Ex-GOP strategist on Trump’s GOP: ‘Burn it down and start over’

Removing Trump solves only part of the problem


Long-time Republican strategist Stuart Stevens says that he no longer recognizes the Republican Party under President Trump and says the party has collapsed.

…from CNN

[ Editor’s Note: Long-time Republican strategist Stuart Stevens says that he no longer recognizes the Republican Party under President Trump, and says the party has collapsed.

Roger that, Mr. Stevens. If Trump’s behind the scenes backers fail to execute a way to steal the election and he loses, we will see a flurry of books next year trying to grab the brass ring and the bucks by being able to explain it all to us.

I would expect a Tower of Babel cat fight at some point with all the obvious things have been covered and the “making shit up” begins. Woodward didn’t wait, and put Rage out when he had no competition.

The biggest item people remember is Trump saying he knew how infectious Covid-19 was, but did not want to ‘panic’ people. I would bet he knew what a threat to the stockmarkets it would be and that was all he cared about, as he was well aware that incumbents with good economies have a good record of being re-elected.

The run from Trump began with the generals coming out publicly on his Lafayette antics with his bible prop shallowness on display. Soon followed the ex-Defense Department people, and then the Department of Justice folks, with Glenn Kirschner launching his battering ram YouTube channel rally to bring criminal charges on the worst of the Trump gang’s crimes.

Kirschner’s effort might have a problem with Biden, as new presidents usually prefer the defeated opponent go away and not be competing for attention. Obama gave Trump the courtesy.

But I can’t see Trump going away, as he deserves at least a few hundred prosecutors working on the ‘to do’ list for which charges will float to the top of the mess Trump has left behind.

Obama did zero when the Bush gang had endless skeletons in the closet, and he got off to a good start, except for the affirmative action number the Nobel Prize people did on him. They should have waited until he had done something, like the JCPOA.

But, what the hell, they never ask me. Only Gordon does 🙂 … Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired  … October 19, 2020

I have spent more time watching the mass media election news guests to keep my fingers on the pulse of how deeply the Trump campaign collapse will go.

We already had organized and well funded groups of disaffected Trump Republicans with their own PACS and media campaigns. What I am beginning to see is an awakening that the ‘fix’ needs to involve more than removing Trump, but also his Congressional enablers and those in the state houses.

Stevens does not spurt out his killer bullet about the Republican Party until the middle of the interview, with his wonderful gift of “We have to burn it down and start over”.

He did not elaborate much, and did not cross the line of mentioning the moral corruption involved. Sure, Trump was his own head cheerleader for his disastrous handling of the pandemic, but he had his army in Congress for his SS storm troopers to assist him, going all the way down to the mentally defective Trumpers.

Removing Trump just solves part of the problem. To solve the whole problem will require a greater effort, and no one can be more effective as partners in this work than Republicans like Stuart Stevens. We will need new Republicans to be future primary contesters for the dregs that still have their seats after November 3rd.

We might even get a jump start with the female airforce officer pilot who is giving Senate leader Mitch McConnell a run for his money. If she could pull a victory out of the hat, that will send a bigger shockwave through the party than losing Trump, as many Republicans knew he was a dead man walking, but not McConnell.

And last, to all those who have waited to register to vote at the last minute, like students in Pennsylvania who are crashing the online system now and overloading the call banks, wake up and smell the roses and get your asses out to vote, as you out of state kids could swing a tight race in places like Pennsylvania.

Going down to the local office to register is not a trip to the moon. Your future is at stake. I can assure you of that.


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  1. It’s the first layer of corruption, and suppressing the vote is the last straw. But when the Trump zeal fades, and they look for normalcy, they will promote more demagogues. On the other side, Dems face a reckoning also, as soon as there is time, because unlike the personality worship in the republican side, they will attack each other, as soon as it becomes tenable.
    The primary goal should be to cleanse the house and senate of all Oligarchy, and wealth.
    Billionaires will never represent the people. Also, 40 % non-religious in the US, and zero non-religious representation. That should take precedent over race or gender.

    • I would hardly grace these nutters with the name “oligarchs”, if you’re referring to Likudniks like Sheldon Adelson and the 50 million crazy Christian Zionists, including Pompeo and Pence, who are driving the USA over the cliff into war with Iran and almost certainly, Russia. They are part of what can only be called a death cult, and Trump is their “Dear Leader”.

    • So, Tommy, the problem with calling Trump a “leader” of the anti-Iran, anti-Russia warmongering is that it was going on through the Obama admin. via the wars against Iran’s allies like Syria and Yemen, and the Maidan coup against Russia, and at least into the Bush admin. via General Wesley Clark’s “seven countries in five years” and installing President Saakashvili in Georgia to start the Russo-Georgian War, then blaming Russia for it.

      Stevens has a point that the banksters’ “death cult” is bigger than just Trump, but it’s also bigger than just the Republicans or the “right-wing” of the cult. Fun fact: The presidents who lied us into the previous two world wars were Democrats. Will going three-for-thee help…?

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