Lawrence: Alito’s Draft Opinion Quotes a Man Who Believed in Witches

…from MSNBC

[ Editor’s Note: Long time VT readers know what I am about to say. “You just can’t make this sh_t up”. But let me jump ahead to give a big thanks to whoever leaked the draft opinion on the attempt to seize all wombs in America as Republican private property.

Paul Revere spread the word

He or she was a modern Paul Revere that warned us that  “the womb bandits are coming.”

Whoever this person is should not be fired until the nine Supreme Court Justices are impeached in a parallel process with the Trump Insurrectionists.

The Department of Justice is in a difficult spot, being faced with a dual political-religious coup here, where I believe we may not have any controlling case law.

With the Republican Supreme Court faction wanting to throw out Roe vs. Wade, they have left open a huge flank to counter-attack them on.

If they can throw out Roe vs Wade by inventing a new precedent, then we can decide to rebuild the Supreme Court make up from scratch. O’Donnell has outlined a draft in this well crafted analysis of the Supreme Court’s assault on Roe v. Wade, and done so quite succinctly.

Alito hunted down a precedent for his new mass womb confiscation by citing British history from 1644, with Sir Edward Cooke’s believing in witches, and that they were working with the devil, so witches should be murdered by the state, which once included a five year old girl. We were executing witches in the 1690s here, mostly, but not all women. We fortunately evolved out of that primitive period.

When Europe’s natural healers at the time, nothing more than today’s herbalists and early supplement dealers, began cutting into the formal doctors’ business income, that monetary threat was fixed via claims that the herbalists were witches that went deep into the forest to commune with the devil, and thus should be burned.

Six of the nine current Justices are Catholic, a huge disproportion to the other religions, and one carefully constructed to allow a religious minority to rule over the majority of the public when the time was right.

Now we have two new coups in motion, thanks to the heroic Supreme Court staff person that leaked the draft. The Republican Party has already gone public with their telling the Trumpers that they are working on passing state laws that allow the legislatures to pick their own delegates if they find cause to do so, something exceedingly unconstitutional, like an Insurrection.

But then they told the neo-Insurrectionists that they would win the presidency in 2024 “one way or the other”, something I would consider a slick fundraising tool that would be hugely popular with the base.

And now, out of the blue, we get hit with the right hook from the undemocratically stacked Supreme Court, throwing another bone out to another Republican faction, a modern version of neo-witch burners, where women’s wombs become the property of the state because a religious minority desires it that way.

Welcome to the new America, folks. We now are looking not only at protecting ourselves from an attack on the peaceful transfer of presidential power, but defending the rights of women to have control over their own bodies because six Catholic Justices can claim legal authority over all their ovaries, and just throwing out Roe v. Wade like used toilet paper.

This is a bridge too far. The Supreme Court needs a rebuild from scratch, as this one has destroyed any moral authority that it inherited. We can now see in hindsight that not having a democratic court was a mistake. As with Jan6, we need to make sure something like what the Supreme Court Catholic Republican clan is attempting can never be done again.

If there is no current process to do this, then we have to invent or construct one. We need to have a Supreme Court that is appointed in a balanced way, but does not become a political tool to be exploited to the benefit of one political party, but better reflects the American people Jim W. Dean ]

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First published May 8, 2022

With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell takes a look at the reasoning behind Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion and explains how it is the result of minority rule in America.


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  1. Since the excuse for abortion is science, perhaps we should look at science. It is only a fetus, but it is a human being fetus, not a dog or cat. None of the fetuses, if allowed to live,could develop into anything other than a human being. So, what science is being used? Made up science. No politician remotely understands science. They are too stupid and lazy to try, They just know how to lie to get what they want. There is a lot of money to be lost if abortion is thrown back to the States. Baby parts are sold daily for thousands of dollars. They get the mothers to not short until the 6th or 7th month,, when Kidneys are a certain size. Babies are delivered live by c section, the live baby is then cut into to remove the kidneys and other organs as the baby has to be alive and with no meds in system. How is this ok? Sounds satanical. It is illegal to torture any animal like this. Besides, no where does the Constitution mention anything even remotely tied in any way to abortion and murdering preborn human beings.

  2. Jim, I’m female and old enough that I participated in the Equal Rights Amendment era protests, albeit in Canada. The Congress was, and is, the correct venue for the abortion argument. Congress makes the laws. The SCOTUS is only supposed to interpret the laws. The Roe and Casey decisions back then were bad ones, and if the SCOTUS does go ahead and dump Roe, the argument will go back to the Congress where it should have been to begin with. I look forward to that argument. If the Congress picks it up, I suspect the result will be nuanced, as it should be – perhaps something along the lines of abortion being an option anywhere in the country until a certain time limit is met, such as viability, at around 5 months gestation… With the exception of 1 media outlet, media are not talking about the Congress finally doing its job. They are trying to scare people into thinking that we must have a state by state patchwork of laws, when that simply is not so.

    • A State patchwork would be a mess of sorts, but at least women would still have ‘a choice’ to vote with their feet and change location. At 72 and no offspring I do not hav DNA in the fight. But overturning these past cases is a slippery slope. The Repubs have stated they want to rig the election in 2024 permanently. Why do they need that? This wombocracy move is just advertising for what they will be able to do with that power. Calling the US a democracy then will become a bad joke.

  3. Kombi, ‘What a Garbage’ is not a comment. Please take a night school English class and come back later. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”…Jim W. Dean. It will open a whole new life for you.

  4. Oh BTW Jimbo have you seen 2000 Mules? Is this the kinda “Democracy” you are defending?

    • No, I have not seen it. We publish 365 days a year, so there is no time. Our ‘democracy’ was rigged with the founding fathers. In the beginning you could only vote is you had land. White slaves, aka indentured servants did not vote for a long time. The Senate was set up as a copy of the House of Lords to maintain a patrician class and control of course over the Supreme Court, and does to this day. What’s different know is the element of the mob has been brought in, and not as a temporary tool to use. You see the big problems the Republicans have had with the court case losses, so they are steering everything toward to Supreme Court to get it ‘fixed’. The Womb grab, pardon the expression is just the SC version of their contribution to the Insurrection. The SC has been laying low, waiting to take care of business when the time is right and not signal anything. I made a big blunder here, in the overtly political decision, and Alito’s draf a bad joke. The leaker will end up a hero, like Paul Revere. I am betting a dollar on it 🙂

    • Gall, I love your name. Lakota, huh? I am not, but I come from the north too. Manitoba Saulteaux and Metis.

    • Gal was one of my favorites. He along with Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull sure kicked Custer’s ass at Little Big Horn🤣👍 Manitoba huh? Beautiful place. I went through there a long time ago on the Trans Canada Highway. 😎👍

    • Well first of all we are not a democracy we are a Constitutional Republic and secondly I’m surprised that you would say such things about a document you at one time swore to uphold and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic and finally how is leaving it up to the people to decide through their state legislatures whether to protect the unborn or not democratic? You democrats go on about democracy but rarely ever put what you say in action. I know because I was one once until they rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders and gave it to that evil witch Hillary Clinton with the help of Super Delegates. So don’t lecture to me about democracy. 🤣

  5. “Insurrectionists” wouldn’t that include Nancy Pelosi who according to intel on her laptop encouraged Governors and Mayors of various blue states and cities to not allow the NG to suppress insurrections aka “ fiery but ‘peaceful’ protests” until after the election? Not to mention Vice President Harris and Michael Obama who blatantly encouraged the riots over George Floyd’ s questionable demise to continue on National Television. Riots and Insurrections that killed dozens of people and caused over $30 B in property damage compared to a few angry Trumpers who rudely entered the “People’s House” 🤣

    • We have always had an ebb and flow of racial flares, usually starting with a killing or maybe a rape. And maybe we always will. Some places have had incidents, but the big majority have not. But this has nothing to do with today’s top. Your comment is a bait and switch. We try to deal with the big issues that affect the largest number of people. The Repubs have been working on this total takeover ‘forever’, for some time. I know because I used to be one.

    • You call a few people breaking into the Capital an “insurrection” yet evade writing about the real insurrection that occurred months prior to that turned parts of Minneapolis and other cities into war zones with the stated objective of overthrowing the current government. They were not mere race riots. You and the MSM try to claim them as such but it’s a lie. I suggest you watch 2000 Mules if you think the Democrats actually believe in Democracy🤣 You know the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation and now supports NeoNazis in Ukraine.

  6. Mr. dean, It is a shame your mother didn’t abort you. I wonder how many little boys and girls her act would have saved. Besides, those wombs are not theirs. They belong to the Father Creator. Nothing belongs to anyone in this entire universe. It all belongs to the Eternal Father.

    • She was too smart to do that. I was the best one of three! 🙂 When you die and go to heaven she will explain it all to you. Yes their wombs do belong to them and a lot of discussion and work went into Roe-Wade that says so and is the law of the land. But it seems ‘Insurrection’ is in the air, and they do have a constituency, including a mob segment, and they have tons of money. This will be another big distraction while the looting continues in other areas, something always part of the game after Intel psyops overseas during the Cold War eventually flowed right into US politics. Trump, the perfect choice for them, just turned the spigot on full. Nice attempt at being the ruler of the world sir, but we have a lot of diversity here now, and lots of Supreme Court cases for it, but not all. This is just another battle in the long fight. Someone else’s womb is not yours or your relgion’s. Roe vs. Wade says so. This stunt is an Insurrection to turn us into a ‘wombocracy’, a word I just invented for our changing times.

  7. With 50 million US Christian Zionists pushing hard to get us into a catastrophic war with Russia, whatever these Catholic justices have to say about anything will be a moot point. 80% of them voted for Trump in the 2020 election. That’s why he set the stage for Armageddon by killing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. That’s why he murdered General Soleimani. That’s why he smiles when any of his Republican supporters talk about nuking Russia to start WWIII.

    • Amen on that. The ISIS peope have noting over these people, other than the Israelis don’t like them of course. Welcome to the new Cold War getting hot. And if it does, then how you had planned on spending the rest of your life, and could all change drastically for all of us. 🙂

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