Archives can release requested records because they deal with a critical Constitutional crisis

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[ Editor’s Note: Only Clarence Thomas was the outlier, and it will be a permanent stain on his Court record. Trump will have nowhere to go on this, as all but one Republican appointee to the Court wanted to be on the right side of history here.

The January6 Committee will probably pass on a wild celebration tonight, knowing they have to regame their schedule now that they know they are going to have the requested Archives records.

How soon? I would suggest just a day or two at the most. Why? Because all the sifting and preparation has been done to have them sorted by topic and ready to go, so it’s just a process of loading them into an armored van for a police escort trip to Congress.

I suspect the Archives people will be celebrating, as they are closer physically to our Democracy than the rest of us, and have known what is in them all of this time.

What is the potential legal and political domino effect here?

I think it could be huge. All of Trump’s co-conspirators are sweating bullets tonight, as they know their involvement will be made public. Remember that the Committee has been promising a big public presentation on the Insurrection case. These Archives are going to pour jet fuel on the process.

Next, what Steve Bannon and all those giving a finger to the committee on cooperating wanted to hide will be exposed soon, not years from now after endless litigation and appeals.

How about roasted Congresscritters for dinner?

Trump’s insider Congressional co-conspirators are probably under sedation tonight, some have taken out the expensive scotch, and a few may be on the roofs of their highrise DC apartments pondering the jump. Those that do, please leave us interesting final notes, and please be witty, as you will be remembered more that way.

How will this impact the DoJ investigation?

Garland will be able to ramp up the speed of the investigation, for example using the material released in the Archives batch to start openly investigating people who are already exposed and know it. Any dreams they had of dragging this on for years just got shortened.

The smart ones will jump into the flippers line to get the best sentence reductions that only the first in line tend to get. The militia people, when they see their bosses on the way to prison, they also will be motivated to cut their losses and cooperate. A lot of them are older, where a 20 year sentence will be a death sentence for some.

And what about The Steal? 

Trump was cranking this back into high gear in his Arizona rally. Jim Dean feels pretty sure that The Steal was an early plank for the Jan6 Insurrection, effectively its battle flag to gather all the unwashed Trumpers to rally under. PR-wise it is about to take a big public relations hit over the next couple of months. Don’t forget if the GA DA drops her criminal indictment on Trump this week we might have Trifecta, proof that there is a god.

And the effect on the November elections?

Oh yes, it’s hard to be on offense and defense at the same time, and certainly not as much fun. Think of all the big legal bills some people are going to have to start thinking about, the unhappy wives, kids expecting college money. Getting involved in sedition has serious consequences, especially when you are unsuccessful. The hunt for patsies to tag the blame on will be vicious.

Thus ends my cheery missive for tonight… Jim W. Dean ]

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  • The Supreme Court rejected a request by former President Donald Trump to block White House records from being sent to a House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot.
  • The ruling, which Trump cannot appeal, sets the stage for more than 700 pages of Trump White House records to soon be sent by the National Archives to the committee.
  • Trump had argued that he had the authority as a former president to invoke executive privilege to prevent disclosure of the records.
  • President Biden had declined to invoke executive privilege for the records, which the committee wants as part of its probe of the invasion of the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters.




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  1. Does this pave the way for the 9/11 archives ? That also was a day which altered the course of history and was the most unsolved event of our time. Was that a coup ?
    Why do the Kennedy files keep getting kicked down the road ? Was that a coup ?

    See, the conundrum here is the reasoning. If this is not political, but rather due to a grave threat, then I would say 9/11 actually takes first position to archival importance. Anthrax was mailed to the Judiciary chair and Senate majority leader who were about to vote against the patriot act, and it came from our own lab. That warrants public release of information so we can be “INFORMED VOTERS”. That was a coup. I want everything starting at the 2020 election from the white house and state of Florida. Can we disown a state, if we find they have conspired repeatedly to overthrow the government ? Can they be removed ?

    • Good idea to bring that up. When the current dust settles on the Insurrection, we will see if it can be used as stepping stone to 9-11, via the anology the it was a coup in itself, with many involved, by they rigged covering their asses by having ‘no sworn testimony’, and I can still remember my total shock when there was no outrage at that from any section of our security, political, military or legal orgs, or the media really.

  2. Poor poor old Clarence, playing the role of Stephen in Django Unchained. Still trying to please his masters in the big house at Mara Lago. The same exact place Nixon went to after his resignation and refurbished it. The same state that many Loyalists fled to after the revolution.

    That old cartoon where Bugs Bunny uses a hand saw to remove Florida from the mainland comes to mind. That any SC justice would vote to block the records, even one,…sullies the court and should open eyes. Why didn’t Thomas speak in open court until Scalia died ? The answer to that question, is what should be absorbed. This court decision was never controversial or difficult.

    • The Supreme Court is a pathetic joke. It has been since 1963. Actually, most judges at all levels are just lazy lawyers.

    • “Why didn’t Thomas speak in open court until Scalia died ?” – DO

      The simple answer is even Thomas would be embarrassed to have “What Scalia said” as an opinion on record.

  3. looooooooooool
    They made him President and told him:
    Name it MAGA and do your job MIGA…
    But this idiot mixed up the “I”s
    Now look at the Middle Eeast,
    Which “I” he made MIGA with his Actions…
    Would he have taken the right “I”
    they would just call the whole show now happening “antisemetic”
    and he could walk free…

  4. Will these disclosures prove that Trump was as (or more) stupid than Nixon? And, will all the King’s Men pull a John Wesley Dean III and deny all “to the best of my recollection.” Sweet!

    • Hey, everyone knows Melania wore a good Republican cloth coat. So what if it said, “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”

    • Ed. Actually, she reflected the feelings of many Americans. Who cares about dirty homeless Mexicans running the streets of Texas as long as they don’t try to steal my BMW. Same as raghead civilians we bombed in Middle East and gooks in SE Asia. They aren’t really “people”

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