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[ Editor’s Note: Never one to mince his words, Glenn takes the position that Alito lied under oath in his confirmation hearing with his answers to the Roe v. Wade precedent case, where he said at the time it was settled law, but now claims, just months out from the midterms, that it was an abomination.

So Glenn wants a perjury investigation, which seems like a long shot, but his call for an impeachment is the better route, as the issue can be vetted fully and sooner in that Congressional process.

The bigger concern for me is this signals that the majority of six Catholic and Republican Justices may have been sleeper agents and are being ‘activated’ at this critical time as part of our fellow citizen Republicans’ announcement that they would win the 2024 election one way or the other, and permanently rule.

Silly me, I would have thought they would have sprung it at the last minute as a big surprise, and maybe they did.

If we survive this new attack on our democracy, we will have to dig deeper into the Supreme Court’s communications, as agents for a particular political group, which could be considered a breach of their oath of office.

Even more crazy, if Clarence Thomas were convicted in an impeachment trial, would this current Supreme Court rule on his final appeal? It’s going to be a busy political and legal year, folks… Jim W. Dean ]

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First Published May 7,2022

We have seen clear examples of misconduct on the Supreme Court. Justice Clarence Thomas engaged in deeply unethical misconduct by participating in a case involving his wife’s incriminating text messages to Mark Meadows urging an insurrection.

We have also seen a draft opinion authored by Samuel Alito seeking to overrule Roe v. Wade, revoking the constitutional privacy rights of women. Some of the language of Alito’s opinion directly contradicts Alito’s sworn confirmation hearing testimony, as well as the sworn testimony of other justices.

This unethical and possibly illegal conduct can not go unaddressed. This video sets out why Congress must open public hearings in the nature of an impeachment inquiry.

If misconduct by Supreme Court Justices goes unaddressed it will result in yet additional misconduct by Supreme Court justices.


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  1. Confirmation hearings are done in order to get things on the record. It is a stated and repeatedly demonstrated goal of the RCC to usurp any and all governments with religious based mind control. They have been very successful with this here and even in Monarchies.
    They are now in league with any and all christians on this issue of controlling women. The separation of church and state is in rough shape right, and those stuck in the R vs L paradigm sound like lost puppies spouting anecdotal talking points from the echo chamber and simply falling in line like zombies. There is very good reason to impeach 2 SC justices, and curb the power of the court. Taking us back to the 1500’s is a really dumb idea.

    • Totally agree, David. Millions of Europeans came to this continent on the run from the Spanish Inquisition, the 30-years War, and the various pogroms that happened all over Europe. The last thing they want is for the formation of a “state church” in the USA.

  2. Wall Street will not allow any prosecutions of any of these Political assets.
    It’s war until Khazaria is genocided.
    A land with no people for Gods chosen people.

    • Wall Street employs a large number of women and LGBTQ personnel. They generally would not care about religious based law making unless it has investment opportunity.
      Right now in this country, we can get things done faster by dealing with large corporations than government. The problem is, even some very liberal or progressive investors are quite happy with their oil investments.

  3. Another day at VT. Another lead balloon. Looks like the Dems are desperate once again. They tried to Impeach and Convict Trump twice and failed. How do you think this impeachment side show is gonna go to protect the “right” to commit infanticide? 2000 Mules proves that the Democrats don’t give a shit about democracy.

    • The impeachments were just to get the media attention as the Republicans had that blocking votes all along. And the last chapter will not even been written by the Jan 6 committee, who has not pulled a number of Congressmen into the Insurrection and The Steal. At the end of the day it will be the DoJ, kind of, but even with indictments and convictions the appeals will go on forever, that canned be mined endlessly for medi attention, a tactic that is becoming a fixed part of the political landscape.

    • Oh you mean the same committee led by Satan’s spawn Liz Cheney who claims that a bunch of rowdy Trumpers entering the “People’s” House was worse than 911? 🤣The fact that you give that “committee” or more accurately Star Chamber any credibility at all exposes your confirmation bias and that you support cherry picked intel just like the neocon led 911 Commission.

  4. A lot of you folks are telling the truth about 911. But then you do an about face regarding the killing of the unborn folks and misconduct on the Supreme Court. Trump is the worst person who walks while Hillary and Bill Clinton are saints. I have read that veterans today is connected to the Rockefeller crowd. Maybe this explains why some of this site’s authors have the perspective that they do.

    • So when I clip my nails, I am destrying life, right? But they are my nails, and I get to choose for them to not grow up to be big nails. I do the same with my hair, having cut it myself for over two decades. I am openly admit to being a ‘hair killer’, but the world survived somehow, and I have never been arrested or picketed, so far. The Repubs at the top pushing this could not care less about an unborn, they are only interested in enhancing their power, getting the reigns of government so they can move their supporters up to the hog trough as their reward.

    • Jim, I agree many repubs don’t care…. but the analogy is junk. Have you ever seen finger nails or hair grow into a living being, independent of the parent?

      I distinctly remember posting on this site that 7 Catholics (Episcopalian is Catholic HEAVY) and 2 Jewish would skew all kinds of decisions and not a person engaged me in that conversation….everyone was totally into an earlier groping allegation….and TOTALLY ignored this issue that was destined to occur. I brought out how protestants didn’t have one representative that had grown up like 50% of the USA. NOW left and progressives want to bitch….seems a bit late.

    • Under Donald Trump it is highly likely that a rogue faction of evangelical radicals unleashed covid. He wanted to shoot protestors and bomb Mexico. He assassinated or endorsed it’s use.
      He authorized unmarked feds to kidnap people without warrant or cause. he is a racist punk and did nothing for your voting block. Fulon Gong publishes epoch times.
      Anyone still advocating for Trump is not of any use to anyone else gathering intelligence. it was never political nor public service for trump, it was business.

  5. Is this a parody?
    Either that, or my man Jimmy Dean has a chronic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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