art is dead, culture is dying and religion has faded. We now await a media sponsored saviour.

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  5. The first 2 minutes of O’Donnell is more than enough. In the 1st minute, he says the Electoral College is a deadly cancer. Mistake #1. The founding fathers were not stupid, as he seems to think they were. And he keeps saying “our democracy”, But this is not supposed to be a democracy. “It’s a Republic”, said Ben Franklin, “if you can keep it”… Then in the 2nd minute, he whines about the Supreme Court getting set to overturn the “Constitutional right to abortion”. Now, that sentence explains why MSNBC is going down the viewership toilet. There is NO Constitutional right to abortion, and never was. For abortion rights, you must look to federal and state laws. The Congress should have dealt with this in the early 70s, but the cowards did not do so. There was enough of a scrap over the Equal Rights Amendment, that this could have been done then. Since Congress failed to do their job then, they get to do it now. And who knows? The ERA might yet be revived, as I don’t think it’s quite dead.

    • How about ‘Divided States’ as there would be no confusion about hidden meaning if anyone asked, and we can make a list of all the thing people disagree on?

  6. Arguing about minority rule when the world is close to the precipice of nuclear war because of the neocon policies of a democrat White House and democrat controlled legislative branch. There’s your goddamned minority rule! Americans don’t want this continued war with Russia, this belligerence with China, both of which are precipitating out of control inflation and supply shortages. I predict the democrats are going to be thrown from the balcony in the coming mid-terms, and they will have richly deserved it.

    • I sense the only thing missing from the political intensity this fall is the attempt to over throw the government. But who knows. Claiming the election was stolen might become a regular thing. I certainly have no predictions.

  7. Not much difference democrat or republican both really fucked.
    Third party candidate is going to win in 2024 I predict Musk/Gabbard.

    • Konehead, may be… in a world where Lincoln and JFK killers’ instigators were not yet alive their heirs
      Musk is releasing Trump from Twitter exile to help him lose in 2024 as the GOP wants for Bush’s friend (Biden) to continue to reign. Lincoln and Abba had “A dream…” I no more

  8. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Republican States of America
    And to the Oligarchy for which it stands
    One nation under Wall Street rightly ruled
    With liberty and justice for all who can pay for it

    • This was quite witty. This should be passes around and it might catch on. Maybe someone can do a musical jingle for it, too.

    • Please tell me which party does not serve Wall St? All of the Washington politicians are basking in the wealth that they accumulated from insider trading. No politician is going to save the common mans lifestyle because politicians do not care about the common man.

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