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‘Trump the document ripper’ emerges as another presidential historical first

Don the Ripper - Now we learn that the Presidential Archives Act has no enforcement provisions. It seems it was just generally assumed that all presidents would comply without the threat of penalties... until Trump came along.

Hissy Fit! Trump tore up White House Records After Coup Attempt...

In a statement, the Archives said: “Some of the Trump presidential records received by the National Archives and Records Administration included paper records that had been torn up by former president Trump.

Breaking – Supreme Court rules 8-1 that Trump is not a...

Jim W. Dean - Trump will have nowhere to go on this, as all but one Republican appointee to the Court wanted to be on the right side of history here.

Trump makes, and loses, overnight bid to block Jan. 6 investigators

Jim W. Dean - There has been time now for the sedition conspiracy penalties to sink in to the brains of Trump's mob of grifter advisors.