What It Means to Be a Republican in 2022

Inside the GOP, it’s a war of all against all.


Bulwark: What does it mean to be a Republican in the year 2022? Being hated. Yes, by the left—but more importantly, also by members of your own party.

Here in the bad, red place, hardly anyone gets along. Especially after January 6th. Why? Consider this a simple question: Whom does Donald Trump actually like?

In the old days, all a Republican had to do to make Trump happy was kiss his ass with some cheap flattery. Say he’s the biggest, strongest, handsomest, smartest, richest dude in history and that would be enough. But today, being on Trump’s good side requires accepting his 2020 election lie and endorsing his various schemes to overturn the results.

And if you’re not gonna do that? Then GTFO. Trump doesn’t want you around. As long as Trump is in charge, your future in the GOP is dead.

Just ask Mike Pence.

Pence spent four years as vice president gazing adoringly into Trump’s profile and swooning over his broad shoulders only to be cast out when he refused to block Joe Biden’s certification as president. Trump told Pence, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t do this.”

When Pence didn’t, he was promptly sentenced to death, political and otherwise, by Trump’s troops who chanted “Hang Mike Pence” as they marauded the halls of Congress. Trump told ABC’s Jonathan Karl that his supporters wanted to hang Mike Pence “because it’s common sense, Jon.” Trump recently described Pence as “mortally wounded.”


Likewise, after Attorney General William Barr told a reporter there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election, Trump fumed at him: “You must really hate Trump.” Similarly, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger lost any goodwill they might have felt from the former president when they informed him they could not “find” enough votes for him to win that state. Ditto Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

What It Means to Be a Republican in 2022



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  1. Pretty sure it was a democratic majority that led the fight to free elephants. They were chained, and made to do tricks for food. Animal rights activists fought for elephant freedom. Most elephants are free now. The right wing actually fought against freeing the elephants.
    The end of the exploitation of the Elephant in circuses across the US, played a role in where we are now. It is illustrative of the complexity of our relationship with nature. Our brutality must be observed and analyzed. What need do we have to inflict pain ?

    • When they hanged Mary the Elephant,…it was a solemn, ruthless, thing.
      To consider the Elephant as your spirit animal, you may want to treat her better, or be ready when she turns and comes here. When the town finally had a ceremony to purge this pervasive guilt mud bath, they did it on the right day. Thus , Mary the Elephant is still the most famous Elephant in US history. Very nasty stuff.

  2. Maybe the Nixon “Southern Strategy” (Divide and conquer
    pit Black against White, the race baiting strategy)
    that has worked so well for them for the last 50 years,
    just isn’t working so well anymore.
    The reason I say this is because of Tik Tok.
    This is an internet thing for young People.
    What is really striking about it is Blacks Dancing with Whites,
    Asians Dancing with Blacks, they all get along with each other.
    It is Humans acting like Humans.
    Tolerant Humans that believe in Democracy, that’s the Republicans
    worst nightmare.

  3. The demolition of even a semblance of functional representative government is practically complete.

    It was a one two Trump regime/Covid knockout.

  4. First off, what it means to be a Republican in the USA is that you are part of a minority, only 29% of Americans were registered Republicans in 2020. Lindsey Graham said shortly after the election, “We have to do something about main-in voting or Republicans will never win a national election in the USA.”

    Future demographics don’t look good for Republicans. That’s why they’ve given up on elections and the rule of law. Republicans will come back into power by OTHER means.

    • Tommy
      Do you think the Republicans are also freaking out because their
      main financier, Sheldon Adelson, is dead?

  5. The best story I read today was how Kevin McCarthy’s refusal to appoint any republicans to the January 6th Select Committee is now blowing up in his face. I can’t wait until those 700 or so documents concerning Trump’s phone calls on January 6, that Trump is asking the SC to block, are finally made public.

    • He’ll just say they are all fake and ignore any subpoena. Does anybody really think that at his age Trump will risk any kind of convictions. If it comes to that, he will just jump the midnight flight to Tel Aviv. He really doesn’t care about truth, justice and the Americal Way. His acolytes don’t understand he is the guy dressed as a woman in the Titanic lifeboat. Unfortunately, he will not go away peacefully.

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