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The United States is no longer an accurate reflection of who...

The military and Intel branches stood firm on the last coup attempt, but will they on the next one? Are we on the road to becoming the biggest banana republic in history?

Inside the Republican Drift away from Supporting the NATO alliance

Are we on the way to a possible WW3? We could be, but does anyone doubt what an additional disaster that would create?

Judge Torches and Blocks Florida Voter Suppression Bill

A federal judge issued a blistering ruling while blocking most provisions of Florida's Ron DeSantis-backed voter suppression law saying plainly that "the right to vote is under siege."

Nearly 300 GOP State Legislators May Be Indicted in Trump’s Coup...

Raw Story: Hundreds of Republican state legislators may have criminal legal exposure stemming from Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, a former top GOP strategist explained.

Libertarian Experiment Fail: 40 Years of Reagan’s Revolution Brought Crisis and...

“Please name one country, anywhere in the world, any time in the last 7000 years, where libertarianism has succeeded and produced general peace and prosperity?” There literally is none. Nowhere. Not a single one. It has never happened. Ever.

Tulsi Gabbard, Not Trump, To Be Republican Nominee in 2024!?!

I predict Gabbard for President in 2024 as the Republican Candidate, not Trump who will be killed off by a thousand wounds including his support for the Vax, mixed views on Putin and all his legal problems.

‘Witchiepoo’ Palin Expodes Judge Throws Out Her Lawsuit ‘Absent Malice’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's libel lawsuit against the New York Times has officially crashed and burned.

Game of Chicken in Arizona?

What's going on in the Arizona legislature?

Covid19 takes Orange County GOP lead

Kelly Ernby commented frequently on Twitter about her opposition to mandates for COVID-19 vaccines. Ernby drew parallels between the 1960s and today, saying in both eras people faced losing freedoms to what she termed socialist ideals, saying “There’s nothing that matters more than our freedoms right now.”

What It Means to Be a Republican in 2022

In the old days, all a Republican had to do to make Trump happy was kiss his ass with some flattery. But today, being on Trump’s good side requires accepting his 2020 election lie and endorsing his various schemes to overturn the results.

GOP Procurer: How Larry Nassar was able to ‘go pedo’ with...

Larry Nassar partied for years with GOP elites, part of the pedophile ring exposed under Bush, that fed teens into Washington's pedophile party scene where preachers and politicians, along with MAGA/MEGA billionaires, partied and murdered kids for decades and it goes on every day, and not under a pizza restaurant according to an official investigator who has come forward for VT.

Emails and text messages undercut the GOP’s claim Florida’s election overhaul...

A crackdown on mail-in ballot requests was seen as a way for the GOP to erase the edge that Democrats had in mail-in voting during the 2020 election.

Vital: “The Essence Of This Crisis Is The Perpetuation Of This...

Bernie Sanders gave an inside view of when the US House members escorted insurrectionists doing reconaissance, even though all tours banned all guests, banned even families. But insurrectionists were brought in by GOP members.

Ex-GOP strategist on Trump’s GOP: ‘Burn it down and start over’

Jim W. Dean - We will need new Republicans to be future primary contesters against the dregs that still have their seats after November 3rd.