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Inside the Republican Drift away from Supporting the NATO alliance

The isolationist posture of some Republicans is in line with the “America First” ethos of Trump


…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: I was happy to finally see an international conversation on NATO begin, as its own in house PR people have pretty much controlled its image, with the US holding an invisible veto in some regards, due to Americans carrying most of the financial load.

With the US financially stressed with the post Covid supply chain shortages inflation bump, where Ford lost $3 billion in the last quarter, someone, or some entity, thought they would light the match in Ukraine that would burn the world economy down even more.

The poorest nations took huge economic hits in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid disruptions, with no end in sight. And now Shanghai’s Covid lockdown extension is pouring fuel on that inflation fire, as much is bottlenecked in its port.

While everybody is trying to get their post Covid economies back to normal, what dark horse have they decided to jump on, to make matters even worse?

Someone waived the racetrack flag that it was time to have a war with Russia in Ukraine, given the huge destabilization that accompanies it, when leaving Ukraine as a neutral buffer would clearly have been better for the world. But some powerful entities did not want that.

Are we on the way to a possible WW3? We possibly could be, but does anyone doubt what an additional disaster that would create?

Old Joe is trying to ram $33 billion into Ukraine, and I don’t remember any hearings on how negative that could be to rebuilding America’s infrastructure, other than boosting our war machine. All I see is a creaky railroad bridge ahead, and the engineer is saying “full steam ahead”.

I fear we are all going to get hurt really bad here, the kind of hurt it could take a generation to get over. As for any groundswell resistance to the insanity, I see very little.

But the must amazing failure in all of this craziness is the fake Ukraine negotiations that in hindsight were used to pump more weapons and supplies into Ukraine to increase the destruction. I fear that was a huge mistake… Jim W. Dean ]

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My dad in WWII with his P-40. He trained fighter pilots and survived a midair collision with a West Point cadet, which is why I am able to share this with you today. He had a talent for aerial gunnery and had been deployed for the Japan invasion when the war ended.

First published April 29, 2022

In early 2019, several months after President Donald Trump threatened to upend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during a trip to Brussels for the alliance’s annual summit, House lawmakers passed the NATO Support Act amid overwhelming bipartisan support, with only 22 Republicans voting against the measure.

But this month, when a similar bill in support of NATO during the Russian invasion of Ukraine again faced a vote in the House, the support was far more polarized, with 63 Republicans — more than 30 percent of the party’s conference — voting against it.

The vote underscores the Republican Party’s remarkable drift away from NATO in recent years, as positions once considered part of a libertarian fringe have become doctrine for a growing portion of the party.

The isolationist posture of some Republicans is in line with the “America First” ethos of Trump, the GOP’s de facto leader, who has long railed against NATO.

Last week, speaking at a Heritage Foundation event in Florida, Trump implied that as president he had threatened not to defend NATO allies from Russian attacks as a negotiating tactic to pressure them to contribute more money toward the organization’s shared defense.

…Disagreements have broken out among member nations over the erosion of democracy within the alliance, with criticism directed in particular at Turkey, Hungary and Poland.

You can read the full WaPo article here.


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  1. War is a RACKET! The Military Industrial Complex=’Chosen Few’, make immense Profits, while the ‘Sheep/Cattle’, masses of Humanity, are the Sacrificial Lambs, in the Temple of CONFLAGRATION, that is in the not-so-distant Future!

  2. Problem as I see it is they all are part of a protection racket for the oligarch Zlochevsky, the Burisma owner that escaped prosecution when Joe did his prid quo quo act , getting Shokin fired. It’s not about the Ukraine people, this war is about saving Zlochevsky and other oligarchs from prosecution, even murder charges. President Joe Biden has comingled his funds with hunter to disguise the graft paid by the oligarch….he is COMPROMISED.

  3. Why’d you nix my link to WDIM? The Kremlin is talked Tac Nukes and your posting BS from Politico? This is in Russtrat today. “The issue of the use of tactical nuclear weapons is coming to a head
    Russia is simply being forced to move the issue of using tactical nuclear weapons from the second dozen ways to resolve the Ukrainian issue to the first”

    • Tactical nukes are certainly part of the expected transition. Once that starts there will be retaliation, and that can trigger a bigger retaliation, and the bigger and bigger, to the point of who has the most wins. The Ukies won’t. But if pushed too far the big ones could come into play, and that will all be the fault of who started this, and it was not the Russians. Many will say the US/NATO coup in 2014 did…and the proof of that is well known. No research is needed. The problem is it is just ignored, especially by MSM which is useless in wartime.

  4. US have thoroughlly discussed the complexity of solving domestic post-Covid economic issues and the conclusion was that there was not enough assets to fulfill economic restoration, but somehow for Ukraine and war now there are tens of billions of dollars available. Hopefully this Ukraine excursion will be the end of exceptionalism because this world cant take it anymore and countries and economies will rise against it.

  5. I hate to say it but I told you so about Biden. I said from the beginning he was not going to fulfill his campaign. He is still on track with Trump’s agenda.
    Now he wants $33 billion which he hopes will tide Zelensky over for the next five months; he hopes. At the rate Biden is writing those checks, don’t be surprised if he hits the trillion dollar mark before he end of this year. I think he really wants to bankrupt America.

    • $3.5 TRILLION spent on Ukraine…on the US citizen credit card. Interest alone is $210,000,000,000 a year

  6. Well, Jim, I see where you get your good looks.
    Seeing Antony Blinken and Ron Paul on the WaPo link, and reading their exchange, I found myself coming to a resignation I’ve been having lately.
    It doesn’t make any difference to whatever protests or supports made, for any given issue; the will of the hidden hand will always be done.
    The controllers of the invisible agenda always have a minimum of two ways to go, the “Democrat” or “Republican.”
    Resignation comes with the consolation of knowing the hidden hand has been controlling things for many generations already, and people like me have never had any say in the matter.
    In other words, we all got here by means of which we had no control, so why worry about it now.

    • People actually had a say in the matter with the first election of Trump. The establishment and deep state had nearly no belief that Trump could be elected and they really had not lined up the resources that they did with Biden. I say that because of the the number of lo lita Epstein/Maxwell trips that the Is reel intelligence gave out to people they needed or wanted control over. Bill got 26 logged trips and Trump got 1. To this day Hillary has not accepted that loss….it was the best example of the vote system actually working, overcoming what was very much a forgone conclusion. They didn’t make that mistake the second time and we have Biden.

  7. Anti war candidates in a year or two from now will win electons in landslides.
    Ukraine is going to get worse and worse and worse.
    It will turn into continual long range missle attacks lobbed into citiies like now Donetsk and Mariupol.
    Its impossible for Russia to seperate civilian targest from military ones, when Zelensky/NATO/USA dictates all males 18 to 55 I think it was, MUST join the army and fight, plus no one permitted to leave country if male 18 to 55.
    So the entire population more or less (soldiers and their families) becomes a military target.
    Have you seen Biden and Scott Ritters analysis of Biden on “Useful Idiots” show?
    Look at Biden talking-down to Ritter in congress back then. Just a fucking jerk eh.
    Biden “better now” he is not so much a fast taling smiley evil fucking clown ready to kill a million Iraqis for no reason, just an old fucking brain dead fart.
    Longer version:

  8. It seems Sleepy Joe “I am a proud zionist” Biden is having visions of grandeur, and thinks he’s John F. Kennedy, and Ukraine is this century’s Cuban Missile Crisis.

    • …problem is Ron Klaim isn’t Kenny O’Donnell, Lloyd Austin isn’t Maxwell Taylor, and Tony Blinken isn’t Dean Rusk.

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